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Comedian Shuler King On A Meal Fit For Champions, Served To The Clemson Tigers At The White House (Video)

Trip to the White House for the National Champions. Yuuup.
Unforgettable dinner. Yuuup.
They had McDonald’s. Nooooo! Whaaaat in the Ray Kroc is goings on here??? They could have had that ‘dinner’ on the way there. On the way back home to Clemson. At home, in Clemson, while ‘face-timing’ with the President and not even making the f**king trip!

Guess this is all the Prez can afford for now… what with the shutdown and such. Womp waah…

Wow. Just wow… And now it’s time for Shuler King to roast The Donald
#ComedyCentralGovernment #WhiteHouseSpecial #MaybeWhiteCastleWouldBeBetter


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Common Does A Soulful ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ At The White House (Video)

The White House is often at the center of some controversy, more so nowadays. But there was a recent time when there was less ‘crazy’ – as Keith Olbermann might say (here) – coming from the White House …or, at least, a different type of ‘crazy.’ Even then, something like this probably would not have made headline news. But it was certainly worthy of being documented. And I am glad NPR did. And after you watch, bet money that you will be, too.

We’ve never done a Tiny Desk Concert that wasn’t behind my desk at NPR. But when the White House called and said they were putting on an event called South by South Lawn, a day-long festival filled with innovators and creators from the worlds of technology and art, including music, we jumped at the chance to get involved. We chose Common as the performer and the White House library as the space.

This Tiny Desk Concert was a convergence of art and soul, mixing politics with heart. Common’s choice of songs dealt with incarceration as the new slavery, imagined a time where women rule the world and honored the man he looked up to all his life, his father. For this occasion, Common put together a special six-piece band of close friends that includes the great Robert Glasper, with his eloquent and delicate touch, on keyboards and Derrick Hodge, whose music spans from Hip-Hop to folk and has made a big imprint on the world of jazz, on bass. Common also asked his longtime friend and collaborator Bilal to sing on two songs. The performance includes three brand new songs, along with one classic, “I Used To Love H.E.R.”

Bob Boilen

Yooooo! Brother Common and his crew rocked a [Tiny Desk] Concert at The White House. DOPE!

(Oh, and the girl on the flute is Elena Pinderhughes, who played flute on Future’s “Mask Off.” Hella cute! Especially in that form-fitting dress. Yes!)


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The Obamas’ Last Christmas Weekly Address From The White House (Video)

Merry Christmas everybody!…Celebrating the holidays in the White House over these past eight years has been a true privilege. We’ve been able to welcome over half a million guests, our outstanding pastry chefs have baked 200,000 holiday cookies, and Barack has treated the American people to countless dad jokes. Although a few got a Frosty reception…

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama celebrate their final holiday season at the White House. In the above video, the Obamas lay out some of the country’s achievements over their terms in the White House, include some reminders of how great America is and can be, as well as a call to remember those who serve and protect the U.S. even over the holidays. Join them in supporting America’s service members and families, now and year-round, at

Merry Christmas, Mr. President & Madam First Lady.


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Mr. Noah Goes To Washington: The Full President Obama Interview (Video)

Trevor Noah visits President Barack Obama at the White House for a special interview for The Daily Show. The two discuss Russia’s impact on the 2016 election, the state of the U.S. democracy, the incoming Trump administration, the future of Affordable Care, modern racism and more.


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The White House Welcomes The 2016 NBA Champions Cleveland Cavaliers (Video)

Come back from a 3-1 situation to win the NBA Finals… and a trip to the White House. How dope is that?

Please watch footage from the Cavs visit with the U.S. President and First Lady, as well as Vice President Joe Biden. And reeeeally watch as Present Obama daps-and-back-pats the bruhs while offering ‘official’ handshakes to the rest. Just like on Key & Peele. Hahaa!

Respect and honor to the veterans assembled there, and to all who’ve served. Just like First Lady Michelle Obama and the Cavs showed.

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Judge Mathis: Am I My Brother’s Keeper, Or My Brother’s Killer? (Video)

I have not watched Judge Mathis in quite some time, but this is some quality viewing. Speaking as a representative of The White House My Brother’s Keeper task force, TV judge Greg Mathis packages the problem of more and more Blacks dying at the hands of the authorities neatly; in a manner that is readily understood. He declares that addressing the root causes – lackluster education/training of disenfranchised people AND of cops among them – will not be easy, but it will be necessary. Take a look at the recommendations and personal appeal in Mathis’ video presentation above.


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President Obama Welcomes NBA Champion Miami Heat Back To The White House (Video)

“Welcome to the White House. Actually, for these guys, it’s welcome back to the White House.”
President Barack Obama

Very cool. If anyone knows how to celebrate even in the midst of hate, it’s our U.S. President. Oh, haters… Even you gotta celebrate these guys. The Miami Heat visited the White House for 2nd consecutive year. A two-time winner in his own right, watch President Obama’s full speech welcoming the champion basketballers back above.


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Snoop Loves The Kids… Enough To Keep Them Safe From Concussions While Playing Youth Football (Video)

Hey, the NFL has all kinds of media focus on the concussion problem in its sport. But by the time they get them in the pros, those athletes have been bouncing their brains around inside their helmets (inside their skulls) for around 20 years; since youth football days. Who’s attacking the problem at that end? Who’ll get some spotlight shone at that stage. No stranger to the stage, Snoop Dogg has picked up the flag.

There is, of course, a secondary problem that should quickly move to the top of the chart; caused by parents’ fear of injury to their kids. Fewer and fewer children are participating in organized leagues that have positive impact on the lives of youth, like the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL). Snoop wants the word out that his league is working the problem, and getting somewhere. If only he could get some NFL “oomph” behind the push.

“In my league, we’ve had less injuries over the last two years because of what we’re teaching. “I feel like if we go down to the levels and the NFL comes to the hoods and teaches us what they want us to do, by the time they get to the NFL, they’ve been practicing this their whole life.”

Snoop Dogg

Hopefully, what has been a hood-doing-good success story will not fade away. Just peep the video above highlighting good gridiron stuff from Flo-Rida’s and Snoop’s youth leagues. Shout to HipHopDx for this.

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The Political Nightmare Scenario: A Romney-Biden White House

Okay, the U.S. Presidential debates are over. Now, American voters are left with a clear choice: the Obama-Biden ticket or the Romney-Ryan ticket… or maybe there will be a Romney-Biden administration.

Wait… WHAT????

That’s right. I was watching Current TV’s Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer the other day, and host and former Governor Spitzer laid out a chilling doomsday scenario that could very well put Willard Mitt Romney (above, right) in the White House as U.S. Commander in Chief. However, instead of being joined by his Vice Presidential running mate (Paul Ryan), President Barack Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden (above, left) may be Romney’s second. Scared yet? Maybe. Confused? I was! Let me just share the highlights here.

‘If Mitt Romney continues picking up votes in the swing states, we are looking at the possibility that whichever way the popular vote goes, the Electoral College will give 269 votes to Gov. Romney and 269 votes to President Obama… If that happens, [t]he decision for the next president would get thrown to the House of Representatives, where each state gets just one vote apiece. [T]hat’s bad news for Obama. The underpopulated [Republican] states outnumber the overpopulated [Democratic] states. So… the president could be expected to lose. [However] the House doesn’t choose the vice president. That decision goes to the Senate, with a decision by a simple vote. The Senate is — and is expected to remain — Democratic.’

– Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer, Current TV

So, in this scenario, that means Democrat Joe Biden would be the likely VP with a new boss (Republican Mitt Romney). Crazy right? Well, it is currently set up in the U.S. Constitution this way. Don’t let it come to that though. Take your a** to the polls (now, if your state offers early voting); and cast your vote!

For a more complete explanation, see the full ‘My View’ transcript for the October 19, 2012, broadcast in the Viewpoint blog at

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President Barack Obama Sings ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ During Blues Night at The White House (Video)

You can see it in President Obama’s facial expression that when he gets the urge to sing in public he just wants to let loose but restrains himself. First doing it up with Al Green at the Apollo & now singing “Sweet Home Chicago” with Blues legends like B.B. King at the White House….This is hilarious!


Common Performs His Poetry At The White House (Video)

Despite Faux News trying to paint Common as a ‘Vile Thug Rapper’, Common performed poetry at the White House & manifesting the best of who we are as hip hop heads & as a people.