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Lenny Kravitz ‘Bought The Farm’ In Brazil (Video)

Legendary artist Lenny Kravitz gives a tour of his amazing 18th-century Brazilian farm & coffee compound. The fully functioning farm & home features produces plenty of organic food grown on the premises in which he feeds his various guests. It’s one of many perfect homes the legendary rocker mentions that he has in the world

K-Prez – “Curtains” (Prod. By Snowgoons) [Video]

I’m flyer than a paper plane.

Keep moving. Nothing to see here. The flows are not just for show, but if you need proof that K-Prez comes with the BARZ… this vid will show you for sho’! But that glitz… Nah, this is not that. Snowgoons production, K-Prez spits. Yeah beats AND lyrics, straight forward and straight to it. Click play above, and see what you gotta see. Then, close the “Curtains” (show’s over)!

New Video by K-Prez – Curtains produced by the Snowgoons from the “Back To The Drawing Board” album…

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Video by Tony TLAPANCO:





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Eye Candy: A Toast… To Linnette, For Looking So Damn Sexy! Plus, She Brought A Bottle (Video)

Yes, yes! Shout to @tonytlapanco for delivering this visual Eye Candy ‘gram. Just how we like it… Honey-coated caramel, looking THICK and sweet. But, oh wait, the handle is PETTY Latina. So, yeah Linnette is hella pretty (have MERCY, so BLESSED), but do NOT come for her. You don’t need that Virgo vengeance smoke.



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Griselda – “Cruiser Weight Coke” (Video)

Latest heat off that “WWCD” (What Would Chinegun Do)… is out now… debuting with LOTS of [gun]FIRE!! B-B-B-BOOM! #RIPChinegun

“WWCD” is out now.


– @ojones1

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Comedy: Daphnique Is Pretty And Pretty Petty… Plus Hilarious! (Video)

Sir, you’re laughing hard as hell. Have you ever taken 12 inches with no emotion?

Yes yes! Daphnique Springs for the win for all of us. We know she’s crazy AF, and we see she’s fine AF, but this standup set proves she is funny AF, too!


– @ojones1

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Jimmy Fallon Remembers Kobe Bryant (Video)

Kobe, when we meet again, we’re going on a beer run.

I’ve been seeing this. Hearing about it. Still wasn’t ready. Excuse me while I wipe my eyes again. RIP Kobe Bryant.

Jimmy celebrates the life of legendary NBA star Kobe Bryant, sharing a personal story about the night they first met and used Kobe’s LA Lakers status to go on a beer run to a delivery-only store.
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


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Gang Starr – “Family And Loyalty” feat. J. Cole (Video)

So dope. Soooooooooooooo DOPE! The music and this video. In the best ways, it’s hard and shines like a freshly cut diamond #RIPGURU



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ScHoolboy Q – “Dangerous” feat. Kid Cudi (Video)

Another off the “Crash Talk” project. Something about this feeling… “Dangerous” and nauseous. Crazy in these streets with Kid Cudi and ScHoolboy Q. You sure you wanna take this ride. It won’t take long. We can tell you that up front. For the rest, you are gonna have to hit play above.



– @ojones1

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Comedy: Odell Beckham, Jr. Speak On The Cold Truth Of His Career Path (Video)

It looks like somebody should have clued OBJ in on how silly Kevin can be. The blondie-curly-twirly though. Ha! Get y’all’s crazy azzes in the tub. Careful though, it is ‘Cold As Balls!’

Odell’s iconic hair is making it rounds to everyone on set! In this episode, Odell talks about growing up playing soccer, his journey into the NFL and finally catching that epic one-handed catch! We know you have all been on ice to see this episode! Let us know if it was worth the wait.
– LOL Network

They even recount the night that THE one-handed catch was born. It wasn’t always sweet before ODJ really got to eat, but it’s better now.

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Lethal Weapon X – “Phantom Zone 1.5: Battle For The Weather Dominator” (EP)

Sam Peezy, I mean Tony Factory (gotta get used to that), does NOT sleep! Neither do I (I just take long naps). So I was glad to still be awake to get hit well after midnight the other night with…

EP is out everywhere except Pandora for now. Will probably be on there a little later today.

Wait-what?! “Phantom Zone” just dropped! Talk about going beat beast mode with it. Well, considering Lethal Weapon X (LWX) is BIGCRAZ313 (with whom he dropped “Phantom Zone”), BoneBreaker Jones (with whom he dropped “Revenge Of The Nerds”), and himself… Putting out another EP (“Phantom Zone 1.5: Battle For The Weather Dominator”) so quickly is all just family business. Dope. Banging. Music with the Family. And it’s the BUSINESS!!



Documenting The Struggles Of Black Winemakers In Oregon In “Red, White & Black” (Trailer)

A real Oregon wine story. More compelling than it sounds on the first read. And once you check out the trailer above, you can support the effort at

Red, White, and Black highlights the lives of minority winemakers who have begun changing the face of Oregon’s winemaking culture. This documentary delves into the challenges and accomplishments of winemakers of color and the LGBTQ community who have traditionally been excluded from the predominantly White, high-brow industry. This is a story about entrepreneurs of different backgrounds who have removed barriers in pursuit of their dreams thereby closing the narrow opportunity gap in Oregon. Despite the gravity of Red, White, and Black’s content, this documentary delivers with an upbeat tone, a cadence of storytelling and camera work that helps to uplift the consciousness of its viewers, its wine drinkers, and dreamers alike.
– JBJR Productions

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Food: What Is The Best BBQ Side Dish (Video)

Okay, they are on to something with those Hawaiian Sweet Rolls though. Whether I consider them a side or not, them thangs are the business!!

(Clean plate club! Bwaaahahaaa!!)


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Seth Rogen Says Stormy Daniels Talked About Being With Donald Trump Years Ago (Video)

Not the only thing Seth and Ellen talked about, but his recount of the TrumpDaniels affair seems genuine. Just saying…

Seth Rogen revealed to Ellen that porn star Stormy Daniels told him about her alleged affair with the President years ago – and Seth wasn’t that surprised.
– The Ellen Show


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Eye Candy: Models In A Lineup (Video)


Alright, up against the wall. ALL of y’all thick’ums… I want you up against the wall. Everybody WANTS you up against the wall!! But make no mistake, WE are the ones who are ‘arrested’ (whew)!

And I will not resist. I swear!

#ThickModelsMatter #HandsUpModelShoot

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Speech: Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Address To The United States of America And His Message To President Trump (Video)

The Nation of Islam streamed this address by Minister Louis Farrakhan – his message directly to President Donald J. Trump and the U.S. government – on Thursday, November 16, from the historic Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. (assuredly a very purposefully chosen site for the event).

Since the election of President Trump, a myriad of social and political issues and questions about America’s leadership in the world and leadership at home have arisen. Minister Farrakhan’s message will address issues of importance regarding America’s domestic challenges, her place on the world stage and her future.
– The Nation of Islam

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‘The Daily Show’ Special Report: White People Can Subscribe To ‘Safety Pin Box’ And Get Woke (Video)

A hundred dollars, and she would pay $150 without flinching, to subscribe and get woke. Yeah, worth typing up twice. And this video will have you watching twice. Enough chuckles, courtesy Roy Wood Jr. Funny, with some good points tossed in for flavor.


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Highlights From ‘Conor McGregor Vs. Floyd Mayweather’ (Video)

In case you missed the “The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History” we got you covered. See how Money won in less than 7 minutes.

(Okay, the clip is less than 7 minutes. The actual fight went a surprising 10 rounds.)

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The U.S. Military Budget Is $600 Billion. What If NASA Had That Kind Of Budget? (Video)

The military strength of the United States eclipses that of the armed forces of the next 20 nations or so ranked behind it… together! So, let’s say America’s lead is “comfortable” to say the least. What if we threw more of that military money at NASA instead of shrinking its budget? We might already be living on Mars or something.

Check this out.

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Kevin Durant Pulls Up And Pulls Out That 2017 Championship Trophy… And The Crowd Goes Wild! (Video)

Some Many folks are salty, been salty, about KD’s West Coast winning. The title… more salt in those wounds. But feel the victorious welcome Dub Nation gives their newest Warrior; showing much love. Hey, give props to the 2017 Champion. Then root for, or against, a repeat next season!

(Nice trophy, Durant. Nice!)

Ohhhh, but after the jump though. Nike’s got a li’l som’n for the haters. Hahahaaa!

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Gifted Gab Performs “No Days Off” in Convenience Store for Swisher Sweets Artist Project (Video)

Three years ago I traveled to Seattle to cover the annual Bumbershoot Music festival. That trip turned out to be as much of a networking and new artist discovery as it was for festival coverage.  I was introduced to a multitude of artists and Gifted Gab is one that I told people about after seeing her perform live.  She has continued to work hard, releasing new music along with performing at shows up and down the west coast.  She even rocked out here in Atlanta for A3C 2016.  Well she has caught the eye of Swisher Sweets who have made her part of their convenience store sessions.  Yes the title explains exactly what it is Gifted Gab performing live inside a convenience store unannounced, unrehearsed, with real customers.  Gab definitely has the personality to pull this off.  So check out this cool footage where the Seattle emcee controls the crowd while they are grabbing a six pack and some swishers!



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