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Swedish Cops Actions Reflect A Model For Professional Restraint (Video)

Proud American. Proud Alabamian. Native of Tuskegee. If you got jokes, go on and let them fly. Okay, while they’re yammering, please watch the above video and let me speak on this.

This clip exemplifies what it means to be a PEACE officer; not an officer with a piece. Like everyone else contributing to this visual going viral, what I applaud is the COURAGE these PROFESSIONALS exhibited; putting themselves IN DANGER when (as visitors) they could have remained bystanders… AND how they CHOSE to employ TRAINING, JUDGEMENT, and CARE… to PROTECT and SERVE everyone on the train (including the two fighting).

Now, I have not mentioned nationality yet. The above emphasized traits are those we hope peace officers worldwide would universally apply. Hopefully, police exhibit such traits regularly in Sweden. I don’t know. Hopefully, their citizenry appreciates law enforcement behavior norms like those in the clip as we would. That said, I have no beef with police; yet I still find myself scared at times that they may ‘find’ beef with me or my folks. Hopefully, the model behavior shown above fuels our desire to find, and make viral, images of our TRAINED PROFESSIONALS using JUDGEMENT and CARE as they PROTECT and SERVE us. And if those clips are too rare to be found and made to go viral… Hopefully, we will DISCOVER what it will take to make it so us witnessing good cop behavior is not so rare.

Look. I want responsible caring police professionals ready to serve in my community. Yes, I do. Admittedly, I am not sure that is the case in a lot of cases right now; but I really want it to be. Yes, I do. I believe this is possible. Do you?

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