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Dear White People (Latest Netflix Series Trailer)

Buckle up! ‘Dear White People’ is coming to Netflix on April 28th. The whole series, available for binging, that day. Despite that line about the black dildo (what?!), this will be a Netflix-and-NO-chill deal.

Based on the acclaimed indie film, this series satirizes “post-racial” America as students of color navigate a predominantly white Ivy League college.

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Dear White People (Series Trailer)

Okay, let’s start with the obvious about this “Dear White People” Netflix trailer… baby girl cute af! Oh, you thought ‘the obvious’ was the overt shot at White America that is the probable running theme of this series? NO. And if that offends you, I dare you to watch to the end and think about how MANY times White folks (esp. White college students) smear themselves and wear blackface. That’s in here, too. Think that might offend some of us?

Well if you don’t, or don’t get it, f**k yo’ feelings, esp. if you cancelled your Netflix subscription over this.

This is gonna be some aw-hell-naw kind of programming!

And yeah, this series is based off the movie of the same name. We posted on that years ago… here.)

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Dear White People (Trailer)

A satire about being a black face in a white place.

Very interesting treatise. We’ve seen vids and blog articles about ‘what we wished White folks knew knew about Black people’ subject matter; but this one apparently approaches it with enough hey-I-know-that-actor star power and I-have-always-wanted-to-say-that scripting to make a full-length movie. The trailer hints at a thoughtful production that does honor to Spike Lee’s ‘School Daze’ and ‘Do the Right Thing’ days, leans toward John Singleton’s ‘Higher Learning’ handling of social issues (examine societal interaction with campus as a backdrop), and has just enough Tyler Perry-esque-ness (more ‘Family That Preys’ than ‘Madea…’) in it to keep all strata of movie goers engaged.

Hey, they talk about Black hair… throw some Chris Rock movie-making influence in there, too.

In theaters October 17, 2014. Put it on your ‘to watch’ list. Starting with the trailer above.

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