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Rigz – “You Mad” feat. Flee Lord x Mav (Prod. By Thank5th)

Drunk minds deliver sober thoughts.

Getting Griselda gritty with it! And winning because of it. So sad (but not really) if you are mad at Rigz, Flee Lord, and Mav Mean eating out here… and eating WELL! Apparently with some strong drink… strong enough to bring out the TRUTH!

Don’t know which came first, the sample or the song idea, but I ain’t mad either way. “You Mad” though?


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Technology: Robot Dragonfly Drones (Video)

“Most people [speaking of the DelFly Explorer] talk about the three D’s – dull, dangerous, and dirty. We talk about the three F’s – fun, functional, and friendly.”

Dutch engineers at the Delft University of Technology have created a Micro Air Vehicle (referring to an aerial drone nearer in size to an insect than an airplane) called the DelFly Explorer. Weighing only 20 grams, or as much as four sheets of A4 paper, the Explorer’s sensor system is entirely self-contained. A tiny system of two cameras and a navigation computer to control itself (e.g. to take off by itself, maintain height and avoid obstacles for the nine minutes of its battery life).

DelFly’s engineers imagine a range of uses for their new MAV – stuff like detecting ripe fruit in greenhouses to streaming live event or theme park video. Cool. Wonder what a military or government entity might use this for? Hmmm…

Actually, think ‘smaller’ (so to speak)… Can you imagine what a jealous mate, or a nosy neighbor, might do with this fly-in-the-room tech? Hmmmmmm…

Might be a toy you’d wanna keep from under the tree for now. Hahaaa.

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