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Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O’Neal, And Tiffany Haddish Star In “Uncle Drew” The Movie (Trailer)

You KNOW you remember the “Uncle Drew” commercial series. Well, they are making a movie out of it… and it’s gonna be dope!!!

Call up the old squad, put on the kicks, take it to the court and rule! Taking this hoop comedy serious! Lots of stars and cameos. Peep the trailer.

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Pro Baller Candace Parker Is ‘Cool’ On Kevin, But He Got In His Shots Anyway (Video)

Okay, just so you know… hooper cutie Candace Parker has always been the finest wine to yours truly. When the world is going Serena Williams, I am [not so] low-key saying, “Yeaaahh, leave Candace aaaaall to meee.”

And her husband… rats.

Well, here she is in an ice bath. So nippy chilly, and still chilling with hype-for-no-reason Kevin Hart. Hahaaa!



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How To Get Gun Control Legislation Passed NOW (Video)

Okay, so you see Trevor Noah with Neal Brennan at The Daily Show desk on COMEDY Central. So, it is okay – even expected – for you to laugh. But dude’s idea is brilliant, and it actually worked… back in the ’60s. Score one for #BlackPanther for real #AmericanSymbolsMatter

The ‘solution’ to which Neal referred above is presented in the clip embedded after the jump. Scenes from that earlier ‘Panther’ movie. All Power To The People #Forever

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Comedy: Clint Coley With Some Real Talk On Why He’s There To See Daddy’s Girl (Video)

Bwaaahahaaa! There is no Netflix and NO CHILL to Coley in these clips bruh!! Not na’am, no sir no ma’am!

What men are thinking but don’t want to say when they’re meeting your parents for the first time.
– All Def Digital

Well, she invited him… and pops did ask. Ha!


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Kevin Hart Would Rather “Ride Along” With Nia (Video)

Wow! Kevin has some idea, but how sexy is Nia Long, even at her craziest? And things get hella crazy here. Haha!


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Comedy: Kevin Hart & Lavar Ball Shoot The Sh!t And A Couple Of Baskets In Ice Baths (Video)

Gather any and all hate for Kevin Hart and/or Lavar Ball that you can muster, focus it in your mind, and press play… and you will STILL enjoy this! Actually, really good. And hilarious!

Kevin Hart and Lavar Ball are both cold as balls! They’re hollering, hooping, and in a tub of trouble! You don’t want to miss this.
– Laugh Out Loud Network

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Comedy: Clint Coley Tells Her The Truth About Valentine’s Day (Video)

If there’s any day you needa be busting it wide open, today is the day.

If men (or women) really told the truth… the truth about how Valentine’s Day is supposed to be… How dope would that be? Let’s just get it out there: An expected level of gift-giving, special date planning, special intimate wear, and VERY special amorous activity, and EVERYONE would be satisfied! So find it, figure it out, get it fitted and f**k the $%&! out of somebody. THAT is what this Day is.

Or… you can just leave.

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Melodrama Meets Coming-Of-Age Comedy In The 1990s And We Get “Everything Sucks!” (Trailer)

There has GOT to be someone who remembers the ’90s like this: the dial-up speed Internet, the ‘bomb’ slang terminology, maybe even your friend’s mom being ‘all that and a bag of chips’ (well, moms in here is hella cute). Available for binge watching in a matter of days… “Everything Sucks!”

You can’t fast forward high school. Head back to 1996 with Everything Sucks!, launching February 16, only on Netflix.
– Netflix


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Questlove Tells The Story Of The Birth Of Hip-Hop… Drunk (Video)

This excerpt of Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” is gold! Comedic, historically actual, Hip-Hop factual GOLD!

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Black Is Back! Listen To Bullhorn Tell You About It In This “Black Dynamite 2” Teaser (Trailer)

Sho’ya-daaaamn’right, baby!!! This is a sequel that will make you salivate… or at least spit out what you are drinking. “Black Dynamite” was hilarious, and I have high expectations for the sequel.

Oh, yeah. There’s a “Black Dynamite” sequel coming. And there’s a trailer up for it right now.

(The pseudonyms in the cast listing at the end though. All the old footage though. And wtf is cinemaphonic quadrovision? Bwaaahahaaaa!)


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Adam Sandler Brings His “The Week Of” Movie To Netflix (Trailer)

Dude. Netflix is a beast out here, ya hear? And Adam Sandler skipped traditional small screens to go online worldwide costarring with his homie Chris Rock for “The Week Of” too? Major!

The comedy tells the story of a devoted, middle-class father (Adam Sandler) determined to pay for his daughter’s wedding despite the prodding of the wealthier father of the groom (Chris Rock). A series of calamities forces the dads (and their families) to come together and endure the longest week of their lives. “The Week Of” premieres April 27 on Netflix.
– Netflix

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High School Is Serious To The Squad “On My Block” (Trailer)

How are we gonna survive high school?

It’s a funny question, sorta. You remember it was a big deal; and in some hoods it could be that dangerous. Dope theme music running through this trailer, somebody should’ve found a way to throw “On My Black” by Scarface in there. Plenty of episodes (10) for binging soon… maybe they will.

On My Block, co-created by Lauren Iungerich (creator of Awkward) and Eddie Gonzalez & Jeremy Haft, is a coming of age comedy about four bright and street-savvy friends navigating their way through the triumph, pain and the newness of high-school set in the rough inner city. See it on Netflix March 16.
– Netflix

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It’s Actually 50 Cent Responding To These Online Comments (Video)

Maaan, somebody get your man Curtis. Crazy hilarious! Check out 50 Cent trolling (sorta) and responding online on most all the popular social networking sites.

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50 Cent ‘Reviews’ Jay-Z’s Album “4:44” (Video)

50 Cent called Jay-Z’s album “4:44” golf course music? Felt ‘Carlton Banks’ ish about it. Bahaaaa!

(C’mon, the album was good; but so is Fiddy’s comedic jabs. It’s okay, you can laugh.)

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People Do Know That Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Is NOT On Twitter… Don’t They? (Video)

Since this is Donald Trump’s first MLK Day in office we decided to commemorate it by going out on the street and asking people whose side they were on in the Donald Trump/Dr. King Twitter war. Of course, Martin Luther King has been gone for 50 years but that didn’t stop people from weighing in on this impossible feud in an MLK Day edition of #LieWitnessNews.
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at sh!t. Like this Kimmel clip. Hope they don’t end up starting a ‘real’ Trump Tweet beef with Dr. MLK Jr. (RIP) Prediction on that: Would be reeeeeally one-sided.

(But you knew that. Some of these interviewees, well, may not.)

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Women May Be From Venus… But We Know “The Female Brain” Is ‘Out There’ (Trailer)

Blake Griffin is a fool for this! A couple of ‘pause’ worthy scenes in there. Hahahaaaa! All-star cast (including sexy Sofia Vergara *yooo*). Hilarious trailer for “The Female Brain.” And shout to crazy azz Deon Cole in there.

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Dan Aykroyd Speaks On The Scene That Makes “Trading Places” One Of The Best ‘American Business’ Movies Of All Time (Video)

Was watching “Trading Places” a few days ago for the 1,234,678th time. Today while working I ran across this interview with Dan Akroyd about the film that we felt everyone should peep. If you are too young to have seen the classic movie “Trading Places” we posted the full film courtesy of youtube after the jump…..

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Comedy: Katt Williams Is About To Talk Sh!t About This “Great America” We Are Supposed To Be Making (Trailer)

Oh, we get this tomorrow though? Cool! Money Mike aka Katt Williams is back, pimpin’!

The King of Underground Comedy is back and ready to exercise the right to speak his mind. Great America premieres January 16 on Netflix.

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Dear Wack Rapper: Crank Lucas Will Steal Your Girl… While You Are In The Booth! (Video)


She fine like that AND got bars?? Yeah, ya girl is got if the engineer (1) thinks she’s hot, (2) thinks your rhymes are not, (3) invites you to hit the booth so he can hit on your THOT. Hahaaaa!


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Rodney Perry Did Two Stand-Ups Before He Went Down… Hard… Almost Permanently (Video)

So moving. Might want to grab a tissue… for those *er* allergies that comedian Rodney Perry’s real-life story is about to give y’all.

While on a comedy tour in 2016, Navy Veteran Rodney Perry suffered a severe stroke. He received life-saving care at the Denver VA Medical Center and spent the next 40 days in their inpatient rehab clinic.
– U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


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