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Heard From The “Hip-Hop Cop” Himself… He’s Pretty Sure He Knows Who Killed Jam Master Jay (Of Run DMC) [Video]

Now THAT’S how you start a clip! You ask former detective Derrick Parker, “What happened to Jam Master Jay?” Then follow up with, “So you think you know who killed Jam Master Jay?”

Parker answers, “Yes.” And, less than 40 seconds into the clip, let’s BEGIN!

Former NYPD detective and “Hip-Hop Cop” Derrick Parker shared his thoughts on the Jam Master Jay murder case with VladTV, and he revealed that it may be solved despite 15 years going by. He explained that lack of witness cooperation and corroboration of evidence slowed the case down, but Parker now believes he knows who murdered the Run DMC legend.
DJ Vlad

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Perfect Powder For Skiing… Through NYC Streets Behind SUV’s?? (Video)

So… what are we gonna do with all that snow in New York? Same as they do in the Colorado resorts…go snowboarding! Check these daredevils out as they whoosh through the NY city streets (set to a Frank Sinatra beat) tethered to SUV’s decked with snow treads. Wow.

It’s fun; until the cops come. F— that! It’s still fun. Shout to these #1 snow stunters.

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Activism: Producer/Director Quentin Tarantino Speaks Out On Police Brutality (Video)

Ultimately, what I feel is it’s a problem with White Supremacy in this country.
Quentin Tarantino

Whoa. Lean in, folks. Get this frank commentary on police brutality from a member of Hollywood’s elite. Someone who could expect live his entire life without actually experiencing it, but compelled to speak on it, check out what Quentin Tarantino has to say about civic authorities abuse of power and its roots. His comments so far overall have been fiery enough to get police & organizations across the country to call for a boycott of “Hateful Eight” (the forthcoming latest Tarantino movie).

Um, yeah. Good luck with that, officers…

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Swedish Cops Actions Reflect A Model For Professional Restraint (Video)

Proud American. Proud Alabamian. Native of Tuskegee. If you got jokes, go on and let them fly. Okay, while they’re yammering, please watch the above video and let me speak on this.

This clip exemplifies what it means to be a PEACE officer; not an officer with a piece. Like everyone else contributing to this visual going viral, what I applaud is the COURAGE these PROFESSIONALS exhibited; putting themselves IN DANGER when (as visitors) they could have remained bystanders… AND how they CHOSE to employ TRAINING, JUDGEMENT, and CARE… to PROTECT and SERVE everyone on the train (including the two fighting).

Now, I have not mentioned nationality yet. The above emphasized traits are those we hope peace officers worldwide would universally apply. Hopefully, police exhibit such traits regularly in Sweden. I don’t know. Hopefully, their citizenry appreciates law enforcement behavior norms like those in the clip as we would. That said, I have no beef with police; yet I still find myself scared at times that they may ‘find’ beef with me or my folks. Hopefully, the model behavior shown above fuels our desire to find, and make viral, images of our TRAINED PROFESSIONALS using JUDGEMENT and CARE as they PROTECT and SERVE us. And if those clips are too rare to be found and made to go viral… Hopefully, we will DISCOVER what it will take to make it so us witnessing good cop behavior is not so rare.

Look. I want responsible caring police professionals ready to serve in my community. Yes, I do. Admittedly, I am not sure that is the case in a lot of cases right now; but I really want it to be. Yes, I do. I believe this is possible. Do you?

Let’s discuss. Tweet me or leave a comment.


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Activism: Spike Lee Edits NYPD Chokehold Victim’s Images Into “Do The Right Thing” (Video)

Last Thursday, Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father of six, died…on camera, in front of citizens of these United States. DAMN! Staten Island’s son passed away after being put in a lethal choke hold by police. The man had chronic asthma AND sleep apnea, but the cops could not have known that in their initial seconds of exercising force. BUT, soon enough (after he was on the ground) he told police officers he could not breathe many times. They literally choked the life out of the brother!!

If you are mumbling to yourself angrily, trying to square your feelings, and not throw a garbage can through a shop window. You, like us, know that the struggle is still very real. You may even flashback to that tragic scene with Radio Raheem and the cops in Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing.”

The above edited rendition is stirring. But hit the jump. That’s our fallen brother Eric ‘shopped into the image and shared by Spike Lee himself. Don’t tell us movies are ‘make believe.’ Too real. Disturbingly real.

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Yasiin Bey’s PSA: Putting ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ and the NYPD On Trial (Video)

Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) puts out a video public service announcement – “Don’t Tread on Me” – bringing attention to the New York Police Department’s Stop-and-Frisk policy and practice. Watch and see how New Yorkers are taking the fight for their rights to the courts. Learn more about the Stop-and-Frisk case on trial at: Be part of the movement, join the Communities United for Police Reform:

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What Does ‘Gender Parity’ Mean? Women ‘Go Topless’ and Demonstrate in NYC (Video) [NSFW]


Above: Video of the ‘2012 Go Topless Day Rally’ In New York City. Started in 2007, the celebration and protest actually pushes an agenda of equal rights for the sexes in another way. Simply put, a breast is a breast – be it male or female. In fact, for the NYPD, ‘breast exposure is not considered public lewdness, indecent exposure, or disorderly conduct.’ In fact, the New York cops have been instructed to protect topless protesters like others marching for rights.

‘In 2007, Go Topless, a national organization supporting gender equality in shirtlessness laws, established Go Topless Day. Dozens of women protest – often topless – in thirty cities around the United States, promoting equal rights to be shirtless. Protests usually include chants of “Free your breasts. Free your minds” and a song “Let ‘em Breathe” to the tune of the Beatles’ “Let it Be.”

Policy Mic

Gotta love America. Top(less) to bottom! Watch the [Not Safe For Work] video after the jump.



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Pete Rock Speaks On The NYPD Brutality Incident (Video)

Pete Rock gave an exclusive interview to, revealing the details of the incident between the NYPD and the guests of his album release party, where women were allegedly brutalized. Steel of Smif-N-Wessun and Attorney, Kenneth Montgomery speak on the Police brutality.