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Comedy: Phone Sex Operator Challenge Featuring Kanisha Vs. Joncea (Video)

Bwaaaahahaaaa! How could phone sex be THIS funny?! Kanisha and Joncea are cut from the same hilarious cloth as DoBoy and Teddy with the challenges. Whoever at All Def Digital signed these two, good on ya. Watch the latest silly challenge taken on by the duo.

It’s the Battle of the Sexy Voices! Watch this episode to see Kanisha and Joncea challenge each other in the art of phone sex operating! Who do you think will win? #KanishaVsJoncea #AllDefComedy #AllDef

(Now, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say something about them lovely jubbly wubblies that Kanisha has jiggling in that red negligee. WOWZERS!)


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Speed Dating Challenge: Teddy Ray Vs. DoBoy (Video)

King Of The 6’s versus The Temporary Crip… BWAAAHAHAAAA!! ADD beef is so real, and so funny.

ADD favorites Teddy Ray and DoBoy go at it in this new series where they compete against each other in various, ridiculous challenges. In this episode, Teddy, and DoBoy partake in a speed dating seminar to see who can get the best score from the ladies.

Why oh whyyy do these dudes jank each other so hard, too? The tangerine outfit made DoBoy (aka Thuggs Bunny) target for real though. Haaaaa!


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