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College Student Opens Her Own Restaurant In NYC Serving Scrumptious Vegan Cuisine (Video)

Man. Why am I drooling over VEGAN chicken & waffles though. These in the video at least…

Francesca Chaney is a 22-year-old college kid with her own vegan restaurant. She swears by plant-based meals and wants to normalize them for underprivileged neighborhoods. Her restaurant, Sol Sips, is in Brooklyn, NY, and its menu is comprised of delicious, healthy eats.

Because Francesca is all about accessibility, she offers a sliding-scale brunch where customers can pay anywhere from $7 to $15 for their full meal. She hopes her mission of educating people about healthy eating grows into more Sol Sips locations and a healthier mindset for underserved communities.

– Food Insider

And she is getting her Styles P juice bar on with her approach to bringing healthy eats to the otherwise overlooked. Nice!


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Nipsey Hussle’s Legacy (Video)

What an incredible and insightful tribute to the fallen hood hero Nipsey Hussle. Respek on the name TYT Sports for this clip. Watch #RIPNIP

RIP Nipsey Hussle. Rick Strom breaks it down.


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RIP Nipsey Hussle (Video)

I hoped against all hope that it was not true, but CNN and major news and online reporting outlets confirm that Nipsey Hussle died tragically, the result of a shooting near his clothing store, in the area of Crenshaw and Slauson. Born Ermias Davidson Asghedom, he was 33 years old.

Beyond the obvious, what is really saddening is that while Nip lived a lifetime in his short years, he had so much more to live for. He was fresh off a well-deserved Grammy nomination and consistently recognized for his solid body of work in rap, his noteworthy successes in business, and his neighborhood activism in keeping with global thinking and local action. But he was due for more: J. Cole and Drake both shared that they were set to do songs with him and would miss his presence. He was in the final stages of buying up the block [where his business operates] and bringing peace & brotherhood to his hood. And we just posted on the committed relationship and family life he had built with Lauren London on here.

Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle died after a shooting in Los Angeles near a clothing store he owned, according to a high-ranking law enforcement official with the Los Angeles Police Department. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin discusses with DJ HeadKrack.

Such a loss for us all. In time, we will heal. But for now, we will mourn. Rest In Peace, Neighborhood Nip.


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The Homeless In Washington DC Can Eat At Sakina Halal Grill… FREE (Video)

I’m trying to worship our Creator through food.

Maaaan, this might hoke you up. Delicious FREE food for the homeless… that will feed YOUR soul!

This immigrant-owned restaurant in Washington, D.C. just blocks from the White House feeds the homeless and poor every single day as if they were full paying customers, no questions asked.
– ABC 7 News – WJLA

Respek on the name Kazi Mannan!


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News: Flint Residents Can Now Get Some Clean Water From The ‘Water Box’ (Video)

Dope! Good look for the youth, for Hip-Hop & ministry, for our people, and for humanity! Shout to Jada Pinkett Smith, Just, First Trinity, & Jaden Smith and The Water Box for doing this (respek on their names) and to the Reupspot on Facebook for the scoop.



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What Are Full-Time Rideshare Drivers Making Yearly? (Video)

This New Yorker makes up to $540 a day driving for Uber, Juno and Lyft from CNBC.

Knowing folks who drive for companies like Uber and Lyft (like we all do at this point), does anybody know if the fares are really fattening pockets out here in these streets though?

Watch and learn.

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Latinos Converting To Islam (Documentary)

What so-called religions that promise ‘salvation’ can truly forget is the SAVING. What the dude says in here about why he converted to Islam, how it truly SAVED him… He was not speaking of a ‘magical’ event or a sudden ‘newness’ feeling (set to orchestral music or something). Rather, he was speaking of Islam SAVING his life in an UNDERSTANDABLE way that brought joy to his soul and meaning to his life. ‘Survival mode’ to a ‘revival’ by way of the Quran.

Latinos are one of the fastest growing groups within Islam in America. VICE’s Lee Adams travels to Houston Texas, the home of America’s first Islam in Spanish center, to investigate what’s behind this phenomenon and how America’s current political climate might be related.

Another great VICE documentary.

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Food/Business: Slutty Vegan Levels Up From A Food Truck To A Restaurant In Westview, Atlanta (Video)

This PINKY, nyuh!!

Well, it is her dream; still going and growing strong. Now she has a brick-and-mortar location to serve her patrons. Apparently, Slutty Vegan’s meatless fare with a flare is in high demand. In the South, where we kill and fry everything that won’t defend itself or run, that is quite an accomplishment!

So, I Googled up an Atlanta Eater article on the situation for the numbers: over 1200 served the first day at Westview AND the ‘Gram is on pace to reach 100K followers ASAP.

Impressive, Pinky. Impressive!

Oh, I learned of all this when I saw the homie BigDee noting on his FB timeline that he waited in line for upwards of two hours at the new restaurant to order. Hope it was worth it. Scratch that. Bet your pockets it WILL be worth it if Mr. McRib-Over-Every-Sandwich is willing to wait that long… unless Dee comes back over here and comments otherwise.

Rooting for you, Pinky!



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Watch This Heated Pool Being Hand-Built (Video)

Really been getting into these ‘primitive construction’ type videos lately. Dudes go out into the wilderness with limited tools – mainly just their hands, what’s around them, and their ingenuity – and build incredible structures. It relaxes me watching these. Hard work, but quiet.

Nothing I would actually do for real, but I like watching this stuff. Maybe you will, too. Heated swimming pool anyone?

(These vids make me think of what it must have been like for Tuskegee’s first students – making their own bricks and building their own school with them. Hometown got it out the mud. On a much bigger scale. Dope!)


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How Science Teacher Pavel Viktor Became ‘YouTube Famous’ (Video)

We need more of this over here in the States, please and thank you. Neil deGrasse Tyson can’t do it alone #NerdCool #ScienceRules

Pavel Viktor, a science teacher in Odesa, Ukraine, started posting his lectures on YouTube for absent students. He never expected the videos to gain millions of views beyond his classroom.
– Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty


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How Much Do You Know About Soul Food? (Video)

Ohhhh… The series is called ‘Black 2 Life’… like in ‘Back 2 Life’ by Soul II Soul. And this is on soul food. Hope you enjoyed some good traditional New Year’s peas & rice and greens and pork (for those that partake) by the way.

For the record, I disagree with several of these so-called ‘correct’ answers though.


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Environment: Marino Morikawa Used His PhD, His Time, And A Loan To Clean A Lake (Video)

Talk about not just talking about it. Marino’s hometown lake got polluted, and instead of just protesting who/what did it… he put the brains, brawn, and budget to work and got it cleaned! And he’s going to clean a bigger lake next. Not cheap. Not easy. But brilliant. And an awesome life mission!


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Meet A Million-Dollar ‘Sugar Baby’ (Video)

Right. Not that Hillary Swank movie “Million Dollar Baby”… this sis is a ‘Sugar Baby’ who gets her ‘Sugar Daddy’ to foot the bill… for her life! Watching the vid, I can see where it is not an entirely ideal life (ex: lots of surgeries). But she is making it work because she is working it.

(If your pockets look like mine, you are ‘safe’ from her. I don’t have enough cash to register with her. Hate she has the kids around this though. Seems warped.)


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Superfan James Cawley Recreated The ‘Star Trek’ Set Like No One Has Before (Video)

Built his own sci-fi dream set. To quote Witchdoctor, “Every day is a holiday.” He’d probably call it something cooler than ‘Star Trek’ Day, so I’d leave to this guy.

Meet the “Star Trek” Superfan James Cawley who has meticulously recreated the sets for the Enterprise from the original 1960s television series.
– Yahoo


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Food: Japanese Tempura Burger Is A Work of Art (Video)

Truly. Takashi Murakami’s Japanese Tempura Burger is a work of art. Welcome to ‘The Burger Show’ foodies. Prepare to admire… and drool #SlobberSlurp

In a special Burger Show “Bonus Episode,” one of the great minds of the art world—Takashi Murakami—teams up with one of the great minds of the burger world—Alvin Cailan—to taste-test each other’s custom Wagyu burgers at the 2018 ComplexCon. You may know Japanese pop-artist Takashi Murakami from his collaborations with Kanye West. He also happens to be the ambassador of ComplexCon, where musicians, artists, and fashion designers converge at a weekend-long convention. This year, Murakami brought his burger restaurant, Bar Zingaro, to the First We Feast Food Lagoon to show off his special truffle tempura burger.
– First We Feast

Ooooh… Wagyu beef! If you know, you KNOW!!!


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Yes, Her Name Is ABCDE… (Video)

Five-year-old Abcde Redford pronounces her name “ab-city.”

…and watch the above clip to the end, because she is not the only one. Wow.

Okay, sure, tsk-tsk to the employee who made the little girl feel bad. Would it have made a difference if it was made clear that the PARENT who named the child was the real target? Dunno. Ummm. No. Probably not.

But… well… Though parents can name their children whatever, should they???

(Gonna leave it there.)


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These Luffa Sponges Are 100% Organic And Biodegradable (Video)

Ohhhh, so THAT’S how luffa sponges are actually made! I could have sworn it was more ‘artificial’ though. This looks like the authentic way. Interesting.


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Snoop Dogg Honored With His Own Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame (Video)

Have you peeped the news of Snoop getting his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame yet? You already KNOW he brought some gangsta to the situation… ready to experience The DoggFather gone HollyHood for real though? #CripwalkOfFame

Beloved rapper Snoop Dogg received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday. The ceremony began at 11:30 a.m. right in front of the El Capitan Entertainment Center on Hollywood Boulevard.
– ABC7

(Wow! Look at who showed up for it, too. Dope!)

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Being Sean: Truly Thankful

Very appropriate post from the homie Sean. Might make even the most ‘Hotep’ among us call this time of year ‘THANKSgiving’ at least once…

As I get older holidays are taking on a different meaning for me. When I was a kid Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year days meant toys and food. As a teenager it became gifts and food. As a young adult it became girlfriends and a different type of gift (heh, heh), oh and food of course. As a real adult with a daughter it became toys and food again and now that she is a teenager it has become something different and that is appreciation of who I am and what I have. With Thanksgiving around the corner I wanted to take the time to write a piece on what I am thankful for. First… (More at

New Restaurant And Reality Series On Facebook Watch: ‘Big Chicken Shaq’ (Trailer)

Wayment, wayment, waaaait a minute!!

Big Chicken Shaq? Shaq opening a chicken shack? Is that a thing that is going to happen? Wasn’t Flavor Flav going into the chicken business?

Well… get your all Shaq-cess pass… only on Facebook Watch.

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