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NFL Legend & Analyst Steve Young Says The NFL Doesn’t Care About Bad Refs & Player Safety (Video)

I watched last night’s Monday Night Football game as the Atlanta Falcons avoided a comeback win by the Denver Broncos 27-21, but Peyton Manning’s poor play in the first half wasn’t the most conspicuous thing that was terrible last night.  The officiating is getting worse to the point its beginning to affect the quality of the game. We’ve just completed the second week of the NFL season & it’s apparent that the replacement refs the league are using need to go. The rapid erosion in their ability to control the momentum of game, the players & their spats on-field, & in getting a number of crucial calls right are showing up frequently. One replacement referee had to be removed from a Saints Vs. Panthers game after he was exposed as being an admitted diehard New Orleans Saints fan.  A glaringly clear conflict of interest. Especially if these 10th string referees have any type of gambling problem. NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback & football analyst Steve Young said what many of us was thinking last night when he spoke on how the perception is the NFL doesn’t care about player safety or the increasingly poor performance of the referees. The NFL needs to get the official NFL referees back on the field before someone gets hurt & the league begins to damage it’s reputation.
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