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BLITZ – 4/25/12: Words Of Wisdom

James Brown – “Talking Loud And Saying Nothing”

3 More Secret Service Agents Lose Their Jobs; 2 Cleared Of Wrong Doing

Ron Artest Metta World Peace Suspended For 7 Games For The Elbow To The Head Incident

BCS Considering A Neutral Site For A Potential College Football Playoff

Man Drives Off Cliff Trying To Elude Police

Al Davis Was “Usually Alone Making Decisions” On Draft Day

Martin Lawrence & His Wife Getting A Divorce After Being A Couple For Over 15 Years

Teens Are Drinking Hand Sanitizer To Get Drunk

Radio One CEO Confirms Radio Content Is All About The Money

Deion Sanders Cited For Misdemeanor Simple Assault In Altercation With His Estranged Wife

Jenifer Hudson Breaks Down Testifying In Murder Trial Of Her Mother, Brother, & Nephew

Website Offers $1 Million For Anyone With Proof Of Sex With Tim Tebow

Girl On Cellphone Falls Through Pavement

Kanye West Shooting Secret Film Project In The Middle East

Alabama Man Allegedly Beaten By Mob Claiming “Justice For Trayvon”

Bill Maher Gets Two More Years On HBO

Andrew Luck Being Sued By Trading Card Company Prior To The NFL Draft

President Obama Urges Extension Of Lower Student Loan Rates

Is “Tuna Scrape” The New “Pink Slime”?

In Berkley, Occupy Activists Make Farm On Land Slated To Be Sold To Whole Foods

Scientists Discover That Violence Ages A Child’s DNA

New Zealand Considers Raising The Cost Of A Pack Of Cigarettes To $100

Americans Paid $36.1 Billion In Overdraft Fees To Banks

Florida Church Offers Drive-Thru Prayer

Ruben Studdard Is “Pigging Out” To Cope With His Divorce And Money Problems

Microsoft Sells Much Of AOL Portfolio To Facebook For $550 Million

New Case Of Mad Cow Disease Discovered In California; First Time Since 2006

Brian McKnight’s Sexual Song Causes Some Backlash

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