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NatStar – “Eagle Eyes” (Video)

Lean into all this light coming off of NatStar… baaaaask in it! The home slice coming back like he walked through twice. Always bring new heat, this time the Star is showing 2020 vision, with this new visual – “Eagle Eyes.”


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NatStar – “False” (Video)

Hookah at the house in the studio… NOT “False!” I don’t even do that like that, but that… BOSS! Even when in chillax mode, NatStar’s grind is harder than most. To think otherwise… is “False!”

Catch that WAV (because audio file… get it?) on Spotify via the link below; after you peep the visuals above.



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Natstar – “Shift” (EP)

Are you ready for the “Shift” though? You oughta be. Natstar already hit you with the “WUTW” and “Greatness” joints. Gotta stay ready so you don’t have to get ready (ha)!


NatStar – “The Process” (EP)

He dropped “The Process” single/visual already. And I posted it. Already (and you KNOW this… maaaan)! But now the homie has a whole EP about it. Speak on sacrifice and what it takes to pursue “Greatness” Nat #BackToTrainingCamp



NatStar – “WUTW” (Video)

‘Need extra smoke for this one’ eh, NatStar? Haaa! Well, pop a bottle on the yacht, pop off and speed off on ’em then homie. Watch @NatSoCold unpack some of that cool and chill while luxuriating with libations and a couple of Honeys in high-def dopeness.

#WUTW #WokeUpTheWave #CelebratingTheGrind


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NatStar – “The Process” (Video)

Haaa! I wonder if Nat channeled Nick Saban for this one. Saban is always coaching up his players (at The University Of Alabama, ROLL TIDE!) and insisting that they trust “The Process.” I’m not mad if that was not the case, but remember who the NCAA Division I football champion is… Saban’s Crimson Tide. Winners as a result of “The Process” #MicDrop


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NatStar – “Greatness”

What do you want, and what are you willing to do? We’re talking about getting to “Greatness” people. Rather, the homie NatStar is. Trying to shift the paradigm, the conversation, in Hip-Hop and beyond. This is a different kind of grind dude is talking about here. Count how many times he talks about making bucks or buying out the bar or bling. Nada. Is that what you really want? Naaah, you want GREATNESS!


(More about NatStar after the jump.)


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NatStar – “Gimme” (Video)

Okay, been a fire song jawn. And I have been thinking like, “All this joint needs is a dope azz music video so the people can visualize…” Little did I know, @NatSoCold already put out a video so cold! I was sleeping, but thank goodness the YouTube never does. Now that I know the vid is out there, “GIMMIE!”

(Shot that thang on tour in Senegal. I see you TravelStar!)



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A7FL’s Hard-Hitting Point: Tackle Football Without Pads Could Cut The Number Of Concussions (Video)

So, American 7s Football League says take the helmet off to reduce rates of concussion and CTE in full-contact football?? Simple, elegant, old-school solution. Okay. But…Daaaayuummm! Dudes are getting LIT the F*CK up!

Saying though, didn’t we have them putting on more and more protection? As the years passed in this American pastime aka the ultimate collision sport we all love, we have paid more and more; and made the sport more and more expensive to play. Perhaps this is a way to dial all that back a notch.

Maybe we should just make ’em play flag or two hand touch?

Naaaah (haha). Hit the link for more on the safety perspective. Hit play above to see some HITTING! Hit the jump to see more highlights from A7FL.


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