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“4-IZE: 2 Ignorant 2 Intelligent” Debuts On Amazon Prime February 2019 (Trailer)

Certainly, 4-IZE has a story to tell. We in ATL on the scene certainly know a lot, but not all of it. However, there are folks in other parts of the world not blessed with the 4-sight on 4-IZE… yet. This documentary is set to change that.

God Is Good!!! Here is the first teaser of the new documentary series, Paper Chasers TV Presents “4-IZE: 2 Ignorant 2 Intelligent” launching on Amazon Prime in February.

For nearly two decades my story has remained untold. So NOW, we bout to tell dat muh fxcka…

My dude. So glad he’s so excited. I’m excited for him. Join in and get to anticipating! Watch the trailer above.


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Bill Duke Speaks On The Importance Of Following Your Dreams (Video)

How do you live a life of fulfillment… of passion? That, ladies and gentlemen, is THE question. Understanding that is the keystone of your time here, or it should be.

Bill Duke spoke to VladTV about choosing happiness overstability with his acting career, as he explained that he watched too many people in his family work in jobs they hated and die soon after retiring. He went on to speak about teaching kids in his foundation about the entertainment business and encouraging them to use the internet to put their talents out and not wait to be discovered. Bill also spoke about his upcoming and current projects, including Black Lightning on the CW, Mandy starring Nicolas Cage, and High Flying Bird, which director Steven Soderbergh filmed entirely on an iPhone 8.
– Vlad TV

Here, Bill says, “Go for it.” But you have to have a plan, be prepared to work hard, embrace the ‘suck’ and don’t wait to be ‘discovered’… discover YOURSELF! Feel that. Overstand that!


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Robert Townsend Speaks On ‘Hollywood Shuffle’ & Being One Of The Architects Of Black Hollywood (Video)

Somebody was sitting next to me the other day, and she actually said, into her phone, “I didn’t even know that The Five Heartbeats was not a real group until yesterday.”

Turns out Envy & Charlamagne weren’t hip to it either. Um…WHAT????!! Haha!

Robert Townsend On ‘The Five Heartbeats’ Documentary, Whitney Houston + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Ernie Isley & Chuck D Speak On ‘Fight The Power’ (Video)

Wondering if each of the respective generations of listeners of these versions of “Fight The Power” knows about the other… Bet they do. Kind of cool even if they don’t, since NPR put this doc together #YouMustLearn

NPR’s American Anthem series brings together two songwriters — Ernie Isley of The Isley Brothers and Chuck D of Public Enemy — whose respective versions of “Fight the Power” eyed the same struggle… Ridenhour would later take the stage name Chuck D, as the leader of the pioneering rap group Public Enemy. In 1989, he wrote his own “Fight the Power” for the film ‘Do the Right Thing.’ The movie is set on the hottest day of the summer in a Brooklyn neighborhood, where the temperature leads long-simmering racial tensions to boil over in the street.
– NPR Music

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Dick Cheney Had A ‘Different Understanding’ Of The Vice Presidency (Trailer)

Is somebody risking too much for real behind this? I mean… we know Cheney was the Veep to joke on… but you might find more ‘realness’ in this real funny trailer for “Vice.” Maybe a bit too real for the ‘shadow president.’ Check it.

(Don’t @ me haters, and Secret Service don’t come at me. Just a blogger blogging on a blog over here.)


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American Dream/American Nightmare: “Training Day” Director Antoine Fuqua Relates The Real Life Drama Of Tha Row (Trailer)

Good looking trailer indeed. Hope this Showtime flick boldly goes where ‘Compton’ had not gone before (yeah, Star Trek talk is gangsta… ha!).

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What Happened To J-Kwon? (Video)

Dude! I was just thinking: What happened to J-Kwon? Young’un used to SNAP on tracks! One of the few back then that gave me true hope that Hip-Hop could still produce the party rappers who could turn grime on a dime… and take us to the hood with ’em!

Well, here we go.

What happens to a 17-year-old rapper who makes a monster hit like 2004’s “Tipsy?” From sleeping in a car at 12, to mooning L.A. Reid, to child support conspiracies, to random shoutouts from Kanye West, J-Kwon’s life has been a wild ride.
– BETNetworks


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Bill Duke Used To Hate White People (Video)

Bill Duke’s Great Grandparents were slaves, his parents escaped from the racist, oppressive, and DANGEROUS South to the North… with their lives. Bill was subjected to extreme racism himself as a child. Is it a wonder that Bill feels how he feels? Imagine how you feel watching a movie with some racism in it. That part… times 1000!

In this clip, Bill Duke spoke about growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY, during the 1940s and 1950s. His parents moved North to escape the oppression of the Jim Crow South equipped with just a 2nd- and 3rd-grade education, respectively. Bill Duke opened up about some his early experiences dealing with racism and how some Whites defied the racist logic of the time as well. He recalled what it was like being a pre-teen when the Emmitt Till story made national headlines.
– Vlad TV

But beyond the agony of his youth, there was wisdom, imparted to Bill, and he shares some with us in the clip above. Watch.

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Started As Some Colonies, Now We’re Here… As A Corporation (Video)

If you hang out with folks in the States who claim Moor as nationality, they might have hipped you to something like this. Or at least tried. Perhaps you really did not take in the knowledge because it was not echoed elsewhere. Well, not trying to proselytize anyone, but here’s a ‘truth echo’ right here. Study, look into things, and THINK for yourSELF!

Plain and simple America is a Corporation since 1871 with the Act of 1871. Finalized in 1938. Rockefellers in the United States. The Rothschilds in England. They own and run the Federal Reserve the Central bank of England and the United Nations is run by them. They both finance WAR for both sides to keep the lies going and but the Corporations are broke. Everything with Syria, Russia, USA and soon to be China falls under this to enslave us with Agenda2030 that was Agenda21 GO now!!
– TruthnotWar2115

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Mississippi Elected A Racist Governor & Slavery Was Recently Abolished (Video)

See this? You might say it looks ridiculous? But you know what is ridiculous, but true? The last state did not legally abolish slavery until 1995. Surprised? That last state was Mississippi (still surprised). Hold your jokes. It was 20 years ago…

A segment from Michael Moore’s TV Nation (1994) that focuses on Mississippi finally getting around to ratifying the 13th amendment to the US constitution – 130 years later. Correspondent Rusty Cundieff races down to Mississippi to try to buy some slaves before the law goes into effect.
– KoalaFrog

But wait, wanna guess which state is having a runoff, now, in 2018 for a Senate seat between a Black Democrat and a White Republican… who PUBLICLY said she would attend a hanging… while she was campaigning???? Yeah, same state, M-I-crooked letter-W-T-F’n Mississippi!!

(Hit the jump.)

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LeBron James & Friends Remember The Backlash From His ‘Taking My Talents To South Beach’ Announcement (Video)

Remember when LeBron James had an entire state butthurt when he announced ‘The Decision’ to leave Cleveland and go play for Miami? Well, LeBron does. Still. Today.

In this clip from “More Than an Athlete” on ESPN+, LeBron James and his friends and business partners — Maverick Carter, Randy Mims, and Rich Paul — reflect on The Decision and what went wrong.

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Stetsasonic’s Daddy-O Says Rakim Lied (Video)

Rakim…Is he the greatest emcee? No.

(Insert that disturbing record scratch sound here.)

Now, I am Stetsa Crew loyal for LIFE! Love Stetsasonic. So, I can admit to being torn about this. But not so much; need to hear who Daddy-O is thinking is #1. Besides, the throne is not truly the throne if it cannot be challenged. Word to Wakanda. The title of ‘greatest’ or ‘best’ or whatever MUST be able to be called into question if we are going to acknowledge or crown any royalty in Hip-Hop.

And that’s not even the controversy here. It’s the allegation that the G.O.D.M.C. lied. Watch and see exactly how Stet frontman Daddy-O says Rakim Allah lied…


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171 years ago Frederick Douglass and Dr. Martin Delany started ‘The North Star’ as the leading abolitionist newspaper of the day. They spoke truth to power and unashamedly used journalism as a platform to fight for freedom. With the blessing and permission of the family of Frederick Douglass, we are rebuilding ‘The North Star.’
– The North Star News Group

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Ice T Speaks On New Album ‘It Came From Space’ And His ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Gig Being An Opportunity He Turned Into A 20-year Career (Video)

Bwaahaa! Ice-T didn’t know about the Wu-Tang Clan, but he instantly knew upon meeting them that he wanted them to be on their side. Wanted no smoke from the dudes wildin’ out of Shaolin!

Ice-T stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about his new album, Law and Order, Wu-Tang Clan and MC Lyte.

Ohhhh! Mr. X is Ice’s old homie Africa Islam! And they are into some of that new-new! Great interview with Heather B at the helm for this show ep.

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MC Serch Speaks On ‘The Gas Face’ And His Dealings With 3rd Bass, MC Hammer, And Nas (Video)

Point taken. It is probably appropriate to say that as far as ‘pure’ Hip-Hop for the Heads… Yeah, 3rd Bass was the first act with a White lead duo. Got the full interview MC Serch of 3rd Bass did with Vlad. Great insights… including a word on who actually owns Nas’ publishing rights. Start with part 1 above and keep watching after the jump.

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Who Killed Tupac & Biggie? LAPD Detective Greg Kading Names Names! (Video)

Just in case the decades of foot-dragging and the much-hyped USA Network miniseries did not quench your thirst for knowledge on the Notorious B.I.G. & Tupac murders, VICE gets the scoop in ’10 Questions’ posed to the lead investigator. And he answers them directly!

Ever wondered who committed the murders of Tupac and Biggie? Greg Kading, the LAPD Detective who investigated the murders, claims he has the answers. With a theory that allegedly implicates Sean Combs and Suge Knight, Kading claims to have solved two of the most famous murders in US history.

A couple of things to keep in mind: (1) Kading’s investigation was directed toward clearing any blame regarding the LAPD’s role/coverup with respect to the murders of ‘Pac & BIG… (2) both the people Kading directly accused are dead #JustSaying

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You’ve Seen The Trailer. Now, Enter The “36 Chambers” Documentary (Video)

Great short film! The Wu fam gets to tell their story; their words with their music as the backdrop. And the commentary from rap contemporaries and modern tastemakers like Gary Vaynerchuk… so dope!!

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For The Children: 25 Years of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) [Trailer]

Good look for the Wu and all their fans. The Hip-Hop Nation in fact. Outlooks and insights from Wu-Tang Clan members, peers, and ‘descendants’ (new school artists) should make for a dope documentary on the Golden Era greats who are still repping real Hip-Hop today!

Certified Classics celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) with the release of For The Children: 25 Years of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), a short film featuring members of Wu-Tang, family, and friends discussing the impact of the iconic album.

Taking viewers on a tour through 36 Chambers, this film explores each song via untold stories from Wu-Tang Clan members, alongside personal reflections from artists like A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Joey Bada$$ and more.

– Certified

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Dave Chappelle Speaks On Ethics And The Relevance Of What He Did NOT Do (Video)

What was that? You wish there was more Dave Chappelle content posted on here? Well, what a coincidence 😉

In a rare interview, comedian Dave Chappelle tells “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King about why he is connecting with a part of his family history at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina. His great-grandfather, Bishop William David Chappelle, was a former President at the University.
– CBS This Morning


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How Do You Think Jonah Hill Scored On His ’90s Hip-Hop Test? (Video)

So Young M.A tried a 90s quiz, and “passed” it for the most part… But Jonah Hill LIVED the 90s. The proof and homage for such is him doing really good! Evidently, Jonah knows his 90s. Good – seeing as how he’s got that movie coming and such.

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