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Will Smith AKA The Fresh Prince – “Brand New Funk” (Live On Shade45) [Video]

Do you even understand what Will Smith means to the Culture? The Fresh Prince is still getting it in on cue, at the drop of a suggestion from Sway (who also means a lot to the Culture). Over THIRTY years and Will is still bringing us the “Brand New Funk” like this!!


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Vado x Rich Ice x Sabe Euro – “2019 ‘DJ Kay Slay On Shade 45’ Freestyle” (Video)

Ohhhhhh! She swallowed all his kidsIce ‘let her babysit‘… Haaaaa! Vado, Rich Ice, and Sabe Euro fire the mic up for Kay Slay one time.


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Locksmith – “2019 ‘DJ Kay Slay On Shade 45’ Freestyle” (Video)

It’s always an honor when Locksmith comes in this building.

Yeah, the host said that. I agree with the sentiment. Watch. Then join me in agreement with the fact… that it’s a blessing to witness Lock sharing his blessing like this #BARZ #RAW #StampIt


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Listen To DJ Statik Selektah’s “Tribute To Mac Miller” (Audio)

Man. This is an awesome share (and kind of a tearjerker). Statik Selektah knew Mac Miller… pretty much from jump. Check out what he just put out in Miller’s honor and memory. Reflect and remember; maybe learn something new about dude. Celebrate Mac Miller’s life #RIPMacMiller


The Hoodies – “They Say” + “4, 3, 2, 1” (Freestyle) [Video]

Hard to kill off two n!ggas that’ll kill for each other!

Brothers gonna work it out! Still Hoodie season! Early!! Young Poppa and E-Class smash another freestyle. Easy work. At least they make it look that way. These brothers doing their thing always brings a smile to my soul… the part that still holds a place for real Hip-Hop. One time for The Culture!


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Mad Squablz Doing A Barz Show For Statik Selektah’s Listeners (Video)

Thank you to manager/bro Don Henry and RESPEK on his name for dropping this HEAT from Mad Squablz directly into my inbox!

#MadSquablz just different than most young bulls, period!

Yep, I agree, Don. Squablz raps = Dope, like 2 + 2 = 4. Some FACTS are not up for debate! But in case you need more evidence, watch the emcee leaving Statik Selekt’s mic smoking in the clip above.


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Your Old Droog – “Showoff Radio Freestyle” (Video)

My rhymes ain’t rhymes. They’re life sentences.

wuuuuuuWHAAAT! Barz dammit! Watching Your Old Droog doing this freestyle on Showoff Radio… could have easily re-titled this ‘Why We Fux With Droog: The Video.’ Hell, we just might! Salute Statik Selekt! Wreck ws caught on Shade 45 that night fa’sho.

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Cassidy Freestyling Over Classic Instrumentals With Swizz Beatz Backing Him Up (Video)

Got damn! Step your freestyle game up lame ducks. Cass Larsiny got barz AND Swizz doing live overdubs while he spits ’em. Wow, how can anyone else win? BAAAARRRZZZ!!!!


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Westside Gunn x Ras Kass “ShowOff” with Freestyles (Video)

So let’s take a gritty Buffalo emcee pair him with a veteran West Coast spitta throw in one of the hottest DJ/Producers that could create something special.  Well that’s exactly what happened when WestSide Gunn along with Ras Kass freestyled on Statik Selektah ShowOff Radio show.  Back to back WestSide Gunn & Ras Kass deliver the flows going off the dome. Be on the look out for “FlyGod” album coming out from WestSide Gunn soon.  Be sure to pick up Ras Kass new project “Breakfast At Banksy’s” where he & Jack Splash make up the group Semi Hendrix.  Shout out to AL Lindstrom for capturing the footage!


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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King Los Kills his Freestyle on Sway In the Morning (Video)

There was a time when if you were a rapper and you went on a Hip Hop Show guess what you did?  You would actually go on there and Rap, Freestyle at worst kick a written verse just perform at least.  This is not the case today it is not required or asked of to have artists get busy on the mic.  Sway who hosts Sway in the Morning on Sirius radio keeps the tradition alive by having emcees do what he calls the 5 fingers of death.  Where he changes up the beat and periodically throws out words that the emcee has to keep the freestyle going based off those words.  He had King Los stop by and it’s safe to say that Los snapped during this segment.  Successfully completing the 5 fingers of death and continuing to freestyle acapella for an additional two minutes on his own.  This had Sway talking his talk about wack excess along with Heather B! Pick up King Los new album God, Money War out now on iTunes

Wack emcees stay home with your broke baby mother who can’t buy you a movie screen for your video games N@!*A – Heather B

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Lupe Fiasco Speaks On Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, His New Album And More (Video)

Can DJ Whoo Kid get Lupe Fiasco to let down his guard… for some real talk, his real opinions; even if they are controversial? Do you really think Lupe has been waiting for a Whoo Kid interview to do that? Of course not! Hell, you’ve seen what we posted on the Obama inauguration ‘Fiasco’ right here. With an upcoming album – “Tetsuo & Youth” – on the horizon, you know this interview ought to be interesting, if not fully loaded.

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DJ Premier Speaks On His History In Hip-Hop, Dope Emcees, Rap Beefs And More (Video)

Attention emcees, two things: (1) DJ Premier does NOT influence the BET Cypher selections AND (2) he WILL be scratching while you are freestyling if you get in the Cypher (that’s Hip-Hop; get your skill up)!

The legendary producer and Whoo Kid talk about how real it can get for a DJ out here, conflict and music making in Hip-Hop (including confessing that the original version of KRS-ONE’s “Outta Here” was way more heavy with PERSONAL name-naming disses), his coming up in the game (starting at age 19 in the late 80s), his experiences with Tupac EARLY in his career (literally tearing South Carolina up), all kinds of momentoes he has, and so much more. Great interview!

“I’m an emcee. I don’t rap, but I know how to control a crowd…” – DJ Premier

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“The Piece Maker 3” Cypher on Shade 45’s Toca Tuesdays (Video)

DJ Tony Touch brings a gang of emcees through Shade 45 Studios for the “The Piece Maker 3: Return of the 50 MC’s” Cypher. It’s a power cypher for Tony’s ‘Toca Tuesdays’ show featuring Andre The Giant, Black Thought, M1 (of Dead Prez), Sean Price… and… man, the clip is 18 minutes strong! Watch.

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Beanie Sigel & Scarface Announce Collaborative Album ‘Mac & Brad’ (Video)

Al Lindstrom’s team stopped by Statik Selektah’s show over at Sirius XM & caught a big announcement from Beanie Sigel & Scarface. Beans & Face says the name of the album will tentatively be called “Mac & Brad”. The title of the project sounds similar to Snoop & Wiz Khalifa’s joint album “Mac & Devin Go To Highschool”. Despite those similar titles I’m looking forward to hearing with Face & Beans cook up for their collaboration….

Big K.R.I.T. Performs ‘4eva N A Day’ On Sirius XM Shade 45 (Video)

Big K.R.I.T performed on #SwayInTheMorning for the second time earlier this week – not only did he perform his mixtape title track, “4eva N a Day,” but he also talked about being a trending topic as Sway mentions the first time meeting K.R.I.T.” – SwaysUniverse
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Floyd Mayweather Argues with Sirius XM radio host Rude Jude (Audio)

This is straight hilarious!!! Personally I don’t believe Floyd Mayweather is afraid of anyone, but you do have to be smart when fighting a potential opponent who is alleged to be using performance enhancing drugs. If I was Floyd Mayweather I’d make every fighter I was poised to compete against take a drug test like I’ve always done. Why should Manny Pacquiao be any different? It’s called doing your due dilligence & this is more about business than it is about Floyd Mayweather being afraid of fighting anyone. The Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao debates are constantly being argued in the barbershops, in the gyms, at the office watercooler, & even on sports & hip hop radio shows. Floyd Mayweather called in to Sirius XM’s Shade 45 channel to speak with Rude Jude about his disparaging comments about him. This heated exchange on the radio between Floyd Mayweather & Rude Jude is hilarious though….


The Debate Continues: DJs Vs. Bloggers In The New Music Industry (Video)

Personally I’ve always been one to break new music. Been doing it for years & years on the radio because it was necessary & its also where I find my solace amongst the wack musical landscape. I never had interest in joining some outlets if I didn’t have some freedom to discover & put people onto new things. I needed a voice. Although I have been in radio for quite some time I’ve also been writing for blogs & some websites for a few years. I also used to work at two major media outlets as well but just never put my name out there like that. I started this blog because I want to promote the music & interests I enjoy & for anyone else who can relate. It also serves as a supplement to my radio show as well. I see alot of people in the industry complaining about there are too many new DJs & some bloggers complaining about there are too many new blogs. Personally I feel like no one cares & they shouldn’t care about that either. The only thing a DJ, Blogger, Artists, or anyone else should care about is if you enjoy what YOU ARE doing. If you enjoy doing something it will most definitely show in your work. People who don’t do it because they genuinely love it will be rudely awakened. Doing ANYTHING for a check will leave you feeling empty & unfulfilled.