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The BLITZ – 3/30/11: King Jayforce

The greatest man in the history of the universe was born on this day March 30th. So we celebrate the birthday of a King today….Older, Stronger, & Wiser…..Time for the BLITZ! News & information from around the world in a few clicks.. All Hail The King Jayforce



Britain & France Open To Arming Libya’s Rebels, Will The U.S.?

NCAA’s President Says It’s Time To Discuss Players Getting Their Piece Of The Pie

The Cleveland Cavaliers Stun The Miami Heat 102-90

Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert’s “Not In Our Garage!” Refusal Of Lebron James

Jalen Rose Arrested For DUI

Tokyo Sees Its Lights Go Dim & Its Lifestyles Change

A Hole Found In A US Airways Plane Was Caused By A Bullet

NBA Will Investigate Jay-Z’s Contact With Kentucky Players

Philippines Fighting Insurgency With The U.S. Help

How Race & Ethnicity Is Scattered Across The U.S.

Greater Brain Risks Associated With ‘Real-World’ Ecstasy Usage

Barry Bond’s Mistress Tells The Court ‘He Couldn’t Get An Erection’

Exonerated Inmated Facing Death Penalty Will Not Receive $14 Million In Lawsuit Filed

Prices For Food & Gas Are Reaching Levels Not Seen Since The Financial Crisis

The Real HouseWives Of Toronto?

Movie Mutants Give A Face To Nuclear Fears

Office Worker Who ‘Wasn’t Feeling Lucky’ Sat Out Of $319 Million Dollar Lottery Office Pool

Real World Congressman Struggling On $174,000 Paycheck

Actor George Clooney’s Role In An Italian Sex Party Being Investigated


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