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The BLITZ – 2/9/11: ‘So Fresh & So Clean’ Edition

It’s hump day……About to start the day like an ‘Outkast’ yet ‘So Fresh & So Clean’…..Let’s do it! The BLITZ! News & Information from around the globe after the jump! 3000!

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Egyptian Protesters Fear Revenge If Former President Mubarak Doesn’t Leave

Egypt’s Tourism Industry In Trouble Following The Recent Uprisings

Anderson Cooper Says The Egyptian Government Is ‘Lying’

Asians Becoming A Part Of The Farming Trend Across The U.S.

Ja Rule Due To Be Sentenced Today In NY Gun Trial

Why You Should Wait Before You Purchase Verizon’s iphone

Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Of The Stage A His Concert For Not Shaking Her Ass On Stage

The Top 10 Most Watched Movies In Hotels In 2010

Classic Spider Man Gets A ‘Venomous’ Makeover

Which Airlines Have The Sexiest Flight Attendants?

Court Documents Shwo Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Lied

Woman Who Appeared On Real Housewives Of Atlanta Slashes A Man’s Face Requiring 50 Stitches

NPR Presents The Mix: Valentines Day Slow Jams

Bill To Extend The ‘Patriot Act’ Blocked In The U.S. House Of Reps

The Secret World Of Confidential Informants

Michelle Obama Says President Obama Has Stopped Smoking

Italian Prime Minster Facing Numerous Prostitution Charges

How China’s Money Is Shaping Africa

Pimps In The Pulpit: Investigations Of Church Leaders Increase

Shark Attacks Are Up All Over The World

Actress Tisha Campbell Battling Lung Disease

The 7 Best Chinatowns From Around The World

Robocop Statue In Detroit?

Scientology Under Investigation For Work Done For Tom Cruise

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Moving His Family To Dallas

Shaving Helmet Gets Men Bald In 20 Seconds?

Stripper Swallows 3 Foot Long Balloon For T-Pain

Lebron James Scores 41 As The Heat Outpaces The Pacers

Los Angeles Lakers & Denver Nuggets Have Talks Involving Carmelo Anthony

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