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The BLITZ – 3/9/11: The Notorious Edition

Rest in peace to one of the greatest hip hop artists to have ever done it. Its a testament to his talent that we’re still able to celebrate his life & music every year for the last 13 years since his death. The Notorious B.I.G……now time for the BLITZ!

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7.2 Multitude Earthquake Hits Northern Japan

More Hispanics Choose ‘White’ As Their Race On The U.S. Census

Does Chilli Really Know What She Wants In Her New Reality TV Show?

The Standards Of Living In The United States Are Doomed To Fall

Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel Fined & Suspended For Two Games

How Tribes In Libya Are Regrouping To Throw Gadhafi Out Of Power

Radio Host Bev Smith Catching Heat For Minister Louis Farrakhan Invitation

Miami Heat Lose 5th Game In A Row To Portland

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson Takes A Shot At The Miami Heat For Crying

Kobe Bryant Defends The Miami Heat For Crying

Entreprenuers Feeding Detroit’s Extreme Makeover

The Stupidity Of Not Raising Taxes On The Rich When Budgets Are Tight

Fidel Castro Passes Over 100,000 Twitter Followers

Teacher Quits After Student Finds Out About Her Porn Past

Protesters Shut Down A Bank Of America Branch In D.C.

Former NY Giants Running Back Tiki Barber Is Ending His 4 Year Retirement

20 Men Arrested For Allegedly Raping A 11 Year Old Girl & Videotaping It With Cellphones

Actor Tom Cruise Accused Of Dodging Property Taxes In Colorado

Mike Starr, Former Bassist For Alice In Chains, Dies At The Age Of 44

Millions Of Sardines Die Unexpectedly In California

Clarence Thomas Digs Group Sex, But Opposes Group Marriages

Why Is Exposing A War Crime More Dangerous Than Committing One?

Paying Off Debt Through Slavery

Snow, Rain, & Flooding Is Now Over In The Northeast Of The U.S.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Try Singing As A Career

What If The NFL Owners Opened Their Financial Books & How Would The Players Respond?

Philadelphia Eagles Backup QB Kevin Kolb May Go To Arizona Cardinals

Finding The Happiest Places On Earth

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