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Technology: In-Store Mapping Will Enable Futuristic Personalized Ads

If you remember anything about the movie “Minority Report,” it has to be the tech, right? Remember when the screens played ads based on eye scans; like when the commercial called out to Tom Cruise’s character by name…and offered him a beer! If not, peep the video…and brace yourself. Janne Haverinen’s prototype smartphone software will move us toward that kind of personalized advertising at breakneck speed! According to Businessweek, his better-than-GPS mapping software, IndoorAtlas, can pinpoint your location precisely above ground…or over a half-mile underground!

Knowledge [of exactly where you are] is power. For instance, if a futuristic product promotion system knows exactly where you are in a store, embedded ads in the aisle can play to tempt you to buy products right as you pass them! Hmmm…


Uh oh. Your holiday shopping with the kids just got hectic. Imagine a special commercial playing as soon as you and your kid pass that toy she’s been pleading for. Welcome to the future! Well… a version of it, based on an Innovator article in  Businessweek – “Janne Haverinen: Mapping the Great Indoors.

Hey! The Toy is “Calling” to the Kid!

Futuristic Advertising Made Possible By Janne Haverinen’s IndoorAtlas!

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