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Leon Muhammad & The Philadelphia Black Mafia (Video)

There ain’t no hanging no more. They hang you on the ballot… Racism still exists… Jim Crow still exists… but it’s more “Corporate” Jim Crow.

Gotta listen when the OG’s speak on it! Leon Muhammed is an OG to the Nth degree we need to listen to to be certain. Great interview from an elder, a brother, who can speak on it because he has seen & lived it.

Leon Muhammed came to Philadelphia from Alabama as a young man and joined the Nation of Islam Temple #12. He is a Boxing Hall of Fame inductee and has trained the likes of Tim Witherspoon, Muhammed Ali, and other champions. He was worked with such boxing powers as Bob Arum and Don King. He is also alleged to have been a major “bag-man” for Philadelphia Black Mafia.
Al Profit

Speaking specifically on Black Mafia, all the various gangsters’ moves, and the boxing game up and down!

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Melchisedek Shabazz Allah Speaks Interesting Facts On Muhammad Ali (Video)

Wow! Bro. Melchisedek goes right in! The mob tries to push Muhammad Ali to take that dive… threatened to break his knees?? And The Honorable Elijah Muhammad let Ali know, The Nation had his back! Hey mafia, your folks have knees, too!

And that’s that. No dives for The Greatest (RIP Muhammad Ali).

Very engaging. Story after story. Guaranteed jaw-dropping right after you click play…

More interesting video after the jump…

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