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The BLITZ – 3/25/11: Biggie Sparks

It’s the Friday BLITZ! The weekend is here! It’s the BLITZ complete with News & information from around the world! Don’t let nothing break your stride or slow you down….keep it movin’….The BLITZ!

Song Of The Day: Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride

President Obama Gets Locked Out Of The White House (Temporarily)

The U.S. Hispanic Population Rises To 50 Million, The Number 2 Group

AT&T Executive Explains Why The T-Mobile Merger Was Necessary

Google Becomes A New Tool For U.S. Intelligence?

Scientists Grow Sperm Grown In A Test Tube

Cyclops Baby Born In India

American Woman Convicted By Jury In Hong Kong For ‘Milk Shake’ Murder

A Country Divided: Japan’s Electric Bottleneck

Japan Is Urging More Evacuations

More States In The U.S. Are Finding Traces Of Radiation From Japan

Japanese Nuke Workers Continuing To Risk Their Lives, Gaining The Nation’s Respect

Ray Charles’s Alleged Mistress Admits To Robbing Him Blind

High Expectations For Simon Cowell’s ‘X-Factor’

Ralph Nader Calling For The End Of College Athletic Scholarships

Spectrum Fight: Mobile Broadband Vs. Television Broadcasts

Jay-Z Secretly Profiting Off Of Crappy Champagne?

How Western Diets Are Making The World Sick

How ‘Gut Bacteria’ Is Making People Fat

How Chrysler Landed Eminem For Their Campaigns

How Puppy Love Can Help Your Sex Life

Chris Rock: Comedian, Rebranded

Tupac Shakur: Rapper, Actor, Hennessey Spokesman

Doctors Operating Without Anesthesia In Libya

Bill Parcells No Longer Working With The Miami Dolphins In Any Capacity

Denver Broncos Tim Tebow To Become A Pitchman For Underwear

The NFL Insists On HGH Testing

Arizona Crushes Duke’s Chances To Repeat

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