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Gladys Horton, Founding Member Of Motown’s Girl Group The Marvelettes, Passes At Age 66

I can’t honestly say I’m familiar with Gladys Horton as an individual because she was largely before my time, but I’m quite familiar with the Marvelette’s as a group & their hit songs such as ‘Please Mr. Postman’, ‘Don’t Mess With Bill’, & ‘Beechwood 4-5789’. Most of the time I keep my ipod on shuffle, but I still continue to listen to plenty of Motown on a regular basis when I’m in the mood. Motown Records was such an iconic record label there’s no way anyone could not be familiar with the massive catalog. Producers like Kanye West are familiar because he’s sampled the Marvelettes work in the past. Not only did I want to take this time out in this post to show respect & honor, but the purpose of this post is also to reflect back to a time when artists had more pride in their craft. Far too often artists of our generation fail to really put on a well choreographed show. I believe if artists trained more like boxers they would go back & watch film of the great ones that came before them. In the video above check out how the ladies had their routine down with ill precision. The mini breaks & skits also connect well & allows the ladies to keep it moving thus preventing any lulls in their performance. It’s enjoyable to look back at history, but it’s also a textbook study for performing artists. Not only is this a time to look at the talent that paved the way, but we salute these legends like Gladys Horton for providing shining examples of greatness. Now I feel like going back & watching the movie Coolie High for the 249,256,389th time…..

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