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The BLITZ – 4/1/11: April Fools Day

April Fool’s Day falls on a Friday this year…..ain’t no work getting done today. Use your iphone’s & PDA’s & jump into the BLITZ!

Song Of The Day:

Social Media Tools Used To Target Corporate Secrets

How Not To Get Fooled On April Fools Day

April Fools Day Beatdown: When A Prank Goes Wrong

Cops Stop Allen Iverson & Impound His Silver Lamborghini

Las Vegas Sportsbook Placed $10 Bet On VCU With 5000 To 1 Odds

Photojournalists In Libya Speak About Being Captured By Gadhafi’s Soldiers

Google Adds +1 Button For Search Recommedations

John Travolta To Play John Gotti In An Upcoming Biopic

5 Players Ejected In Lakers Vs. Mavericks Game

CEO Pay Soars While Workers Pay Stalls

The Last Island Prison In The U.S. Closes

Rajon Rondo Leads The Celtics Pass The Spurs 107-97

U.S Birth Rates Drop: Recession Or Abstinence?

Warren Moon Says Criticism Of Cam Newton Is ‘Blatant Racism’

Arcade Fire Does Surprise Show In Haiti?

Got Radiation? Traces Found In U.S. Milk

Ohio Anti-Union Bill Signed Into Law

Poll Shows More Americans Support Their Unions More Than Their Governors

GoDaddy.Com CEO Criticized For Elephant Hunt Video

Inside Virgin Galactic’s Commercial Spacecraft Set For 2013

Rapper Charli Baltimore Put On Blast By A Salty Ex-Boyfriend

Clyde Stubblefield Drum Beating For His Royalties

No Joke: 7 Winners Claim $319 Million Dollar Mega Millions Ticket




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