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Lebron James Homecoming Party In Ohio Not Much Different Than The Miami Heat’s 2010 Pep Rally (Video)

Here’s the full video of Lebron James’ Homecoming party in Akron Ohio. In this full-length video Lebron states that he doesn’t plan on eventually leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers or the state of Ohio. It’s rather ironic how hypocritical fans & the media have been since Lebron decided to return to his home state. The Miami Heat inherited all of Lebron’s hate when he left & even protected him while he was playing in Miami. The pep rally & everything the Miami Heat did when Lebron & Chris Bosh joined D-Wade in Miami was criticized by the media, but his homecoming pep rally in this video was celebrated.  You can say that now the Miami Heat have officially become ‘Villains’ or  ‘Anti-Heroes’ largely because of Lebron.  It wasn’t like that prior to 2010.  Personally I don’t feel he should have left Miami after the way the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert & some of the racist comments & taunts from fans in Ohio acted.  Ultimately it’s Lebron’s life to live and he ultimately has to do what’s best for him & his family.  Barring injury or any other unforseen circumstance I believe he will be considered to be the best ever to play the game.  We’ll see how things turn out up there for the long haul though because as Lebron said himself, he didn’t come back to make himself happy….He came back to try to make his city & state happy.

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