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Dave Chappelle ‘Sanely’ Walked Away From A Big Money Deal When Everyone Thought He Was Insane (Video)

This is wonderful. The full circle of Dave Chappelle’s life. Walking away from millions and millions of dollars, when you understand it was because he was doing what was right… for him, is the SANEST thing Dave could have done back in the day. And doing such is not a new thing to his family. For generations, since his Great Grandfather, Dave’s family history is rife with stories of folks doing what’s right; with the bigger picture in mind.

David Chappelle is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer, best known for his satirical comedy sketch series Chappelle’s Show (2003 – 2006). Chappelle is the recipient of numerous accolades, including two Emmy Awards and three Grammy Awards as well as a Mark Twain Prize. Dave Chappelle is renowned for his ability to point out the underlying truths in society and bring humor to serious issues.
– After Skool

We have shared this particular story from Dave before. But I like the way it is ‘remixed’ here.


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Tisha Campbell Shares Memories, Stories About Her Kids, And Her Interview Time With A Surprise Guest (Video)

Wow. A Kid N Play ‘footwork’ greeting instead of a handshake greeting. Sounds like a cool idea if you have any level of coordination. But if you’re like me… maybe we can ‘modify’ that move. Ha!

But Tisha has no idea how this ‘cool idea’ will resurface (in a manner of speaking) in this interview clip.

It’s a “House Party” reunion! Tisha Campbell joined Access Daily hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover to chat about her new show “Outmatched,” which airs Thursday nights on FOX. Tisha opened up about why her two kids were the reason she joined the series. Tisha also gave an amazing update on her eldest son, revealing that he got into the college of his dreams. Plus, watch Tisha’s priceless reaction to former “House Party” co-star Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid crashing her interview!
– Access

Social distancing be damned when Kid comes on the set! And Kid cannot be mad at that. Tisha is still looking great!


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Godfrey Speaks On Who’s Benefiting From The Coronavirus Pandemic, Including Companies Getting Presidential Shout-Outs (Video)

Well, when the interview (1) starts with “It’s crazy right now” and (2) Vlad isn’t even in his studio with his interview guest… We now get this version of VladTV in the Coronaviral Era.

In this clip, Godfrey talked about the coronavirus and the precautions he’s taking to avoid getting sick. Godfrey spoke at length about the money that’s being made as a result of this pandemic and even queried whether this entire thing is engineered.
DJ Vlad

And Godfrey is right: It is CRAZY right now… And the Administration’s speeches and assurances have been less than reassuring.


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Performance: Freddie Gibbs – “Soul Right” (Video)

I can’t hold no grudges. My hands is too busy catching blessings.


So Freddie just dropped off all kinds of fire for Vevo when he fell through to do some Ctrl recording, huh? Check that. He performed that for The Nation! Us. We are The Nation. The Hip-Hop Nation! Click above and get your “Soul Right.”

Wanna know where the hotness is? Go to the fans. The Hip-Hop outlet Ambrosia For Heads did just that when they asked people to assess last year’s best Hip-Hop discs. The results rang out: Freddie Gibbs’ album with Madlib, ‘Bandana,’ ruled. The Midwest rapper’s collab with the SoCal producer is a great mix of perspectives. Gibbs’ street attitude and natural grit meshes well with Mad’s cinematic sounds (check “Massage Seats”) and deep beats. A followup to 2014’s acclaimed ‘Piñata’ disc, ‘Bandana’ is a powerhouse that swerves from lane to lane without fretting about its exact location at any given moment. “I’m not no boom-bap rapper or whatever the f**k that sh*t is,” Freddie recently told GQ. “I’m not a trap rapper. You can’t really put me in a box, man.” ‘Cept for that one in our Brooklyn studio. Gibbs said yes to Vevo’s Ctrl invite, and came to crush “Cataracts” and “Soul Right,” two of Bandana’s hottest tracks. Feel free to share ’em.



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Corey Holcomb Speaks On His Bad Intentions Toward Babymommas & Good Intentions For The Kids (Video)

If you want me to leave the girl I’m with, step to me naked.

And, as always, don’t be all financially and emotionally stable and well… Not Cory Holcomb’s “target market.” Call him a budget-tricker or a value sugar daddy. Whatever, this outbreak of poverty is keeping him IN these SKINS for the 3 hunnid. Max payout!

(Hey, that’s 15 dubs, ladies. Hahaaaa!)


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Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue With Guest Bill Burr (Video)


COVID-whatevernumber can’t keep a funny talk show from the masses. Kimmel hit the road to take his show from the studio to the [Internet Super] Highway. And this episode’s guest: Bill Burr.

No studio audience for miles around, but there will be laughter #ChuckleUp


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The David Banner Podcast | Dr. Anthony Browder Parts 1 & 2 | Ep. 49-50 (Video)

Man, doesn’t that “My Uzi” hit extra hard at the start of this episode? POWERFUL like whoa and yo! And an apropos way to start the show, as Dr. Anthony Browder joins David Banner for an enriching info-PACKED two-parter.

Growing up in Chicago and making his way to the banks of Luxor, Egypt, the David Banner podcasts introduces you to esteemed guest Anthony Browder, the first African American man to fund and coordinate an archaeological dig in Egypt. This episode walks us through the oldest documented civilization and helps us to understand how obtaining forbidden knowledge can help us unlock our truth and live a better life after life.

Start with Part 1 above. And get the other half of the podcast coverage, Part 2, after the jump!

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Comedy: Virgil’s Girl Just Don’t Know… But Her Family Do! (Video)

Ciera Angelia, Efrangeliz Medina, and Audra Lachelle Kinkead? Wowzers! Sexy, sexy, sexy… aaaand Virgil is in trouble, trouble, TROUBLE! But duuuude, what a problem to have! They ALL want the meat. Be their butcher, son!!


– @ojones1

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Our “Black Lady Goddess” Comes To Us From The Heavens In 2040 (Series Trailer)

If it stirs your pot too hot that the Black Woman is God in this movieverse, then keep cooking that food for thought… Let it burn! Otherwise, if you think you’d enjoy what this trailer teases (a dope series), then pull up and dig in!

Black Lady Goddess is an Afro-Futuristic Episodic Series set in the year 2040 at a time when humans realize that God is actually a Black Woman from the Sirius B Galaxy and where reparations is issued to each person of African Descent. For more information and to follow the journey of this project check out our website and follow us on Instagram at @blackladygoddess.
Black Lady Goddess

Hmmm… Maybe Sirius B is where vibranium came from #AfroFuturismFOREVER

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Pounds & Flee Lord Speak On Griselda, Weight Loss, Jay-Z And New Music (Video)

Went from Pounds to half Pounds.

Pounds’ new project ‘Trafficante’ is out now for the getting! Here is Pounds and Flee Lord talking about their life journeys, the music their cooking up, getting in with Griselda, losing weight lots of weight, then tapping a connect for cash inflow… from a deal with Beyond Meat! Talk about a grind! And they talk about it all, and more, with Rosenberg on Real Late.


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Performance: Freddie Gibbs – “Cataracts” (Video)

Whatever Gibbs has got going on while trying to make it through this Coronaviral Era now thrust upon us, I think he will be okay. And we will be okay. His ‘lock in’ at the house is probably not as much a lock down as a chill out (because smoking on that good ‘script’). But before going in, Crtl let the man in to bless their mic and spit on his Rx for them “Cataracts” (HA)!


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Claressa Shields Speaks On What Boxing Has Done For Her And Why She Spars With Guys (Video)

Anything that gets in the way of my focus, I get rid of it.

Flint, Michigan, produced a pugilistic azz kicker in Claressa Shields. The nine title belts in her possession leave no doubt! Great interview. Insightful. I was thinking that, with all the hearsay and hype regarding back-and-forth between Claressa and Laila Ali, there would be more spiciness in Shields speaking on the situation. Nah… more clarity than clapping back.

Claressa Shields On Making Boxing History, Tension With Laila Ali + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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TK Kirkland Speaks On Rudy Ray Moore, Paul Mooney, And How Dwyane Wade’ Son Is Being Raised (Video)

Wow! TK got triggered in this chit chat ASAP. He’s always made his views on manhood well-known; clarified them even more here. He really goes in on child rearing, too. Remember, Comedy Hype talks to folks who make the jokes… But the talk is rarely a ‘ha ha’ thing.

For a sit down with CH, veteran comedian and author of ‘Time And Choices’ (set to release on Nov. 6), @TK_Kirkland shares his thoughts on seeing Dwyane Wade publicly push his young son’s gender decision.
– Comedy Hype

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Fabolous | The L.A. Leakers | Freestyle #102 (Video)

You can’t have a freestyle series without Fabolous stepping up and spitting some bars.

Absolute FACT!!! And The Leakers got Fab to fall through for #102 in the series. Short and sweet, but still HEAT. Hot sauce bars!

#Fabolous stops by the Liftoff show with the L.A Leakers Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk. Fab Freestyles over Nas’ “Black Republican” for freestyle 102
– Power 106 Los Angeles


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Check Out The Highlights From The 14th Annual ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Belly Flop Competition (Video)

Let’s bet on some bellies!

Oh wait. Hold up!

I gotta post the most recent, and most controversial, Kimmel Belly Flop Competition yet. Okay, I am not sure about that last part for certain. However, I am certain that Eric got ROBBED #FlawlessForm #SpectacularSplash #TakeItSeriously

It’s that time of year where we set up a swimming pool in our back lot and send Cousin Sal out to Hollywood Blvd to offer pedestrians the chance to take their clothes off on national television and have them compete in a belly flop competition. Our guest judges are Nicole Byer, Shaun White, Trixie Matell and a special appearance from Henry Winkler!
Jimmy Kimmel Live

We see you, Cousin Sal! More Honeyz in this clip.


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Comedy: Nikki Glaser Shares Her Insights On Penises (Video)

Wow. Conan must REALLY make his guests feel at ease to talk about ANYTHING. And the ‘thing’ Nikki Glaser wants to talk about the most… penis. I mean, the show is hosted by Conan, but Nikki is the real barbarian (ha)!

Actually, this chat was kind of therapeutic.

Nikki helps a lot of women and one brave man in the CONAN audience.
– Team Coco


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Comedy: Jimmy Kimmel Talks to People Buying Weed at Marijuana Drive-Thru (Video)

Shouldn’t ALL weed dispensing establishments have a drive-thru? I have seen drive-thru liquor stores around the ATL, so why not drive-thru dispensaries some of everywhere? Go to the burger drive-thru to get grub, then go smoke up some munchies and go BACK to the burger spot after you devour what you already bought.

See? Good for the economy. Good for everyone! Wonder if Jimmy brings that kinda of thing up? Let’s see.

The world’s largest marijuana dispensary, Nu Wu Cannabis Marketplace in Las Vegas, Nevada, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the best thing is – it’s got a drive-thru window. We checked back in with our friends there to play another round of ‘Let’s Make a Dope Deal!’ with their customers.
Jimmy Kimmel Live


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Check Out The Highlights From The 13th Annual ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Belly Flop Competition (Video)

I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s celeb commentary on this Belly Flop competition. There’s technique to consider… Take it seriously, folks!! Reminds me of the VERY serious (but hella fun) Cannonball Competitions we had every summer back in Tuskegee (Alabama, USA) back in the day.

Every year we set up an above-ground swimming pool, and we send Cousin Sal out to Hollywood Blvd to pull a group of confused pedestrians off the street, put them in bathing suits and make them compete in a belly flop contest. This year’s guest judges are Adam Rippon, Mark McGrath, Anthony Anderson’s mom Doris, and a special appearance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Angela Bassett Shares Her Views On Coronavirus & Being More ‘Working Actress’ Than Icon (Video)

Arguably the epitome of what Charlemagne Tha God means when he says a woman is “aging like wine and NOT like milk”… is sitting right next to him. The guest: Angela Bassett.

Angela Bassett Talks Her Iconic Roles, Oscars + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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History: What Ancient Roman Parties Were Really Like (Video)

Have you seen that ‘Caligula’ movie? Google it and see how wild a party orgy can get! Man, did the ancient Romans know how to party! But wait. It turns out that the parties, though indeed ‘all that’… They were not all sex-on-sexy-sex time. Oh well. Yay, history.

Contrary to popular belief, Rome was not all crazy sex parties. In fact, ancient Roman parties were pretty tame by today’s standards. Most of the time, it consisted of noble families getting together, eating elaborate food dishes, and talking about everything from politics to the weather. These parties were beacons of status and networking opportunities, which is why they became a cornerstone in everyday Roman life. Partying in Rome was common, but racy Ancient Roman escapades weren’t popping off on the daily.
– Weird History

Hmm. That Bacchanalia sounds like Freaknik in Atlanta back in the day (ha)!

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