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Is “Talking White” Actually A Thing? (Video)

In the trailer when Danny Glover is in “Sorry To Bother You” telling Lakeith Stanfield to use his ‘White voice’ to get ahead at the job… that part. That’s code-switching in rare form. But ‘talking White’ is really, really a thing though? Yuuup.

“Talking White” helps people of color get ahead.
– Voices of Color by Insider

Wait. Don Lemon? CNN’s Don Lemon is from New Orleans????


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Eleven-Year-Old Artist Waris Kareem Draws On His Everyday Experiences To Produce Masterpieces (Video)

This kid is 11 years old. At 11, I was almost literally still trying to figure out the walk-and-chew-gum “art”… no way I could do amazing stuff like this back then or even now. Learn about Waris Kareem and his artwork above.


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Being Sean: A New Food Experience

The homie Sean was out and about and needed to eat. The struggle was real but in the end… TRIUMPH… in the form of a new spot to find good food! Lean in and read up.

A couple of weeks ago Andrea and I were in her hometown of Eastman for a family member’s funeral. The funeral was at 11 am and the drive is about 2 ½ hours from our house. We left early in the morning and once we got there we grabbed a quick bite to eat attended the funeral and hopped back on I-75 and headed home. We stopped off in Macon to grab another quick bite, nothing huge, just something to hold us over til we got home. Andrea’s sister and a cousin were in the car so we decided to hit the Burger King and place our order. BIG MISTAKE…

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Anthony D. Mays Speaks On Growing Up Geeky, Fighting Through ‘Imposter Syndrome’ And Finding Success As A Google Software Engineer (Video)

Fear is the chief export of Compton…

Wow. That quote AND this video. Insightful and inspiring.

How I Went From Compton To Google
– BuzzFeed FYI

Great watch. All facts.


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Being a White Student At A Historically Black College (Documentary)

“I feel like I belong here if I’m putting in the work. It’s that simple.”

Whew. When he asked dude, “Do you feel like you really belong here?” Tiago answered like that. VICE does it again! Really digs into this perspective of a White student attending an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

On this episode of ‘MINORITY REPORTS,’ we met up with Tiago, a White freshman at Morehouse College, an HBCU in Atlanta that counts Martin Luther King, Jr. and Spike Lee as alumni.

We sat down with him to hear why he decided to enroll in the school, asked his peers for their thoughts on having white students on campus, and followed along as he showed us what it’s like to be one of very few non-black students at school.


Now, if you are even thinking about reducing this topic to ‘any student can go anywhere’… Let’s not waste your time. Come back in an hour or something. This is deep exploration like VICE documentaries do. Gonna stay? Okay, press play.


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BeingSean: Friday Night Races And A Happy Father’s Day Weekend

Thank you, Andrea and Syd, for an AWESOME WEEKEND!!! I loved every minute of it. AND Happy Fathers Day guys!!!!!

The realest talk. Give Dad what he really wants on Father’s Day, and he’ll be head-over-heels. Not because it’s required (real Dads don’t need a ‘day’ to recognize that), but just because… and out of real love. Awesome piece from the homie Sean. Check it out.

Father’s Day weekend was a little different for me this year in that Syd is spending the entire summer with her mom versus one month. See I’m used to Syd being at the house for most of the summer and this year I had to do the “I’m the summer dad” pickup for the weekend. It was… weird. 

Andrea and Syd both asked me what I wanted to do well in advance but as most dads know, we don’t need a special day to tell us we are great dads. Syd suggested we go to the Friday night drag races which is something we both enjoy doing. Andrea has never been so this was a first for her. Side note… (more)

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Kevin Livingston Speaks On His Passion To See Others Achieve And Working In His Hood To Make It Happen (Video)

All of a sudden, I know how to tie a tie…

Incredible idea. A mission so basic, but the concept is so powerful. This is how we save us; to become the change we have been waiting for. Salute to Brother Kevin Livingston!

Celebrities are rallying behind this big-hearted entrepreneur as he hands out free suits to young men in high-crime neighborhoods.
– Extraordinary People


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Did You See The Lava Flow From Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Into The Pacific Ocean? (Video)

Surely you have heard about it. Maybe you’ve even seen footage of the hot lava creeping down hillsides or crossing roads. Looks like something other than what it is… a relatively slow-moving mass of molten rock, melting or burning everything it touches. That said, the news footage I have seen shows folks treating the lava like it’s some novel plaything that is just kinda hot.

Nah, son. This stuff is cooking asphalt and ocean and dissolving steel like it’s nothing. See the footage? Good. That’s about as close as you ever need to get to the lava. Just saying.


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Did You Know That Bob Ross Did Much More Than Paint On PBS? (Video)

I thought about whether or not many of you are even old enough to remember how awesome “The Joy Of Painting” and host Bob Ross were. PBS was home to some great television. And if watching Ross paint ‘happy trees’ gave you joy back in the day, too, you will likely be as wow’d as I was (in a good way) when you learn even more about the PBS icon.

He inspired generations of young people to paint, but did you know these facts about him?
George Takei Presents


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Tiny Houses Made Out Of Concrete Water Pipes (Video)

Yeah, the big bad wolf better not even try it. Can’t blow down a house of bricks? Try solid concrete homie!

These houses are made out of concrete water pipes.
– In The Know Innovation

I dig tiny homes and Earthships. Especially this one that one could conceivably dig and put underground. Not 100% sure how water/sewer and heating/cooling would work. And residents will likely rethink that 4th meal burrito… blowing up the toilet in that teeny tubular home has gotta mean the funk will linger a LONG time!


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Watch This Band Play… Under Water (Video)

Eff being under ground… watch and listen to this band play a concert underwater!!


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Realistic Cosplay Wings (Video)

Dude. They got wings, like the wings that mutant Angel, in the X-Men comics, and apparently you can get your own!


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Sports: Is Bill Preston Good Enough To Go From NCAA To NBA Basketball? We Will Never Know (Video)

I feel like, if I was still playing in college, I’d be much more successful.

Damn. Talk about a cultural upheaval. They didn’t like the way his transportation situation looked and the NCAA took Preston away from college basketball… and possibly his ticket to success in life for him and his family??? Wow.

Billy Preston should be playing with Kansas in the NCAA tourney right now. Instead, his career is in limbo because of an NCAA investigation that was never completed.

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World Travel: Mennia Recounts Her Heritage Trip To ‘Eritrea’ (Documentary)

Dayum! Mennia Michael is hella cute. Scratch that. She’s captivating! Certainly held our interest as she talks about how it felt walking on her homeland (Eritrea) soil.

#TravelNoire #Eritrean #HeritageTrip #EritreanAmerican #Eritrea

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Watch The World’s Strongest Man Throw Back Some Kegs And Take Down 7 Meals A Day (Documentary)

Brian Shaw. Small-town Colorado dude. Three-time winner of the World’s Strongest Man contest. Check out VICE Sports’ coverage on him. And he is not only tossing kegs; dude can lift CARS!

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Activism: Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr., Interview (Audio)

I was totally geeked when Love Ultra Radio had friend of the family, mentor, educator, civil rights activist, and Kingian scholar-practitioner Dr. Bernard LaFayette on for another Black History Month interview! Like #WakandaForever level excited!

Love Ultra Radio caught up with Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette. Hear why training and knowledge are important when organizing a movement, the goal of accomplishing peace via non-violent acts, and how that strategy is used effectively throughout our history. Listen to the first step of non-violent activism organizing, the importance of researching your roots, and what inspires Dr. Lafayette, Jr., to continue the necessary forward movement to complete his mission. Also, read and support his book, “In Peace And Freedom My Journey In Selma” (available on Amazon now).

Follow Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr. learn, listen and share his lessons and become a part of the non-violence movement for equality and justice.

– Love Ultra Radio

Here is the audio for the full interview.


Doug Jones May Not Be Famous, But His Movie Roles Are (Video)

Yoooo! Dude’s been in a LOT; so much I declare it true… Didn’t know who Doug Jones was, but I will be checking for him and his work in the future.

You might not know his face, but you’ve seen his work. With over 150 movie and TV credits to his name, Doug Jones has been every creature, monster, and villain known to Hollywood. From the Amphibian Man in “The Shape of Water,” the Silver Surfer in “Fantastic Four” to the Thin Clown in “Batman Returns,” Jones has been spicing up your movie-watching experience for the past three decades.
– Great Big Story

Thirty years, 150 movie & TV credits. Now, that’s beasting it out on the on them Tinsel Town streets. Salute!



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Ultramarathoner Mirna Valerio Breaks Stereotypes With Every Race (Video)

I’m Black I’m a woman and I’m fat… I know I’m breaking a mold…
Mirna Valerio

Go for it, Mirna. Let me say it, too. Thank you for being you and letting us see you. Your best you. Go get ’em!

After suffering health complications, Mirna Valerio knew she needed a change in lifestyle. She dedicated herself to fitness and has spent the past eight years running marathons and ultramarathons across the state of Georgia. With every race, she’s on a mission to challenge assumptions about what it means to be a runner.
– Great Big Story


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Nipsey Hussle Treats Longtime Employee To An Amazing Day (Video)

Okay, this made my ‘eyes rain’ a bit for real! Wonderful what Neighborhood Nip did for the big homie. Real heart. He really is NOTHING like a lot of these other ‘rap n!ggas’ (and that’s a good thing).

Watch episode one of “The Midas Touch.”


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Matt Maxey Brings Hip-Hop To The Hearing Impaired Using Sign Language (Video)

Alright, aaaalright. Get past the use of “Deaf Jam” as the title. This is actually a really cool story. Side note: Gotta be something to the whole Chance The Rapper being associated with stories that matter to the Hip-Hop Nation. Just an observation.

Although he’s had profound hearing loss his entire life, Matt Maxey didn’t learn to sign until he was 18 years old. He began to practice his ASL by signing along to the lyrics of his favorite artists and uploading videos to YouTube. Now, as the CEO and founder of DEAFinitely Dope, he’s translating hip-hop music alongside artists like Chance the Rapper and D.R.A.M.
– Great Big Story


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