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Comedy: America, Stop Calling ‘Michelle And Barack’… It Is Over (Video)

What’s cool about the 50 Central troupe, to me, is their willingness to take on impressions in sketches that they may not have down pat… It’s alright that the look or the voice characterizations are off if they still bring the funny. And they do. Especially at the end of this one.

“We’re blitzing. Oh yeah, we’re blitzing.”

Hope y’all enjoyed the Obamas while they were busy in the White House. It’s okay to miss ’em. But don’t be calling all late and ish. They are ‘busy’ at their own house now *wink*


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Terry Crews Speaks On Being Sexually Assaulted Early In His Career: “I Felt Like I Could Punch A Hole In His Head” (Video)

Oh my damn! Dude did ‘Damon’ wrong! Talk about art imitating life (re: bathroom scene between ‘Money Mike’ aka Katt Williams and ‘Damon’ aka Terry Crews). See, if he’d have whupped the sh!t out his azz when this groper tried him, Terry might not have had a career anywhere near like he’s had. And being the wrong color in the wrong situation, he might have lost his liberty (caught a case) or his life (caught a bullet). And for similar reasons he could not even speak on it as his career progressed.

Good thing he gets to talk about it now. A different look at abuse of power. Now that the story is out, and the suit is filed, maybe some payback in the form of serious greenbacks is coming, too.

IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE!!! Maaaaannnnn…


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50 Cent & Tiffany Haddish Tease Her Upcoming Appearance On ’50 Central’ (Video)

Hmmm… Wonder what these two are gonna do tomorrow night… on 50 Central. The rest ain’t our business (but can’t be mad if Fif shoots a shot, because Tif sexy af)!

#TifAndFif #50Central


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Pablo Escobar’s Son Recounts His Time Growing Up In The Family Of A Drug Kingpin (Documentary)

Sweet Christmas… God’s Favorite is one thing, but daaaaamn. Escobar’s son said his dad was seeing over $400 million a week??? Daaaamn again!!!

Pablo Escobar’s Son Sebastian Marroquin Reveals What His Childhood Was Like And How He Feels About His Infamous kingpin Father.
– Bird Plan

Of course, this story is about more than drugs, money, and drug money. Watch.

(And this ‘Popeye’ cat… wowww!)

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This Woman From Western Germany Changed Her Body AND Her Race (Video)

Wow. This piece speaks for itself, especially when Ms. Big starts to talk.

In an exclusive “Social Sit-down” with MAURY, Martina Big discusses her controversial decision to change her race. Through chemical injections, Martina says she has transitioned from a white woman to a Black woman. Check out the shocking interview!

Watch, and get all your oohs and ahhs out. Then think: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get those blessed from birth to truly be proud of their own Black skin? In fact, everybody should proudly own the skin they are born in… and cherish & respect everyone else’s. How about we do that, and watch how great this world could truly be.

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A 50 Central Special Event: “O.J. Simpson’s Welcome Home Party” (Video)

Y’all gone get enough of f**king with The Juice. Probably not, because this is hilarious!! Now, who wants cake? OJ’s got your slice right over there. Hahahaa!

(And “Dave Chappelle” was there? Wowwww.)


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Comedy/Fashion: Dapper Dan Gives Conan Some Harlem Swag (Video)

Well, the title says it all. Trying to give this dude’s threads some style. But you all know that Conan is weapons-grade silly… so Dapper Dan’s makeover mission will NOT be simple. Great clip. Hahaaaa!


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Rachael Ray Surprised By Her Celeb Crush 50 Cent And Introduces Him To Her Mommy (Video)

Maaaan, 50 moves in and out of urban and crossover worlds so easy it’s like his mutant power. Watch the Hip-Hop Nightcrawler bamf over to Rachael Ray’s set to get some love from the audience, the happy host, and her moms!

Rachael Goes Wild When Her Celeb Crush Surprises Her For 2,000th Show! He Made. Her. Day.
Rachael Ray Show

Work it, Fif. This is how you build that ‘big rich town’… connections! #Power


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Ice Cube On CNBC Right After Releasing His “Death Certificate” Album (Video)

Ah, so Jerry Heller did make some anti-defamation moves (reaching out to Simon Wiesenthal, Wiesenthal Center) like the character in “Straight Outta Compton” threatened.

Late night call-in talk show, taped right after Ice Cube left NWA and released his solo album called “Death Certificate.”
– X+

Looking at the comments on this vid on the Tube and across the Interwebs, this interview might have been part of the setup… to negatively spin Cube’s views & lyrics. Gotta say, Cube, even as a young man, repped himself and the Culture strong on air; despite the media pressure.

(Reporter/host was kind of thin-skinned near the end, right? Asking. And slipping in that “Man Of Rage” moniker… Really? He never once even raised his voice.)

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Comedy: Michael Blackson Answers ‘Stupid Questions People Ask Africans’ (Video)

Besides being hilarious in stuff like this, Michael Blackson keeps us watching his vids because he brings his sexy wifey on with him. Helloooo, Georgia Reign (whew)!

Michael Blackson tells us some of the stupidest questions he gets about being African.
– Oxygen Media


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Lebron James, King Of The Courts, Scored 57 Points To Lead His Cavaliers To Victory (Video)

Yooo! Sometimes the star is the story. King James was the [All] star this weekend, homie. Without a doubt.

Cleveland Cavaliers all-star LeBron James took off and scored 57 points. He added 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals, and 2 blocks in a victory against the Washington Wizards.

And check after the jump. This is how being comfortable with greatness looks…

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Politics: Did Hillary Clinton Secretly Take Over The Democratic Party For Campaign 2016? (Video)

Hollllly sheeeeit! #FeelTheBern for real. Looks like there is solid testimony (in former Democratic National Chair Donna Brazile’s upcoming book) that the Democrats that backed Bernie, that threw in with Hillary to oppose the Trump campaign, have been had, got took, been bamboozled and BURNED… damn!

And the cajones of anyone who would seek to suppress the truth… chastising Donna Brazile and others who would call out the Clinton’s co-opting of the DNC as “legal but amoral” for tearing down the party… come on! Slavery was legal at one time, too. People can forgive almost anything, once we know the full truth, like former Senator Nina Turner says above.

Watch the clip.

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Comedy: 50 Central Presents “Sexual Harassment Training” (Video)

“He wants to ‘Baywatch them titties’… until his Johnson becomes The Rock!”

In a word… WOWWWW! And why oh WHY is Ms. Dixon sexy AF in this sketch?? Ask 50. He had to keep it 100 (showed her better than he could tell her when he stood up). Hahahaaa! Real deal sexual harassment policy training starring 50 Cent, Mark Harley, Tristen Winger, Vince Swann, and Jasmin Brown.


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Comedy: 50 Cent As Black Spider-Man Is Hilarious (And On Point) [Video]

Bwaaahahaaa! Fiddy a FOOL! This is a favorite scene of mine from the Tobey Maguire “Spiderman” movie. And until today, I thought it was ‘bulletproof.’

Take these shots Hollywood… and society. Ha!

#BlackSpideysMatter #SheHellaCuteThough


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Watch This “Flights from Hell” Documentary From Channel 4 (Video)

Daaaaamnnn! Might need to make this required viewing for the Jayforce Travel Squad! People can make things go loco, and at 30,000 feet that ain’t good. And this is not just some sanitized report. This is passenger-shot footage used to tell the story!

This shocking, surprising and entertaining documentary uses footage captured on passengers’ cameras and phones to reveal extreme behaviour in airports and on planes.
– Top Documentary Films

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Watch A PBS Documentary On The Late Rock & Roll Pioneer, Fats Domino (Video)

Man oh man. Rest in peace to the legendary Fats Domino!

Fats Domino was one of the most popular rockers of the 1950s and early 60s. His achievements and record sales during that time were rivaled only by Elvis Presley. With his boogie-woogie piano-playing rooted in blues, rhythm & blues, and jazz, he became one of the inventors, along with Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard of a revolutionary genre of music, rock ‘n’ roll.

We might argue about that list of rock ‘n’ roll architects, but PBS is on point with this documentary. Good fodder for discussion and/or a primer for those who need to backfill knowledge about who the world just lost.

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50 Cent Tells The “The View” What He Would Do If He Became An ‘Accidental President’ Like Trump (Video)

Hey yo Fif! Hit ’em with the Fiddy essence, maaan. The ladies on “The View” will swooooon, player. Hahaaa! The time will fly on this clip. Good talk with several relevant topics covered.

50 Cent weighs in on kneeling protests, ‘Power,’ fatherhood.
– The View

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Check Out The Trailer For OWN’s Life-After-Prison Series “Released” (Trailer)

OWN’s docu-series “Released” tells the stories of formerly incarcerated men and women as they re-enter society.

The new docuseries Released is the story of six of these individuals, who are all searching for a fresh start after their release from prison.

The series premiered September 30th on OWN. It comes on Saturdays at 10pm EST.

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VICE on HBO: Heroin Crisis & The New Age of Nukes (Video)

Two topics that are about ‘blowing up’ in their own ways. Truthfully always thought that the drug game was going the way of pills more so than that ‘ron… And “modernizing” our nukes, never really thought of that. But VICE did. Glad they are on the job.

America is facing the worst drug epidemic this country has ever seen: more people are dying from overdoses than from car accidents-and at the center of it is an explosion in the use of heroin. Thomas Morton traces the causes and impacts of the crisis, from the poppy farms of Mexico to the hills of West Virginia, and investigates how users, first responders, and government officials are responding to the new reality of American drug use.

Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War, America’s vast nuclear arsenal is beginning to show its age, and the government has embarked on the largest nuclear modernization effort in our history, costing American taxpayers as much as $1 trillion. Kaj Larsen goes aboard a ballistic missile submarine and visits the facilities on the front line of our nuclear weapons program to see why the military wants to upgrade the nukes we have-and why that might be a dangerous idea.


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Comedy: Trying To Get That Old Thing Back? Curtis And Vivica Go To Couples Therapy On ’50 Central’ (Video)

This could have gone any number of ways, and Fif ‘n Viv played havoc with all of them… a little jokey-jokey, some gangsta sh!t, some a lot of sexual innuendo.

After years of separation, the two moguls enter the same room for a therapy session and things get a little dangerous.
– BET Networks

Bwaaahahaa! Viv was about to “Set It Off” (caught that?) on 50 Central… Whoa! Put the knife DOWN!

Besides… I see you… keeping thangs tizzight, Ms. Fox. I’m saying though. Maybe 50 don’t want that thang-thang, but I know a dude who wanna see about it (raised my hand, hoping to raise my… heh… nevermind).


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