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“Homeboy” Shows Us That When One Door Opens… (Trailer)

The concept alone… DOPE! A different look at being in the trap… ensnared by a mental health challenge. Kudos to Bryan Christian for finding his way out of that trap with the help of loving fam and friends, and for this “Homeboy” film. Check out the trailer and the pitch at the end.

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Watch The Full Frontline Episode: The Fish On My Plate (Documentary)

Salmon is tasty but dayum; fish for a whole year though???

Okay, this is almost 90 minutes of video. So you know more than that will be covered. Interesting insights on personal health, Omerga-3’s and fish in diets, and more…

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CDC Report: Use Of The ‘Pull out’ Method As Birth Control Has Nearly Doubled (Video)

Now that the Plan B pill is available I guess more dudes are going “Raw” & I don’t mean Vegan…

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Questlove Speaks On How F*cked Up It Would Be To Cut The EPA’s Budget (Video)

Questlove and the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) put together this light-hearted PSA on what is ultimately a life or death situation. C’mon, current Administration… What? You don’t think it’s important to ensure that we have drinkable water, breathable air, and uncontaminated produce?? That really is f*cked up.

(All jokes and subtleties aside, don’t mess with the Environmental Protection Agency in ANY way. The EPA’s work is too important for scoring political points.)

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Debunking The Myth Of Women’s Fast-Ticking “Biological Clock” (Video)

Hahaaa! She said she’s gotta get baking before her oven breaks down. Easy lady. Take it easy. Experts agree that you can still have a baby after 35. Above, Adam tells you why.

(You should know the ‘how’ by now.)

The data that “modern” fertility advice is based on is actually straight-up medieval.
– College Humor


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Technology: Tiny Device Could Heal Even Brain Injuries With Just A Touch (Video)

Wow. So instead of harvesting stem cells that can become any cell needed for medical care & repairs, just create a dime-sized device that can tailor most any cell. Great tech!

A new device has been developed at The Ohio State University, which turns cells into other types of cells required for treating diseased conditions. During testing, one touch completely repaired injured legs of mice over three weeks!
– USA Today

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Food/Science: This Seaweed Tastes Just Like Bacon (Video)

Nope. Didn’t stutter. At all. But if this becomes real enough for me to taste it, I just might.

(Stutter. I just might stutter… Because, I’m DEFINITELY gonna taste the baco-weed if and when it hits the market! No ‘might’ about it.)


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Richard Overton Speaks On Living 109 Years… Well (Mini-Documentary)

How do you live 109 years? I am not sure any of us actually know the answer; not even Richard Overton. But I do believe that however long you live, it is on you to ensure that you LIVE your years. That’s gotta be the lesson of Mr. Overton’s life for us.

Meet Richard Overton, America’s oldest veteran. In this lively short film by Matt Cooper and Rocky Conly, hear the whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking supercentenarian reveal his secrets to a long life.
– National Geographic

Celebrate life today. Raise a glass to Mr. Overton. And puff on a good cigar (or two or three, like Mr. Overton) if you got one!


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Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels Declares That Having Mental Health Problems Is Not Shameful (Video)

My brother, BoneBreaker Jones, and I are constantly talking about this. When you have a health problem, you should get help! Mental health is health, and your health is you wealth. Don’t lose your HEALTH! Mental health problems affect everyone, even the mighty King Of Rock, the Devastating Mic Controller, Darryl McDaniels aka DMC of Run DMC.

No shame. If you need help, admit it and get it! Don’t know where/how? Just start talking and asking people you care about. Ask them to help you get to the right professional. But don’t just ignore the situations you are going through like it’s all good #TalkToSomebody


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SWOLE: A Docu-Series On Bodybuilder Culture (Video)

SWOLE is a new series by VICE that will focus on bodybuilder culture.

Episode 1 (above) follows 40-year-old Greg Doucette pushing himself to see if can place high enough to continue competing after being away from contention for three years. Episode 2 of SWOLE follows bodybuilder Helle Trevino as she prepares for the Rising Phoenix competition, talks to eight-time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray and others about how they push to keep competitive women’s bodybuilding alive as a sport. Episode 3 focuses on folks in the culture trying to get that ‘advantage’ as they pump while following Mike Bolkovic, a bodybuilder whose daily routine includes injecting testosterone.

Great series. Another incredible series from VICE Sports!

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Eye Candy: Kristyn Alexis Presents A ‘Fitbit For The Va-Jay-Jay’ (Video)

Hmmm. This is like that Yoni Egg talk that Regina Hall was talking on Conan. So that’s two of my dreamiest dream girls who preach about working that ‘v’… Well, amen!

Watch. Kristyn Alexis with the product that provides benefits women on a whole holenother level (ha!)… and that gives women “points” for doing Kegels and keeping it tight!



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Deepak Chopra​ Give Tips For You To Get Your Best Night’s Sleep (Video)

You and boo should take a hot bath together after an early dinner. Don’t forget Jasmine (bonus if someone’s name is actually ‘Jasmine’) for the therapy. Then turn down for… BED! I would suggest putting on that C Brown “F*** You Back To Sleep” song but Deepak Chopra says that’s a sack time no-no. Soooo, y’all will just have to figure out your bedroom activity without music. You’ll figure it out *wink*

There’s not much worse than insomnia or a lousy nights sleep. Deepak Chopra, physician, educator and author of “You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters,” reveals the secrets to a restful nights sleep.
– Tech Insider


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Politics: President Donald Trump Promised To Protect The Sick And Poor, To Give Them A ‘Better Deal’… And He Is Not… At All (Video)

Wow. Still hard to believe that we elected a U.S. President in much the same way we elected a class president in grade school – the guy that promised spaghetti and pizza for lunch and two recesses every day won… because we bought the lies. But when we did not get more pizza and play time, we lived. This VOX clip illustrates how, with Donald Trump as the ‘head of the class’ as President, many of us might suffer and DIE.

So… What folks hate about Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) is exactly what Trumpcare (The ‘Higher Cost Care’ Act) will allow MORE of??? That’s not what ANYONE voted for, is it? IS IT?!

Just watch. It’ll make you wanna say, “I can’t…” until you realize ‘you have to’ (because the ‘Yes We Can’ guy is gone).

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DJ CAVEM Moetavation – “I’m a Sunwarrior” (Prod. By Sticman) [Video]

You remember us talking about Ietef Vita aka DJ CAVEM on here, right? Well, the O.G. (Organic Gardener) is back with some more real talk… and granted, a bit of product promotion, in a dope visual presentation. Beautiful! In many ways. Just press play. You’ll see.

Produced by DJ CAVEM and Sticman of Dead Prez.


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Out Cold: How Long Does It Take To Get Frostbite? (Video)

So wind chill DOES matter. For real! All these years, since bus stop forecasts on the evening news weather reports to just now, I was thinking that wind chill was just a matter of comfort; how long you could ‘chill’ in the wind, so to speak. But naaaaah son, it’s real in the field (AND at the bus stop). It turns out that extreme cold, in concert with wind chill, can freeze uncovered extremities within MINUTES. Introducing… frostbite!

Yeah, I used the word ‘concert’ – but think more ‘lose your fist’ than pumping your fist to ‘Lose Yourself’ if you find yourself in the middle of a windy winter in Detroit without gloves and gear. Just saying.

Frostbite is a serious condition. Cold temperatures can cause the skin and tissue to start freezing, killing the cells. But, wind-chill can drastically change how long you’ll last.
– Tech Insider


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Woman Loses 180 Pounds After Doctors Remove Extra Large Tumor (Video)

Mary Clancey, 71, over the years, had steadily gained weight to tip the scales at 360 pounds. She worked at a candy counter for the longest time, and short round women run in her family. Getting heavier was just a fact of her life she guessed… until she lost 180 pounds all of a sudden. Now, her diet and activity plans are simple and joyful.

“I can eat everything. I can do everything,” she said. “Life is good and everything is in place. But the story is absolutely insane.”

The story? Oh, she had a 140-pound tumor and 40 pounds of extra skin removed.

(Yeah, you REALLY should watch that clip above.)

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Raise Up: The World is Our Gym (Trailer)

You know the crazy pull-ups and push-ups, frontwards and reversed, with acrobatics and flair thrown in there, that you’ve seen them on movie screens and Internet spots? Well, those are street calisthenics… and they have become a movement and a movie. Check it.

An underground urban fitness movement risks losing its identity as a social tool as it rapidly becomes a new international sport.
Rain Bennett

What you should take away: Parallels to Hip-Hop. Something else comes up from the streets, lives around the way, gets blown up and goes worldwide (good) and commercial (not so good in some ways); and the culture is worried that its true and best self (e.g. its essence) will be lost.

Watch the trailer.

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Scientists Can Now 3D Print Functional Organs (Video)

You read the headline just like we did on the Tube. You probably blurted out some combination of ‘bullsh!t’ and ‘wow’ as a knee jerk response… But then you pressed play. And you thought, “Oh. Like for practice,” maybe feeling a bit disappointed that we were not at the print-a-new-liver level yet.

We’ll get there. But for now, think: The doctors of tomorrow are going to get some REALISTIC practice BEFORE they ever touch a REAL human. There’s your pound of gold. Surgeons will not be ‘practicing’ medicine on our loved ones anymore.

Dope right?

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A7FL’s Hard-Hitting Point: Tackle Football Without Pads Could Cut The Number Of Concussions (Video)

So, American 7s Football League says take the helmet off to reduce rates of concussion and CTE in full-contact football?? Simple, elegant, old-school solution. Okay. But…Daaaayuummm! Dudes are getting LIT the F*CK up!

Saying though, didn’t we have them putting on more and more protection? As the years passed in this American pastime aka the ultimate collision sport we all love, we have paid more and more; and made the sport more and more expensive to play. Perhaps this is a way to dial all that back a notch.

Maybe we should just make ’em play flag or two hand touch?

Naaaah (haha). Hit the link for more on the safety perspective. Hit play above to see some HITTING! Hit the jump to see more highlights from A7FL.


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The L.O.X. Speak On New Album, Obama, Styles P’s Juice Bars, & Why He Hates Christmas (Video)

The L.O.X. interviews are always good ones, but Styles P speaking truth to power is the best!

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