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Allah B Speaks On John Gotti (Video)

Man. A Gotti going home party. Imagine it. Wait… don’t imagine… watch and listen to Allah B tell you about it. Gangster. Literally! Allah B and John G were gangster in the realest way.

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Allah B, BRonald & Brother Henry Speak On Bumpy Johnson And Lucky Luciano (Video)

Interesting chat. The realness of the barber shop but at a higher level. As we should always, listen to the elders’ relate their stories. There is wisdom in that talk. Always.

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Melchisedek Shabazz Allah Speaks On Dr. Sebi, His Healing Programs, And His ‘Blockers’ (Video)

Do you know about Dr. Sebi; the man whose knowledge Nipsey Hussle was set to bring out on that next level (some folks thinking that Nip was killed to prevent such enlightenment)?

The Late Dr. Sebi had revolutionary ideas on health & diet. Here’s Brother Melchisedek Shabazz Allah speaking on Dr. Sebi and his legacy.

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Melchisedek Shabazz Allah Speaks Interesting Facts On Muhammad Ali (Video)

Wow! Bro. Melchisedek goes right in! The mob tries to push Muhammad Ali to take that dive… threatened to break his knees?? And The Honorable Elijah Muhammad let Ali know, The Nation had his back! Hey mafia, your folks have knees, too!

And that’s that. No dives for The Greatest (RIP Muhammad Ali).

Very engaging. Story after story. Guaranteed jaw-dropping right after you click play…

More interesting video after the jump…

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