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ESPN President John Skipper Speaks At The Tuskegee University Commencement And…

…it was a CELEBRATION! Strike up the band… the best band in the land, the Tuskegee University Golden Virtuosos!!

Wow. I have a LOT of family and friends who are Tuskegee Institute and Tuskegee University alumni. I may well have attended myself, but The University Of Alabama ended up being the best option (financially, mainly) for continuing my education post-high school. However, anyone who grew up in ‘Skegee can tell you that TU and the town that surrounds it are bound in many ways; especially on Football Saturdays (Homecoming Weekend = Off The Meter!) and special commemorations. So, I may not be a TU alum, but I am a true Tuskegeean (46!)… and trust me, that is way past close enough for me join in celebrating this.

See more footage and some of what students and Presidents Skipper and Johnson had to say on this occasion after the jump.

(Wonder if any of this made SportsCenter over the weekend? Best bet for worthy coverage is ESPN’s ‘The Six’ with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith.)

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Ohio State Marching Band – Michael Jackson Tribute (Video)

You need to watch the Ohio State Buckeye’s Marching Band’s Michael Jackson Tribute. The music was on par for a Division 1 school’s marching band, but the choreography sent this performance over the top. Guaranteed you’ll be done when they form the MJ silhouette… and make it moonwalk! Wowww!

Watch the whole thing though. The “Man In The Mirror” performance featuring the Louisiana State University gospel choir is touching.

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