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Matt Damon Mixes It Up, A Lot, In “Suburbicon” (Trailer)

Not all the way sure WTF this movie is gonna be (a “crime comedy” though?). But I know that Matt Damon is a solid movie bet (e.g. he does not make trash) and this trailer has me hooked! Plus the title: “Suburbicon.”

Yooooo! PLUS… mad people get f*cked the f*ck up in this flick quick (looking at the trailer)! YUSSSH!!! Hitting folks dead in the FACE, hitting screens October 27th!

George Clooney directs (he doesn’t make trash either, he and Damon have that “Oceans Eleven” franchise connection, too).


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Kountry Wayne Loves The Kids, And He Went Viral And Got His Comedy Grind On To Keep His Fed (Video)

Y’all know Kountry Wayne, right? He started on the Facey-Space. And he was hustling before, but with EIGHT kids to feed… he had to REALLY be about getting his bag BIGGER (like $70K a month bigger, daayumm). More on Wayne after the jump.

Interesting the level of success at several ventures Kountry Wayne has had thus far (like never having a bad night in stand up comedy? Wow). Positive attitude, confidence, forward motion, working hard & smart for the right reasons. Good stuff.


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Shannon Sharpe Says, “Let Me Celebrate!” So Remix God Suede Dropped This Beat And It Was On (Video)

For some reason, this does not seem to have gone as viral as the “Evaculation” mash. But please believe that this “Milds & That Yak” clip flip is just as much a trip.

Remix God Suede went HARD and brought out them Sharpe BARZ for Shannon! Hahaaaaa!


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The SquADD Debates The ‘Best Chocolate Bar’ Ever (Video)

The struggle is SO real in this All Def Digital clip… the struggle not to laugh until you cry! Every candy bar in this “discussion” is someone’s favorite, so that’s not up for debate. But just like any food review panel the squADD convenes, the joning/cracking/bagging/janking is EPIC. They just cannot resist going in on each other, can they?

Look. Make up your mind about which candy you like early, then enjoy the hilarity of the panelists giving each other the business! Bwaaahahaa!


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Comedy: Clint Coley Flew The Honey In On V’Jay Airways (Video)

And now a word from Brother Clint Coley

If I fly you out, we are having sex. It’s not up for debate.

HOW can they make these clips and not fall the f*** out laughing? Bwaaaaahaaa! Always hilarious and always on point with the somebody-had-to-say-it commentary. Ladies. Come on. PLEASE stop with the bullsh!t. If you ain’t trying to “go there”… okay… just get yourself out there. Buy your own ticket. Drive. Whatever.

But if a dude puts it out there – like ‘buy a plane ticket for you to come see him’ put it out there. You need to be ready for him to see about you ‘down there.’ Real real talk. With FACTS!

Bet she won’t let it happen again (with her sexy, but wrong for that, azz. Hahaaa!)

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Check Out This Hilarious Teaser For “White Famous” Starring Jay Pharoah (Trailer)

It’s a fair question, and an old question: Why do WE have to ‘cross over’ to White audiences to be successful? I know it’s been the question asked of entertainers since “The Five Heartbeats” movie. And I am willing to bet a fair amount that Jay Pharoah sneaks in an imitation of Chris Rock in this debut season of his new Showtime series… Rock had me cracking the f*** up when he told Kevin Hart he was just ‘Black Famous’ on “Real House Husbands Of Hollywood” (you can’t CLOSE, Kevin, hahaaa)!

SHOWTIME® presents WHITE FAMOUS, the outrageous new Original Comedy Series starring Jay Pharoah. Comedian Floyd Mooney’s career is about to blow up, but he’s not so sure he’s ready for all that. He doesn’t have time for big egos, crazy studio execs and the wild side of fame. Hollywood is full of phonies but Floyd wants to stay true to himself. Can he make it without losing his soul? Don’t miss WHITE FAMOUS, the insanely funny new comedy from Tom Kapinos, executive producer of Californication, and Academy Award® winner Jamie Foxx, airing Sunday, October 15th 10PM ET/PT only on SHOWTIME®.



Eddie Griffin Calling On Psych-Medical Professionals To Declare Trump A ‘Lunatic’ (Video)

Well, damn, Eddie. How do you really feel? Pretty much like a lot of folks… but LOUDER, ROWDIER, and REALER.

Comedian Eddie Griffin is no stranger to voicing his opinion, in part 1 of “The Truth” the funnyman goes on a harangue about Donald Trump’s presidency and how him being an “adolescent adult” will likely lead to another World War. “A childish motherf**ker — I don’t know what happened, but something traumatic happened in Trump’s life around 14 or 15 years old because he’s stuck at that age,” expells Griffin. He then goes on to explain how Kim Jong-Un also had a traumatic adolescence that has led to the two of them going back and forth.

He also says “This a coup pulled off by the Russians, Trump’s motherf**kin’ treasonist ass, the alt-right, KKK, neo-nazis all conspired pulled off a coup of the United States presidency.” Watch the clip to hear him tell it like it is about what’s going on in America and why no one is speaking up.

– Vlad TV

Wow. And Eddie called every Republican, except Sen. John McCain, treasonous! Shots fired, bombs dropped!

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Amela And ‘OJ’ On A Date After The Release Date (Video)

“So, OJ… is that a nickname?”

They are NOT gonna recognize ANY boundaries on SNL, huh? Bwaahahaaa! All this, and now Kenan can claim that he was on a ‘date’ with sexy Gal Gadot 😉

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Comedy: Don’t Worry. “The President” Has A Plan… Chaos! (Video)

Bwaaahahaaa! Alec Baldwin is tearing President Trump up in these Saturday Night Live skits. But who’s SNL going to throw in the pot to roast with ‘The Donald’ now that ‘Spicey’ is gone? How about Trump’s AG (Attorney General)… the only OG appointee of note that is still around… Jeff Sessions! Yeah, they cook him, too.

And on this particular skit: Sure, the premise is funny; but it’s kinda plausible #ChaosTheory


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Comedy: Black Geo Presents “Anatomy of the Ass” (Video)

Woo hoo HOOOOO! Information we can all use. In my best Martin Payne voice… Let us explore; learn all about that SPLACKOW!! That ‘wagon she be draggin’ back there! Good googley moogley!!

#DeadAssBoutDatAss #GoneLearnToday


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Cuffing Season’s Coming! What Are The Rules? What Exactly Is A ‘Bae’ Anyway? (Video)

Hey, Big Head…

Got that text yet? Baahahaa! The funniest funny usually has a twinge of truth (at least) to it. Checked the weather recently? Noticed the days getting a bit shorter and the nights a bit longer? Overwhelming urge to ‘snuggle’ up much? Mm hmm, Cuffing Season is upon us! Fall is officially here, and you can expect a sharp rise in Bae Acquisition Rates (BARs, genius)!

But okay. RELAX! Take a minute to realize what you are getting into when you go hard trying to cuff that cuddle bunny before the cold sets in. One fur for the whole cold season… Still gonna do it, huh? Alright, player, you leave me no choice. Watch this. Laugh and learn!

Finding a bae may mean you have to share your fries. Dormtainment drops more science in this full episode of Black Geo. How is your baeship?
– LOL Network

Good luck. And keep the February 14th deadline in mind. Ha!

(That one part with Cynthia Luciette in there. Mercy! Plus, several Honeyz in this. Now you gotta watch.)


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Throwback: Corey Holcomb Is ‘Sometimes Married’ And Has Some Relationship Advice To Share (Video)

First off: Corey says go for the ‘cute girls in bad financial situations’ (bwaaahahaaa)! All this is hilarious. But… y’all know how Holcomb do with his brand of comedy. Wonder if he and Kevin Hart spoke on some of the stuff he’s saying in here.

Corey Holcomb discusses relationships, and how men and women can’t be friends. He gets real about how guys and girls cheat on each other, cheating techniques and how in the end, money can fix everything!
– BigBoyTV

Throwback classic Corey Holcomb.


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Comedian Gary Owen Says Kevin Hart Will Find The Comedy In His Scandalous Situation… Eventually (Video)

Comedian Gary Owen is a friend of the Breakfast Club (of course), married to a Black woman (of course), and could not throw Kevin Hart under the bus for ‘allegedly’ (nah, not really allegedly) cheating on his pregnant wife… Yeah, his hood pass is still up to date! Check out the interview above. It may help Kevin find the funny, eventually.

Plus he talks about recent life, family and road experiences; and his comedy special.


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Comedy: The All Def Digital Panel Convenes To Discuss ‘The Best Struggle Food’ (Video)

Is it bad that a lot of this so-called ‘struggle food’ is just food to me and my folks? I actually am craving some Ramen noodles now.

The SquADD discusses the best food to eat when cash flow is low. #GreatTaste
– All Def Digital

The Best Struggle Food in this for real… CREAM CORN SANDWICHES! I have NEVER…and never will!!! Damn, Tony. I’m sorry.

(But that bologna triple-stack action though. That’s going to happen!)


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73 Questions With Tracee Ellis Ross (Video)

The uber-cute Tracee Ellis Ross is featured here. This ep is essential Tracee 73 Questions ep. Sunny, joyful, warm, beautiful… a threesome with Rihanna and James Dean… and kinds of good things happening in life, esp. between 3 and 6 AM.

Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross is on top of the world. Her acclaimed performance as Dr. Rainbow Johnson has taken the veteran actress to never-before-seen heights. After winning a Golden Globe and garnering an Emmy nomination, Tracee graciously invites Vogue into her home to take a shot at answering 73 Questions.
– Vogue

And yes, she fits in ‘eclectic’ as a descriptor (because she had to, so her). Biggest surprise: Tracee’s dream superpower… the power to IMPEACH!

#Eclectic #TraceeIsVogue #Woke #DumpTrump

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DL Hughley Speaks On Generational Wealth, The Struggle For Civil Rights For Gay People Vs. Black People, And How Comedy Has Helped Humans Evolve (Video)

Black people are jealous of gay people… It’s not hate. It’s jealousy.

Interesting how taglines are chosen. This clip is actually a Part 10 of what we thought was a six-part conversation with DL Hughley. And it is entitled “Black People are Jealous of Gay People,” which is covered in here. BUT Hughley’s thoughts on how important and intrinsic comedy is to humanity are the bulk of what was discussed, and so incredibly insightful. Watch above.

D.L. Hughley opened up to VladTV about his thoughts on generational wealth, his favorite comedians, and how comedy has helped humans evolve.

When it comes to his favorite comedians, D.L. named off Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Redd Foxx, and Robin Harris, and he shared why Dick Gregory and Mark Twain illustrated the human condition in the best way. He also mentioned coming up with Jamie Foxx and being mad that someone could be as talented as the “Ray” actor.

After sharing his thoughts on how Ellen was integral in the way people saw the gay community, D.L. explains how comedy has led to the evolution of humans. You can hear more about what he had to say in the above clip.

DJ Vlad

(If you want, you can catch up with Parts seven, eight, and nine after the jump. Then watch 10 above. If you want…)

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Tired Of Seeing Beast Mode Dodge Defenders On-Field And Reporters Off-Field? How About A Day At The Spa With Marshawn? (Video)

Marshawn Lynch is gonna let the ladies play with his feet, but NO WEIRD SH!T. Just pedicures, champagne, and some real talk… aaaand maybe a milk bath. Hahaa!

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch goes from “Beast Mode” to “Relax Mode” by getting a gentleman’s pedicure and foot massage.

While he’s relaxing in his massage chair at the spa, The Assist’s host Johnno Wilson gets Marshawn to open up on topics ranging from why he is happy about not getting the ball at the goal line in the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, what frustrates him most about NFL postgame interviews, and where traveled and what he learned during his year off in retirement from the league.

The Assist is the newest series from DraftKings, who bring you the game inside the game, bringing fans closer to the games they love. Series host Johnno Wilson serves as the personal assistant to the stars, helping some of the biggest names in football run some of their daily errands. But when you’re a star athlete, your daily chores and shopping trips are a little outside the ordinary.

– DraftKings

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Comedy: Woman, If It Involves Tools, It Comes With D!CK. Point Blank (Video)

Bwwwaaaaahahaaa! Been too long since Clint Coley checked in a vid for All Def Digital. Worth the wait though. When it comes to any ‘misunderstanding’ about male-female & ‘just friends’ boundaries… Coley ain’t having it. Not with the bullsh!t. At all. Honey got checked – in the most hilarious way – for thinking he was gonna be a ‘stand-in’ for things her boyfriend ought to be doing. Moving, fixing things, whatever it takes man muscle and equipment for. Plain and simple: If it involves tools, well, you read the headline already. Ha!


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Floyd Mayweather’s “Lucky 7” Ladies Take Care Of All His Needs (Video)

Money Mayweather talking to that puppet Diego is not so much awkward as it is HILARIOUS!! Okay, he does slip in something for the haters – that he is ‘7 deep’ in women, and he is a confirmed bachelor… seeing NO need for a wife. Floyd is a confirmed bachelor… and superhero. Hahaa! Yeah, watch.

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Politics/Comedy: Clapping Back For Jemele Hill, Roy Wood Jr. Has Jokes (And Ideas) For The White House And ESPN (Video)

Roy Wood, Jr. You, sir, are a FOOL for this one. But so on point. Great segment, and an instant classic clip for ‘The Daily Show.’

Roy Wood, Jr. unpacks a White House official’s call for ESPN to fire anchor Jemele Hill after she called President Trump a white supremacist on Twitter.

I bet Jamele is cool people, even if she did straight diss the beloved ‘Awful Waffle’ (ahaahahaaa)!


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