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FTP Presents: Black is Beautiful…Black is Powerful (Mixtape)

Black is Beautiful…Black is Powerful. the mixtape features an assembly of uncompromising and gifted Hip Hop artists including staHHr, Gods’illa, Kam Moye, Kil Ripkin, and Boog Brown, with production from the likes of Illastrate, Batsauce, J Haze, Joe. D, Sol Messiah, Apollo Brown and more. The project will be available digitally August 26th at with 2 bonus tracks. CD’s will be available on September 6th with featured Artwork by Goldi Gold.

Kil Ripkin – ‘Question’ (Video)

This track is produced by Khrysis and the video is directed by Rick Foy. Kil Ripkin is back with more dope. Lots of cameos in this video. I think this video dropped last summer

Kil Ripkin – ‘Medicine For Mommy’ (Mixtape)

“Having re-emerged from a brief musical hiatus with the release of his well received soundtrack for the paradigm shift “The Quickening Vol.1” (November 2010); “The Godian” has been fine tuning more lyrical healing for the masses; this time with an emphasis on Wombman. “Medicine for Mommy” is a tribute to the divine feminine aspect of creation. According to RIPKIN, this project is necessary because, “it’s a healing the world needs; the woman must take her rightful place back in alignment with the universe”. Consisting of five songs, each specifically attuned; this project fills a void and creates a balance concerning how Wombman has been typically addressed and referenced both musically and universally. Featuring production by Raticus, Eric G, TMT and The Godian. Check out Kil Ripkin’s bandcamp page & website! ” Complete tracklisting under the hood…..

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