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The Debate Continues: DJs Vs. Bloggers In The New Music Industry (Video)

Personally I’ve always been one to break new music. Been doing it for years & years on the radio because it was necessary & its also where I find my solace amongst the wack musical landscape. I never had interest in joining some outlets if I didn’t have some freedom to discover & put people onto new things. I needed a voice. Although I have been in radio for quite some time I’ve also been writing for blogs & some websites for a few years. I also used to work at two major media outlets as well but just never put my name out there like that. I started this blog because I want to promote the music & interests I enjoy & for anyone else who can relate. It also serves as a supplement to my radio show as well. I see alot of people in the industry complaining about there are too many new DJs & some bloggers complaining about there are too many new blogs. Personally I feel like no one cares & they shouldn’t care about that either. The only thing a DJ, Blogger, Artists, or anyone else should care about is if you enjoy what YOU ARE doing. If you enjoy doing something it will most definitely show in your work. People who don’t do it because they genuinely love it will be rudely awakened. Doing ANYTHING for a check will leave you feeling empty & unfulfilled.

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