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The BLITZ – 3/2/11: The Alternative Fuels Edition

It’s the BLITZ!!! With the higher gas prices all over the country we’re gonna eventually have to find alternative methods to get around the city…..Forget gas….time to stock up on the bird seed. You missed us yesterday, but we’re back. Time for the BLITZ!! The Long Necked Alternative Fuels Edition…..Up under the hood…..

On A Drug Called Charlie Sheen: How Sheen Is Winning The Pop Culture Arms Race

Who Will Fill The Void If Gadhafi Is Ousted In Libya?

Oil Prices Jump Significantly Due To The Unrest In The Middle East

$4 For Gas….Is It Price Gouging?

Witness In Libya Talks About The Situation In Tripoli

Egypt Trying To Lure Tourists Back With Discounts &….Oprah?!

Apple To Announce The ipad 2 At Event Today

Scientists Says Global Warming Is The Cause Of The Huge Snowfalls

High Tech Device Helps Troops Pinpoint Snipers

New Study Finds A Link Between Pain Relievers & Erectile Dysfunction

19% Of People Admit To Web Use While Driving

20 Years Old, $30,000 In Debt, & No Degree

Steve Harvey Delivered A Gag Order To His Wife In A Valentines Day Box Of Chocolates

Facebook Buys A Group Based Text Service Called Beluga

How Being A Jerk Will Shorten Your Lifespan

Ludacris’s Restaurant called ‘Straits’ In Atlanta Fails Its Health Inspection

Yemen Leader Says U.S. & Israel Are Behind The Unrest

What The People Want In A New ipad

On The Front Lines For A Bloody Battle For Mogadishu

Harmful Bacteria Found At The Playboy Mansion

The New York Knicks Fall To The Orlando Magic Following Big Over The Miami Heat

Are There Too Many Displays Of “Public Technology?”

Moby: “Major (Record) Labels Should Just Die”

Drug Dealer Busted After Police Find Crack In His Butt Crack

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