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The Dips Rate Proper Skin Care, Fatherhood, And Plant-Based Diets ‘Overrated’ Or ‘Underrated’ (Video)

Okay, so we are letting crews triple-team the Over/Under thing now. Matters not. We still learn about the interviewees through their answers.

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Anderson .Paak Speaks On Growing Up, Coming Up In Music, And His Hometown ‘Oxnard’ (Video)

Yes Lord! .Paak has been making the rounds to get the word out on “Oxnard”… going hard for the promo while smiling the whole time. Find joy in your grind. That’s one of many takeaways from this. Watch.

Anderson .Paak Talks Oxnard, Fatherhood, Being Saved By The Church + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

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Unsung: Brand Nubian (Full Episode)

Man. Don’t let it go to your head… noooo.

Now, this is heady episode of ‘Unsung’ so expect a couple of damn-I-had-no-idea moments (pretty much standard for ‘Unsung’). Might bring back Golden Era sweet memories, but it wasn’t all sweet. Check out the Brand Nubian story above.

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NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series Presents: Wu-Tang Clan (Video)

You know that thing you didn’t even realize you were waiting for? Well, here it is. Wu-Tang! WU-TAAAANG!! And their Tiny Desk Concert ain’t nothing to f**k wit’! Enjoy.

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Unsung: The O’Jays (Full Episode)

You know it didn’t start or stop with Eddie Levert or his sons, right? Of course, you did. But get the whole entire ‘Unsung’ scoop on the soul clapping we should be doing for pioneer R&B act The O’Jays.

(And hurry up… before haters on the Tube can get it pulled down.)

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What Happened To J-Kwon? (Video)

Dude! I was just thinking: What happened to J-Kwon? Young’un used to SNAP on tracks! One of the few back then that gave me true hope that Hip-Hop could still produce the party rappers who could turn grime on a dime… and take us to the hood with ’em!

Well, here we go.

What happens to a 17-year-old rapper who makes a monster hit like 2004’s “Tipsy?” From sleeping in a car at 12, to mooning L.A. Reid, to child support conspiracies, to random shoutouts from Kanye West, J-Kwon’s life has been a wild ride.
– BETNetworks


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Meek Mill | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #118 (Video)

Meek Mill back on Funk Flex’s mic AGAIN… for another freestyle?? OF COURSE!!!! And the beef with Drake (and others) is truly SQUASHED? Hey, that’s what the man said.

(Plus, check the first beat he’s SNAPPING on ’em to. RAW!!!)


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Unsung: Special Ed (Full Episode)

Wow. Triple dopeness (hmm, wonder if there’s an ‘Unsung’ on 3XDope… aaaaanywaaay)! This ‘Unsung’ on Special Ed is the business. Well worth the watching if you missed it, and worth the watching AGAIN if you saw it before.

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Does Will Smith Enjoy Being Famous? What Do You Think? (Video)

Nothing was off limits, and he promised to tell the truth. So she asked. And Will gave here the WHOLE truth. Interesting.

In our first episode of Ask Uncle Will, we explore the positive and negative effects of fame.
Will Smith

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Bill Duke Used To Hate White People (Video)

Bill Duke’s Great Grandparents were slaves, his parents escaped from the racist, oppressive, and DANGEROUS South to the North… with their lives. Bill was subjected to extreme racism himself as a child. Is it a wonder that Bill feels how he feels? Imagine how you feel watching a movie with some racism in it. That part… times 1000!

In this clip, Bill Duke spoke about growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY, during the 1940s and 1950s. His parents moved North to escape the oppression of the Jim Crow South equipped with just a 2nd- and 3rd-grade education, respectively. Bill Duke opened up about some his early experiences dealing with racism and how some Whites defied the racist logic of the time as well. He recalled what it was like being a pre-teen when the Emmitt Till story made national headlines.
– Vlad TV

But beyond the agony of his youth, there was wisdom, imparted to Bill, and he shares some with us in the clip above. Watch.

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Bill Burr Vs. The World’s Hottest Hot Wings (Video)

Okay, I am already laughing before pressing play; because comedian Bill Burr’s rants are hilarious af! Just imagine when them hot wings start f**king with him. The ensuing comedy will be downright tasty (and hot)!

Bill Burr is one of the most-requested Hot Ones guests of all time—not to mention a standup legend, host of the Monday Morning Podcast, and co-creator and star of Netflix’s ‘F Is For Family.’ But how is he with spicy food? Find out in this highly-anticipated Hot Ones event. As host Sean Evans peppers Bill with questions, the comedian’s notoriously hot takes get even hotter—even for him. Watch as Bill gets red in the face with spice and rants about everything from cyclists to cooking shows. You don’t want to miss this!
– First We Feast


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Late Activist Sara Bland’s Sisters Speak On Their Family’s Tragic Loss, Her Legacy, And What We Can Do (Video)

Sure, you have heard the story of Sandra Bland. But we should keep hearing it. We should NEVER forget, never let this get “cold,” never let this tragedy or any like it stop hurting. The pain MUST drive us to seek truth… and justice.

More than three years after Sandra Bland’s death sparked national outrage, her sisters Shante Needham and Sharon Cooper share how they’re still seeking details surrounding her passing. Their new doc ‘Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland’ premieres Dec. 3 on HBO.
– The View

‘Outrage fatigue’ is a real danger for us with all the #BlackLivesMatter situations we go through. But don’t tire #StayWoke

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Arsonal | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #116 (Video)

GeeeeeYOTdam! Arsonal is a lyrical assassin… with a LOT of weapons and shots for WHOEVER want it! And he calls names in this no-let-up bar show he put on for Funk Flex.

Got so heated in there that Flex had to take the last couple of minutes to ‘de-escalate’ the situation. RAW!!!


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Drink Champs: Talib Kweli x Dead Prez (Video)

Talib Kweli AND Dead P-r-e-z on Drink Champs… MAKE SOME NOISE! They have been making noise in the political discourse and conscious rap lanes.

Talib Kweli & Dead Prez came through for Happy Hour with the #DrinkChamps N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN. During this 2 hour session, they discuss “conscious rap,” Hip-Hop going corporate, Mos Def being deported, the state of their longtime friend Kanye West, book trading & more.
– Revolt TV

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LeBron James & Friends Remember The Backlash From His ‘Taking My Talents To South Beach’ Announcement (Video)

Remember when LeBron James had an entire state butthurt when he announced ‘The Decision’ to leave Cleveland and go play for Miami? Well, LeBron does. Still. Today.

In this clip from “More Than an Athlete” on ESPN+, LeBron James and his friends and business partners — Maverick Carter, Randy Mims, and Rich Paul — reflect on The Decision and what went wrong.

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Anderson .Paak Speaks On ‘First Times’: Old Girlfriends, Blind Dating, And The Free Nationals (Video)

Pretty good interview. Plus, relatively short and sweet.

The FADER invited Anderson .Paak to come by the studio to take a look back at his humble beginnings on the drums at a church, the first memorable job he had, and a blind date to Olive Garden that ended before it even started. He ends his trip down memory lane with the first time he knew he could rock with the Free Nationals and the story behind creating “Suede” off of his ‘Yes Lawd!’ album with Knxwledge.

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Sneaker Shopping With Kyrie Irving (Video)

‘It’ dude of the League, Kyrie Irving, already has plenty of shoes. Even has his own line. All he wants is one thing from this Sneaker Shopping trip… MORE!

NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Concepts in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and talks about his signature sneakers, his love for Nike SB and skateboarding, and his favorite sneakers growing up.
– Complex

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Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold Speak On The Struggle To Get Work Back In The Day And Working Together On The Soul Train Awards (Video)

Oh. Okay then! It goes down (or up, depending on how she ‘looks’ at it) in the DM’s for Tisha!

Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold Talk Dating, Friendship and The Soul Train Awards
Sway’s Universe

Tisha AND Tichina, on the show together, working it out as only they can.

(Whaaaa? Tichina on some f**k ’em, suck ’em, and duck ’em out here, too. Keep playing T & T. Y’all gone get that f-s-d ‘work’ you are looking for!)

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Ali Siddiq’s So Serious, But Seriously Funny, Talking About Hooligans Who Are Determined To Ruin Date Night (Video)

Everyone develops their own coping mechanisms to deal with life situations, like folks who are too comfortable with being rude and rowdy at the theater. Somebody needs to check ’em and address that. For real. Not Ali though. HA!

Comedian Ali Siddiq explains why he doesn’t complain when hooligans attempt to disrupt his date night at the movies.
– truTV

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Now At Mid-Season, DC Universe’s Series “Titans” Is Really Good. Check Out Its Latest Teaser (Trailer)

Okay, so slide me a late-to-the-party pass. But I am glad I checked this out at all. It did NOT pass the eyeball test for me at first. Robin’s costume is cool, but everyone else had me thinking meehhh…

But this series is actually really good! I think DC Universe is still running it’s free week-long trial. Check it out for yourself. I got the trailer embedded above, but I think you need an entire episode to really get into it.


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