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Tisha Campbell Shares Memories, Stories About Her Kids, And Her Interview Time With A Surprise Guest (Video)

Wow. A Kid N Play ‘footwork’ greeting instead of a handshake greeting. Sounds like a cool idea if you have any level of coordination. But if you’re like me… maybe we can ‘modify’ that move. Ha!

But Tisha has no idea how this ‘cool idea’ will resurface (in a manner of speaking) in this interview clip.

It’s a “House Party” reunion! Tisha Campbell joined Access Daily hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover to chat about her new show “Outmatched,” which airs Thursday nights on FOX. Tisha opened up about why her two kids were the reason she joined the series. Tisha also gave an amazing update on her eldest son, revealing that he got into the college of his dreams. Plus, watch Tisha’s priceless reaction to former “House Party” co-star Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid crashing her interview!
– Access

Social distancing be damned when Kid comes on the set! And Kid cannot be mad at that. Tisha is still looking great!


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Check Out The Highlights From The 14th Annual ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Belly Flop Competition (Video)

Let’s bet on some bellies!

Oh wait. Hold up!

I gotta post the most recent, and most controversial, Kimmel Belly Flop Competition yet. Okay, I am not sure about that last part for certain. However, I am certain that Eric got ROBBED #FlawlessForm #SpectacularSplash #TakeItSeriously

It’s that time of year where we set up a swimming pool in our back lot and send Cousin Sal out to Hollywood Blvd to offer pedestrians the chance to take their clothes off on national television and have them compete in a belly flop competition. Our guest judges are Nicole Byer, Shaun White, Trixie Matell and a special appearance from Henry Winkler!
Jimmy Kimmel Live

We see you, Cousin Sal! More Honeyz in this clip.


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Comedy: Nikki Glaser Shares Her Insights On Penises (Video)

Wow. Conan must REALLY make his guests feel at ease to talk about ANYTHING. And the ‘thing’ Nikki Glaser wants to talk about the most… penis. I mean, the show is hosted by Conan, but Nikki is the real barbarian (ha)!

Actually, this chat was kind of therapeutic.

Nikki helps a lot of women and one brave man in the CONAN audience.
– Team Coco


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Comedy: Jimmy Kimmel Talks to People Buying Weed at Marijuana Drive-Thru (Video)

Shouldn’t ALL weed dispensing establishments have a drive-thru? I have seen drive-thru liquor stores around the ATL, so why not drive-thru dispensaries some of everywhere? Go to the burger drive-thru to get grub, then go smoke up some munchies and go BACK to the burger spot after you devour what you already bought.

See? Good for the economy. Good for everyone! Wonder if Jimmy brings that kinda of thing up? Let’s see.

The world’s largest marijuana dispensary, Nu Wu Cannabis Marketplace in Las Vegas, Nevada, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the best thing is – it’s got a drive-thru window. We checked back in with our friends there to play another round of ‘Let’s Make a Dope Deal!’ with their customers.
Jimmy Kimmel Live


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Check Out The Highlights From The 13th Annual ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Belly Flop Competition (Video)

I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s celeb commentary on this Belly Flop competition. There’s technique to consider… Take it seriously, folks!! Reminds me of the VERY serious (but hella fun) Cannonball Competitions we had every summer back in Tuskegee (Alabama, USA) back in the day.

Every year we set up an above-ground swimming pool, and we send Cousin Sal out to Hollywood Blvd to pull a group of confused pedestrians off the street, put them in bathing suits and make them compete in a belly flop contest. This year’s guest judges are Adam Rippon, Mark McGrath, Anthony Anderson’s mom Doris, and a special appearance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Campaign 2020: Watch A Quick Recap Of The Biden Vs. Sanders Debate (Video)

Okay, so now that we have boiled down the HUGE field of Democratic Presidential candidates to two, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, the choice is an actual ‘choice’… Now, watch the “boiled down” version of Biden and Sanders’s first one-on-one debate. And get ready to vote if you have not already made your voice heard in this race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) debated each other for the first time on March 15. Here’s what you missed.
– Washington Post

Of course, there was more to it than this. This is a gist. If you want to dig for real, I am sure you can watch the whole thing on-demand a la your local cable provider.

#VoteDammit #GetToKnowYourCandidates #MakeYourChoice #UseYourVoice


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Jimmy Kimmel Declares That, As Good As She Looks, Angela Bassett MUST Be Superhuman (Video)

Hooooo, man! Angela Bassett aka Mrs. Malcolm X (in TWO movies) aka Momma Wakanda aka… Okay, enough… wait until you SEE her in that two-piece! Happy birthday to us ALL #SheSoDamnFINE

Angela talks about Black Panther, getting the Wakanda salute all the time, trying to stay cool with her kids and their friends, attending Yale, and her show ‘911.’
Jimmy Kimmel Live

She is in her 60s people! And she can GET it ALL from me #ImmaGiveItToHer #ImJustSaying


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State Of The Culture: Season 2, Episode 11 (Video)

You know what. There is some good, DOPE media being made out here nowadays. Not huge in scale, so some (read: many) might miss it. But I am watching, and highlighting it as I come across it. Much richer than a ‘Black Entertainment Tonight’… This episode of State Of The Culture is epic. Plus, the eye candy on the bookends (Eboni K. Williams & Remy Ma though… mm mm MM)!

On the 11th episode of Season 2, Joe Budden and co-hosts Remy Ma, Jinx & Eboni K. Williams sound off on the following topics: Kobe Bryant’s Legacy (6:42), Wendy Williams (34:19), Community heroes (39:20), Oscar’s diversity (40:45), Janet Jackson (50:40), Lil Wayne’s album ‘Funeral’ (54:12), Drake (56:32), Quentin Miller (59:58), Lil Pump retiring (1:04:37), Jussie Smollett being indicted (1:05:11), Who Said That? (1:10:51), 20 Years Since Big Pun’s Passing (1:21:00).


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Watch Dr. Dre’s All-Star Tribute To Late NBA Legend Kobe Bryant (Video)


It can’t get much more West Side than this; than one of the greatest producers paying homage to one of the greatest ballers… EVER! The greatest LA beatmaker doing the damn thing for the greatest LA Laker (that’s coming from other Laker greats like Magic Johnson)

Dr. Dre delivers an epic tribute to Kobe Bryant with the help of Gibson Hazard and Jack Bannon.
– NBA on TNT

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J.J. Watt Tells Jimmy And Sean That The ‘Air Hurts’ While Eating These Hot Wings (Video)

I’m starving. Let’s go!

Look, Fallon already KNOWS what this is… and he is gonna dance with the devil AGAIN (fool)! And they are only doing four bites for this “Tonight Show” version of Hot Ones with JJ Watt. On flame! I’m already calling it.

J.J. Watt and Jimmy go head-to-head eating spicy wings that get progressively hotter as Hot Ones host Sean Evans grills them with questions.
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Hit the jump for more hilarity. They actually try to do an interview right after the Hot Ones Challenge.


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Comedy: The Impeachment Trial You Wished Had Happened (Video)

‘Judge Mathis’ is gonna do it like it was supposed to be done. No peachiness in the impeachment trial this time.

We are calling witnesses… ’cause that’s how a DAMN trial works!

HAHAA! Hell yeah!! Get ’em. Give ’em ALL THAT!


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RIP Kobe Bryant (Video)

I found out at work, working overtime, when my boss announced to the room: “This is going to be sad news for basketball fans. Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash just a few hours ago…”

She said some other stuff after that. I wasn’t really pay attention. I really wasn’t even trying to ‘confirm’ the story (my brother BoneBreaker Jones did moments later, with a “No-noooo-nooooo, man! RIP Kobe“). I was just numb for a bit, and I was not going to try to ‘snap out of it.’ This loss is WAY more than a ‘hit to the basketball world’…

Think about a multi-lingual Black kid that goes to prom with Brandy, a teen R&B idol of his and millions of fans…who goes to the NBA as a teen and becomes a multi-million dollar superstar, all-star, champion, Olympic gold medal winner…embroiled in extra-marital scandal, beefing with one of the greatest impact players in NBA history (Shaq)…who knuckled down and got back to winning on- and off-court, saving a marriage and staying with his wife, having four daughters, finding ‘new careers’ after NBA retirement – coaching his girl’s ball team and giving motivational speeches (to Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide among others, because champions NEED to FEED on the energy of champions) AND winning an Academy Award (yeah, an Oscar!)…

Look. Kobe Bryant was just 41, and he managed to squeeze in more life in half a lifetime than many of us will if we get to live twice as long. And I could go on, but nah. I’m done. I’m not even a basketball fan like that, but I am done AND undone at the same DAMN time. Give me a long minute. Past a moment of silence. Because, among other reasons, his daughter Gigi was on that helicopter.


May Kobe, his baby Gigi, and the other three passengers on that fateful flight, Rest In Peace.

NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter were among five people killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, on Sunday, a source confirmed to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Bryant was 41.



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Inspirational: Let’s Salute This Young Lance Corporal And His Mom (Video)


When Ellen tells this young man, “Thank you for your service,” she REALLY means it. Making dreams come true right from the start! I mean, getting ‘Tony Stark’ to fly in for the show… Come on! Watch to the end. Catch ALL the feels #ImNotCrying #YouAre

Roy, keep being as wonderful as you are. You’re going to do amazing things. #EllensGreatestNight


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Eddie Murphy Tells A Real Prince Story And Talks About Almost Becoming One Of The “Ghostbusters” (Video)

SNL alumni unite. Rather, reunite… for this interview clip. An interview, if you lean in and listen closely, that will spill the tea about that time a White man actually said the N-word to Eddie… right to his face… with FORCE!

Eddie Murphy shares some stories about Prince before separating facts from fiction in some rumors about Ghostbusters, Marlon Brando and more.
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


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Yasiin Bey Speaks On Making Music & Art And On The Trump Era (Video)

The artist formerly known as Mos Def. Yeah, we always knew – because BARZ – but in this clip… Bey got something to say!

Rapper and artist Yasiin Bey talks to MSNBC’s Ari Melber in this interview from inside Bey’s new art installation at the Brooklyn Museum, discussing his approach to making music and art, race relations, criminal justice and growing up in Brooklyn. The two also reflect on iconic verses from Bey’s classic album Black On Both Sides, which celebrated a 20th anniversary this year. Bey shares his philosophy on life, saying “there’s the opportunity to do something beautiful today, so be great today.” Aired on 12/20/19.

Brooklyn Bey is featuring in the Museum. Dope. Congrats to the Brother.

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Comedy: When The Whole Entire Family Is Home For The Holidays (Video)

Ever come across something so funny, yet so real? Yup, me, too. And this is one of those somethings… Eddie Murphy’s return to Saturday Night Live was packed with throwback moments and hilarity. But, bet money, SOMEBODY will feel this clip for real #LoveFamily #EvenThoughWeDontAlwaysLikeFamily #EspeciallyDuringTheHolidays


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Okay, This Is REALLY The Final Season Of Marvel’s “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D” (Trailer)

… on ABC, at least. I am still holding out for a return to the storyline in some fashion on Disney+ or something. Why not? It was supposed to be a wrap last season, but ABC (owned by Disney) brought it back. Let’s keep bringing it back!

Speaking of ‘bringing it back’ … won’t this be like… the FOURTH Coulson we get?? Counting Agent Phil Coulson from the Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, and Captain Marvel movies… who died and came back to life to eventually become the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. …only to die and return (sort of, at least in borrowed body form) as single-minded evil alien slayer ‘Sarge’… who bites it… THEN we get a new and improved good ole [Life Model Decoy, or LMD] Phil Coulson (thanks to ancient mysticism and super-futuristic sci-fi tech)… I mean wowwww! That Coulson has gotta be part cat with all those lives, right?

And I was and am still here for ALL of it! Come on Season 7. Hurry up!

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DaBaby – “BOP” (Live Performance) [Video]

Okay, I declare an official end to the hate. DaBaby is alright with me… especially after a performance like this. But you make up your own mind. I was clapping at the end of this live “BOP” performance on SNL, but you don’t have to. Turns out, DaBaby’s got his own ‘clapping’ going on in this #WOWZERS #HandstandYAMS


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Rapper Big Pooh & Phonte Take A Lie Detector Test (Video)

Hey. After the laughter, truth is truth. And Little Brother is Little Brother… unlike no other! Great watch. So get to watching this ‘lie detector’ driven interview.

Watch the “May The Lord Watch” get grilled by each other in our infamous lie detector test.

There’s no lying in this interview! Fuse has honest conversations with the most relevant voices in music and pop culture by hooking them up to a polygraph in this new short-form series.

– Fuse

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Colton Dunn Tells The Story Of “Rapper’s Delight”… Drunk (Video)

Not just Drunk History. Drunk Hip-Hop History! I already like the show, but this episode… all the more awesome!

In the early days of hip-hop, Sylvia Robinson assembled the Sugarhill Gang to record the world-changing song “Rapper’s Delight.”
– Comedy Central

Big Bank Hank aka ‘The Rapping Pizza Guy.’ Haaaa!


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