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The BLITZ – 3/3/11: Rent Due Edition

It’s the The BLITZ! It’s late & rent’s due muthph*cka! BLITZ! News & Information from around the world in a few clicks just under the hood…..

The iPad2 Thinner, Lighter, Faster

Japan Has The Highest Rates Of Suicide In The World

Baby Born In Front Of A Strip Club In The South

Students From Michael Vick’s High School Fighting To Get His Jersey Returned

Charlie Sheen Breaks A Twitter Record

The Rodney King Verdict: 20 Years Later

From The Toilet To Tap Water: How Waste Water Will Solve The World’s Water Crisis

Matt Damon Is “Not A Fan” Of President Barack Obama

A Tale Of Two Cities: Inside Gadhafi’s Tripoli

Thousands Of People Are Trying To Get Out Of Libya

Sales Are Up, Jobs Are Up, But So Are Gas Prices

Mike Tyson & His Homing Pigeons

NFL Facing The First Work Stoppage Since 1987….Midnight Is The Deadline

NFL Owners & Players Make One Last Try To Bridge The Labor Dispute Gap

Reinventing The Wheel: Fold Up Bicycles

Serena Williams Recovering After A Blood Clot Was Found In Her Lungs

Blaxploitation Stars: Where Are They Now?

Apple Drops Prices On Their 1st Generation ipads

Why Apple Can Make A White iPad But Not A White iPhone

Fewer Teens Engaging In Sexual Behavior?

The Next Potential Mass Extinction

How FaceBook Leads To Infidelity

Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Cuts Jobs & Salaries

Kim Kardashian Debuts New Song, ‘Butt’….Is It Good?

BYU Basketball Player Kicked Off Team For Having Sex With His Girlfriend

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