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VICE Presents The Somali Pirates’ Perspective In ‘Fishing Without Nets’ (Trailer)

Okay, “Captain Phillips” you’ve had your say. And, it was a complex story. But the points of view, the heroes and victims, even the nature of the struggle… well, let’s just leave it peace by saying ‘things were askew’ for whatever reasons. Don’t retell your story though. It’s good. Here’s another for your consideration thoughtful movie watchers: “Fishing Without Nets” comes from the pirates’ perspective.

“Fishing Without Nets” follows Abdi, played by Abdikani Muktar, a fisherman who, after pollution spoils the waters generations of his family have counted on for fish, uses the last money he has to smuggle his wife and son out of the country, toward a better life. Desperate to join them, Abdi succumbs to the allure of the quick money to be made as a pirate. His experience as a fisherman gives him the knowledge about shipping lanes that the hijacking party needs. Reluctant, but determined to rejoin his family, Abdi sets off to capture an oil tanker and take its crew hostage.


Watch the trailer above. Learn more about the movie, showings schedule, and more at the movie’s VICE Films site (here). And if you are in the Atlanta area, it’ll be on screen at The Plaza Theater (1049 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast), Thursday, October 9, 2014, at 9:30 PM EST. Ticketing and more show info on that here.

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