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The BLITZ – 2/4/11 Countdown To SuperBowl XLV: Friday Edition

T.G.I.F…. It’s the BLIZZARD BLITZ for the end of the week! Heard its snowing down in Dallas for the SuperBowl. That sucks….oh well more news & Info as usual….Keep it going! Have a good weekend…..It’s the BLITZ! Now J-J-J-Jump In!

Snow In Dallas During The Super Bowl Festivities? Jerry Jones Speaks On It

Thousands More Protest In Cairo, Egypt Today

Why Are Reporters Being Attacked In Egypt?

New Protests In Yemen Are Rivaling The Ones In Egypt?

Fidel Castro Comments On Egypt’s President Mubarak

A Club Calls A SWAT Team To Work Mike Vick’s SuperBowl Party

NFL Lockout: Looks Like It Could Be Unavoidable Before The SuperBowl

20,000 Military Members Faced Foreclosure In 2010

A Third Of New Orleans’ Population Lost In The Last Decade

Ben Roethlisberger Says Night On The Town In Dallas Was A ‘Tradition’

Can Music Predict The Winner Of The SuperBowl?

Lebron James Scores A Season High 51 Points As The Heat Beat The Magic

Eminem Has Numerous Fans In The Literary Fields

Religious Groups Tackle An X-Rated Secret

Japanese Sumo Wrestlers Putting In The Fix?

New Jet Packs Will Be Ready By The Summer?

5 Earth Sized Planets Found In Our Galaxy

Mark Cuban Could Become An Owner Of The NY Mets?

Rapper Scarface Has Been Locked Up Since October For Child Support

How Hugh Hefner Got His Groove Back

Uncle Luke Runs For Mayor Of Miami

Women Prefer Watching The Super Bowl Rather Than Have Sex

Many Fans Do Not Support An Expanded NFL Season

Severe Drought In The Amazon Feared To Be Caused By Global Warming

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