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The Political Nightmare Scenario: A Romney-Biden White House

Okay, the U.S. Presidential debates are over. Now, American voters are left with a clear choice: the Obama-Biden ticket or the Romney-Ryan ticket… or maybe there will be a Romney-Biden administration.

Wait… WHAT????

That’s right. I was watching Current TV’s Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer the other day, and host and former Governor Spitzer laid out a chilling doomsday scenario that could very well put Willard Mitt Romney (above, right) in the White House as U.S. Commander in Chief. However, instead of being joined by his Vice Presidential running mate (Paul Ryan), President Barack Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden (above, left) may be Romney’s second. Scared yet? Maybe. Confused? I was! Let me just share the highlights here.

‘If Mitt Romney continues picking up votes in the swing states, we are looking at the possibility that whichever way the popular vote goes, the Electoral College will give 269 votes to Gov. Romney and 269 votes to President Obama… If that happens, [t]he decision for the next president would get thrown to the House of Representatives, where each state gets just one vote apiece. [T]hat’s bad news for Obama. The underpopulated [Republican] states outnumber the overpopulated [Democratic] states. So… the president could be expected to lose. [However] the House doesn’t choose the vice president. That decision goes to the Senate, with a decision by a simple vote. The Senate is — and is expected to remain — Democratic.’

– Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer, Current TV

So, in this scenario, that means Democrat Joe Biden would be the likely VP with a new boss (Republican Mitt Romney). Crazy right? Well, it is currently set up in the U.S. Constitution this way. Don’t let it come to that though. Take your a** to the polls (now, if your state offers early voting); and cast your vote!

For a more complete explanation, see the full ‘My View’ transcript for the October 19, 2012, broadcast in the Viewpoint blog at


Oh no! Joe… How could this have happened?

‘Crazy’ Joe? Oh… you haven’t SEEN crazy yet!

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