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Politics: President Donald Trump Promised To Protect The Sick And Poor, To Give Them A ‘Better Deal’… And He Is Not… At All (Video)

Wow. Still hard to believe that we elected a U.S. President in much the same way we elected a class president in grade school – the guy that promised spaghetti and pizza for lunch and two recesses every day won… because we bought the lies. But when we did not get more pizza and play time, we lived. This VOX clip illustrates how, with Donald Trump as the ‘head of the class’ as President, many of us might suffer and DIE.

So… What folks hate about Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) is exactly what Trumpcare (The ‘Higher Cost Care’ Act) will allow MORE of??? That’s not what ANYONE voted for, is it? IS IT?!

Just watch. It’ll make you wanna say, “I can’t…” until you realize ‘you have to’ (because the ‘Yes We Can’ guy is gone).

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DJ CAVEM Moetavation – “I’m a Sunwarrior” (Prod. By Sticman) [Video]

You remember us talking about Ietef Vita aka DJ CAVEM on here, right? Well, the O.G. (Organic Gardener) is back with some more real talk… and granted, a bit of product promotion, in a dope visual presentation. Beautiful! In many ways. Just press play. You’ll see.

Produced by DJ CAVEM and Sticman of Dead Prez.


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Out Cold: How Long Does It Take To Get Frostbite? (Video)

So wind chill DOES matter. For real! All these years, since bus stop forecasts on the evening news weather reports to just now, I was thinking that wind chill was just a matter of comfort; how long you could ‘chill’ in the wind, so to speak. But naaaaah son, it’s real in the field (AND at the bus stop). It turns out that extreme cold, in concert with wind chill, can freeze uncovered extremities within MINUTES. Introducing… frostbite!

Yeah, I used the word ‘concert’ – but think more ‘lose your fist’ than pumping your fist to ‘Lose Yourself’ if you find yourself in the middle of a windy winter in Detroit without gloves and gear. Just saying.

Frostbite is a serious condition. Cold temperatures can cause the skin and tissue to start freezing, killing the cells. But, wind-chill can drastically change how long you’ll last.
– Tech Insider


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Woman Loses 180 Pounds After Doctors Remove Extra Large Tumor (Video)

Mary Clancey, 71, over the years, had steadily gained weight to tip the scales at 360 pounds. She worked at a candy counter for the longest time, and short round women run in her family. Getting heavier was just a fact of her life she guessed… until she lost 180 pounds all of a sudden. Now, her diet and activity plans are simple and joyful.

“I can eat everything. I can do everything,” she said. “Life is good and everything is in place. But the story is absolutely insane.”

The story? Oh, she had a 140-pound tumor and 40 pounds of extra skin removed.

(Yeah, you REALLY should watch that clip above.)

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Raise Up: The World is Our Gym (Trailer)

You know the crazy pull-ups and push-ups, frontwards and reversed, with acrobatics and flair thrown in there, that you’ve seen them on movie screens and Internet spots? Well, those are street calisthenics… and they have become a movement and a movie. Check it.

An underground urban fitness movement risks losing its identity as a social tool as it rapidly becomes a new international sport.
Rain Bennett

What you should take away: Parallels to Hip-Hop. Something else comes up from the streets, lives around the way, gets blown up and goes worldwide (good) and commercial (not so good in some ways); and the culture is worried that its true and best self (e.g. its essence) will be lost.

Watch the trailer.

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Scientists Can Now 3D Print Functional Organs (Video)

You read the headline just like we did on the Tube. You probably blurted out some combination of ‘bullsh!t’ and ‘wow’ as a knee jerk response… But then you pressed play. And you thought, “Oh. Like for practice,” maybe feeling a bit disappointed that we were not at the print-a-new-liver level yet.

We’ll get there. But for now, think: The doctors of tomorrow are going to get some REALISTIC practice BEFORE they ever touch a REAL human. There’s your pound of gold. Surgeons will not be ‘practicing’ medicine on our loved ones anymore.

Dope right?

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A7FL’s Hard-Hitting Point: Tackle Football Without Pads Could Cut The Number Of Concussions (Video)

So, American 7s Football League says take the helmet off to reduce rates of concussion and CTE in full-contact football?? Simple, elegant, old-school solution. Okay. But…Daaaayuummm! Dudes are getting LIT the F*CK up!

Saying though, didn’t we have them putting on more and more protection? As the years passed in this American pastime aka the ultimate collision sport we all love, we have paid more and more; and made the sport more and more expensive to play. Perhaps this is a way to dial all that back a notch.

Maybe we should just make ’em play flag or two hand touch?

Naaaah (haha). Hit the link for more on the safety perspective. Hit play above to see some HITTING! Hit the jump to see more highlights from A7FL.


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The L.O.X. Speak On New Album, Obama, Styles P’s Juice Bars, & Why He Hates Christmas (Video)

The L.O.X. interviews are always good ones, but Styles P speaking truth to power is the best!

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Dr. Hadiyah Green Pioneers Groundbreaking Cancer Treatment

Another great segment checked in by Roland Martin. Dr. Hadiyah Green has me SPEECHLESS! BRILLIANCE! BEAUTY! She’s my new true crush. She is everything of the essence of Ernest Everett Just, Daniel Hale Williams, Charles Drew… all the pioneering geniuses of 20th Century medicine… carried into the 21st Century. I hope and pray that she, and folks like her, can continue to push through the b.s. and CURE CANCER NOW!

Watch her interview above. Follow her at @DrHadiyahGreen. Support the effort at

(Did you see the part where she got her treatment proposal ready, and “they” told her that no one would back her methods without including a drug??? ARE YOU $%&!ing SERIOUS??!! Maannnn… you MUST watch!)


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55-Year-Old Joe Thomas Sr. Became The Oldest College Football Player To Play In A D-1 Game (Video)

File this under most memorable football plays… Actually, South Carolina State’s Joe Thomas Sr. had a few of them Saturday. To make history, and put a happy ending to his story, all he needed was one. No spectacular break away plays, but I’ll tell you what he did break: any and all notions of what ‘old’ is supposed to look like.

Used to be the only way to see 55 playing football was on a player’s back. No more, thanks to Joe!


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Turkeys Have Doubled In Size Since The 1940s (Video)

Okay, if you are planning on eating a big azz turkey for the holidays, you may not want to watch this. But, of course, now you feel like you HAVE to watch, right?

The Thanksgiving turkey on your table looks nothing like the one your grandparents ate as kids.

But bigger does not always mean better. When it comes to turkeys nowadays, it’s probably rarely going to mean better; especially when you learn the how and why your holiday turkey is so huge. Maybe spend a bit more to get a turkey raised the old-fashioned way. Maybe…

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How Do ‘Real’ Doctors Feel About Chiropractors? (Video)

Aha! Thought the doc was gonna take shots or throw shade, huh? Actually, there is something very much aligned (get it?) with Hip-Hop culture in what the doc expresses about chiropractors’ place in the spine care spectrum: As long as (1) you are seeing a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL that is (2) providing VALUE and/or relief, it’s all good. In the lingo, if they have nice skills and delivery it’s all good!

NYU Langone Spine Center Co-Director Dr. Anthony Frempong-Boadu sat down with Tech Insider to talk about spine health, and gave his honest opinion about working with chiropractors. As with choosing any doctor, it’s smart to do your research and find someone who can truly help you.


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Danish Travel Agency Promotes Getting Into The Babymaking Business (Video)

Hahaaa! Hey JayForce, you got friends over in Denmark, right? Why the f*ck aren’t they f*cking enough? Tell ’em to get to “work.” They got grandmas’ that need new babies on those knees over there (flashing back to my parents wanting to be grandparents back in the day…badly…shout to my brothers for handling the Jones babymaking biz)!

Denmark is struggling to keep their population at 5.6 million. The biggest cause for the decline: young couples aren’t having babies. One Danish travel agency, Spies Rejser, is urging young couples to go on vacation, where the chances of conceiving are higher.

Bottom line: Denmark dudes, take your lady on a vacay, and make a ‘babay’ (good for business AND pleasure)!


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Cornell University’s Dr. Alan Hedge Takes A Firm Stance On How You Should Sit (Video)

All these years, we are thinking that the best seated posture was feet flat on the ground, back straight at 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the chair base. Naaaaah, son! That not the science…

There’s a lot of false information about the proper posture you need to use when sitting at a desk. Cornell University ergonomics professor Dr. Alan Hedge sets out why the 90˚ rule does more damage than good, and what the proper way to sit at your desk is.

Seems like office chairs, just like those outside work, are for chillin’ (like in Altwork’s The Station, which we posted on here). That makes for a productive worker.


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How To Rid Your Mouth Of Morning Breath (Video)

See what you get for free. Sure I am out here looking for the models for you, trying to get y’all woke on poli-sci (politics) and sci-fi (science fiction, that may well be science FACT soon enough)… yeah, all that. But know for some practical science. Science you can apply to daily life. Applied science is what physics is. And to think, I did not do well in physics in school. But I got this ‘physics’ lesson for you right here.

Everyone experiences morning breath now and again, it’s a fact of life. But if some mornings you find that your breath is so bad that you’re scaring your pets, maybe you should take some advice from ear, nose, and throat specialist, Dr. Erich Voigt.
– Tech Insider

Watch now. Slay that ‘dragon breath’ homie. Some things mints can’t kill. Haaaaa!


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Regina Hall Educates Conan About Yoni Eggs (Video)

Did you see when the lovely Regina Hall was on Conan talking about her Yoni Egg; what it is AND where she ‘wears’ it??? First off, it’s Regina Hall. Second, you might learn something about them Eggs. I SWEAR TO YOU… BOTH make this worth watching!


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Science Can Tell You How And When You Will Die (Video)

Science, statistics, and lifestyle can help predict how you will die!

Wow. So… Soften the subject with some cornball music why don’cha… Well, by now you know that death is a fact of life for us all. Not one we choose to focus on a lot, in fact, even when ‘your time’ comes you probably want it to happen unexpectedly, fast, and painlessly… but not for a long time yet. But is that how it will likely go? Turns out that science can let you know.

(Did you know that the macabre topic of mortality is studied by more than just researchers and medical doctors? How about insurance companies and government agencies like the Social Security Administration. Actually, SSA has a document actually called an Actuarial Life Table.)

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Dr. Sebi Speaks His Incredible Life Experiences, Dramatic Weight Loss And Healing, & Curing HIV+AIDS (Video)

This is the FULL interview with the renown Dr. Sebi. Nearly an hour strong, chock full of wow moments and wisdom. On the strength, watching this may very well give you strength!

Known around the World, ‘Natural Healer’ Dr. Sebi joins us on “The Rock Newman Show” to talk about his life, his win against the Supreme Court, Michael Jackson and Lisa ‘Left Eye” Lopez and his mission!

You need to watch the whole thing… but around 26 minutes, Dr. Sebi directly speaks on what he did (in part) to address AIDS in his patients. WOW!

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Researchers Are Developing Implantable Sensors As Small As A Grain Of Sand That Can Monitor Vitals (Video)

Medical professionals have got to know that among the things that suck about what they do for us patients is the discomfort due to invasive procedures to even figure out what’s going on in those they treat. Well, looks like someone up the line has been working the problem. Maybe we will get that Star Trek medical tricorder where docs don’t have to even touch you to diagnose one day. This tech right here though, coming soon.

University of California, Berkeley engineers have built the first dust-sized, wireless sensors that can be implanted in the body, bringing closer the day when a Fitbit-like device could monitor internal nerves, muscles or organs in real time.

The so-called neural dust, which the team implanted in the muscles and peripheral nerves of rats, is unique in that ultrasound is used both to power and read out the measurements. Ultrasound technology is already well-developed for hospital use, and ultrasound vibrations can penetrate nearly anywhere in the body, unlike radio waves, the researchers say.

“I think the long-term prospects for neural dust are not only within nerves and the brain, but much broader,” said Michel Maharbiz, an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences and one of the study’s two main authors. “Having access to in-body telemetry has never been possible because there has been no way to put something super tiny superdeep. But now I can take a speck of nothing and park it next to a nerve or organ, your GI tract or a muscle, and read out the data.”



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The Hurt Business (Documentary Trailer)

From the producers of Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Generation Iron, THE HURT BUSINESS details the lives of various martial arts superstars, including Ronda Rousey and Jon Jones, competing in the fastest growing sport in the world and the struggles and triumphs that accompany all careers in cage fighting.

Besides featuring both legends, such as Georges St-Pierre, and up-and-comers in the sport the film covers the history of mixed martial arts fighting, from the coliseums of ancient Greece to modern day venues such as the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, all expertly narrated by Kevin Costner.

Themes of injury both mental and physical are explored and the question is raised; is it worth it to sacrifice one’s mind and body for sport?

– The Vladar Company

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