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NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series Presents: GZA (Video)

Hold up. GZA did a Tiny Desk Concert, and you think there is even a slight chance that we don’t post it immediately if not sooner?? HA! When exactly did you forget what we were all about over here? The Wu emcee got it in with The Soul Rebels (outta New Orleans) and did dope business on the set! Watch up.

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Seth Rogen Says Stormy Daniels Talked About Being With Donald Trump Years Ago (Video)

Not the only thing Seth and Ellen talked about, but his recount of the TrumpDaniels affair seems genuine. Just saying…

Seth Rogen revealed to Ellen that porn star Stormy Daniels told him about her alleged affair with the President years ago – and Seth wasn’t that surprised.
– The Ellen Show


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Eye Candy: Models In A Lineup (Video)


Alright, up against the wall. ALL of y’all thick’ums… I want you up against the wall. Everybody WANTS you up against the wall!! But make no mistake, WE are the ones who are ‘arrested’ (whew)!

And I will not resist. I swear!

#ThickModelsMatter #HandsUpModelShoot

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Speech: Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Address To The United States of America And His Message To President Trump (Video)

The Nation of Islam streamed this address by Minister Louis Farrakhan – his message directly to President Donald J. Trump and the U.S. government – on Thursday, November 16, from the historic Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. (assuredly a very purposefully chosen site for the event).

Since the election of President Trump, a myriad of social and political issues and questions about America’s leadership in the world and leadership at home have arisen. Minister Farrakhan’s message will address issues of importance regarding America’s domestic challenges, her place on the world stage and her future.
– The Nation of Islam

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‘The Daily Show’ Special Report: White People Can Subscribe To ‘Safety Pin Box’ And Get Woke (Video)

A hundred dollars, and she would pay $150 without flinching, to subscribe and get woke. Yeah, worth typing up twice. And this video will have you watching twice. Enough chuckles, courtesy Roy Wood Jr. Funny, with some good points tossed in for flavor.


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Highlights From ‘Conor McGregor Vs. Floyd Mayweather’ (Video)

In case you missed the “The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History” we got you covered. See how Money won in less than 7 minutes.

(Okay, the clip is less than 7 minutes. The actual fight went a surprising 10 rounds.)

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The U.S. Military Budget Is $600 Billion. What If NASA Had That Kind Of Budget? (Video)

The military strength of the United States eclipses that of the armed forces of the next 20 nations or so ranked behind it… together! So, let’s say America’s lead is “comfortable” to say the least. What if we threw more of that military money at NASA instead of shrinking its budget? We might already be living on Mars or something.

Check this out.

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Kevin Durant Pulls Up And Pulls Out That 2017 Championship Trophy… And The Crowd Goes Wild! (Video)

Some Many folks are salty, been salty, about KD’s West Coast winning. The title… more salt in those wounds. But feel the victorious welcome Dub Nation gives their newest Warrior; showing much love. Hey, give props to the 2017 Champion. Then root for, or against, a repeat next season!

(Nice trophy, Durant. Nice!)

Ohhhh, but after the jump though. Nike’s got a li’l som’n for the haters. Hahahaaa!

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Gifted Gab Performs “No Days Off” in Convenience Store for Swisher Sweets Artist Project (Video)

Three years ago I traveled to Seattle to cover the annual Bumbershoot Music festival. That trip turned out to be as much of a networking and new artist discovery as it was for festival coverage.  I was introduced to a multitude of artists and Gifted Gab is one that I told people about after seeing her perform live.  She has continued to work hard, releasing new music along with performing at shows up and down the west coast.  She even rocked out here in Atlanta for A3C 2016.  Well she has caught the eye of Swisher Sweets who have made her part of their convenience store sessions.  Yes the title explains exactly what it is Gifted Gab performing live inside a convenience store unannounced, unrehearsed, with real customers.  Gab definitely has the personality to pull this off.  So check out this cool footage where the Seattle emcee controls the crowd while they are grabbing a six pack and some swishers!



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Young M.A Speaks On Her Lifestyle, Her Style And Influences As An Artist And More (Video)

The Hip-Hop poster child for “I Did It My Way”Young M.A… stopped by the Breakfast Club for a very interesting sit down. Totally agreed that the groundwork for her meteoric launch & rise for M.A has been laid. I especially liked that she admitted that at one time she considered changing who she was as an artist and person to get on; but she now realizes that the time has passed. Any of the majors coming for M.A now better come correct – the right dollar split and situation. Pay her and let her do what she do! Great interview.

Up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper Young M.A discusses being influenced by 50 Cent, realizing she was gay at a young age, how she’s been able to break through and much more with The Breakfast Club.


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Kwesy Mojo “Burn The Industry” (Video)

It’s no secret that Hip Hop is held in a higher regard in a lot of places overseas than here in America. Kwesy Mojo was born and raised in Africa but now resides in the states.  He like most youths when they hear HipHop fell in love with it and sought to add his own twist to the genre.  The first visual off his latest mixtape titled Self Help is for the track Burn the Industry.  Shot in his native homeland Ghana he brings to life how he plans to shake things up and Burn up the Industry.  Directed by Kobe N. Debrah and co directed by Kwesy himself you see instantly that a high level of production was put into making this.  So if you feel some heat coming at you remember you were warned that Kwesy is coming to burn down the industry.  We all can use Self Help so do yourself a favor listen to the new Self Help mixtape by Kwesy Mojo.


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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CP The Artist Talks About His Upcoming Art Show “7:30” In Atlanta & The Life of an Artist


Atlanta is known for being the place where Music is happening but the visual Arts scene is on the rise as well. From the Forward Warrior Mural project to the graffiti art covered Krog Tunnel & city commissions to enrich areas with Art. Magic is being created in Atlanta’s painting studios along with the music studios. Well one of the artist helping to push forward the scene in Atlanta is CP The Artist. Charlton Palmer a transplant of NJ who makes Atlanta his home talked with us about his upcoming solo show 7:30. (Show is on July, 30th starting at 7:30 585 Well St SW Suite B3 Atlanta, GA 30312) .We also talk what inspires him and what’s on his playlist when he is in the studio.

Full Interview after the jump


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Nia Long Speaks On Her Cherry Thong, Why Rappers Keep Putting Her In Songs And More (Video)

Definitely NOT ‘Becky With The Good Hair’… but Nia Long (so f#cking sexy!) stays up in rappers’ rhymes (like J. Cole’s… she keeps toying with that young man… ha!). Here she is, on with Jimmy Kimmel, speaking on her sustained popularity within emcees’ rhyme schemes.

Nia talks about a few of the various times she’s been mentioned in rap lyrics and explains how a Nas song led her to purchase a cherry thong.

Hold on. Point of order, Jimmy. It was HORSE with Bravehearts (Nas’ crew) that put that ‘cherry thong’ on Nia in his “Oochie Wally” rhyme. Sweet mercy!

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Joi performs new Music at Atlanta Jazz Festival (Video)

The 39th annual Atlanta Jazz Festival kicked off during Memorial Day weekend (May 27th-29th) at historic Piedmont Park.  Three days of great music, food and fun in the sun in the heart of Midtown Atlanta.  The headliner for Friday night was Joi Gilliam who got the festival off to a great start.  Entering the stage with a sequence red dress with one leg out accompanied by beautiful headgear and feathered wings.  You immediately knew that you were in for a show.  Thanking the crowd for supporting her music career that now spans over 20 years.  She did songs from her previous albums like Sunshine & the Rain, Fatal Lovesick Journey all the while backed by drummer Lil John Roberts and a full live band.

Towards the end of her set Joi gave the crowd a treat by performing a new song off the upcoming “Rebekkah Holylove is her name” album.  The track is called “On my way to Berlin” and it got a great response from the huge crowd gathered that night.  Enjoy footage from her performance including the unreleased “On my way to Berlin” track.  Connect with Joi CLICK HERE TO VISIT HER WEBSITE

Thanks again to the great folks over at the Atlanta Jazz Festival for once again having us on site.

Photos taken by Itoro Umontuen

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Hidden Colors 4 : “The Culture of Harming Black People” (Extended Trailer & Movie Premier Info)

The fourth installment of the award winning Documentary series Hidden Colors will be on the big screens May 26th & 27th in select cities.  Tariq Nasheed the director/producer of Hidden Colors is not holding back with this one.  The film takes an in depth look at White Supremacy and the culture of harming black people.  He enlists numerous scholars like Jennifer Tosch, Dr Boyce Watkins, and Anthony Browder to name a few.  Not just intellectual scholars but also Hip Hop artists like Killer Mike & David Banner.  I watched Hidden Colors 3 at a theater here in Atlanta and it will be screening in Atlanta again on May 26th & 27th.  The film will also screen in New York, Birmingham AL, Baltimore, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dallas and many more cities.  Click Here for Full list of cities and times. Check out this latest extended trailer and make sure you are in the theaters when the film drops!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Rodney Smith, Jr., Mows Lawns And Molds Men While Helping Those In Need (Video)

Rodney Smith, Jr., soon-to-be alum of Alabama A&M University has established Raising Men Lawn Care Service with a team of preteens and teens. They cut lawns for the elderly, disabled, and single mothers; and in doing so, touch all our hearts.

It started simply enough, with Smith seeing a need in his community and doing something about it. He witnessed an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn.

It looked like he was struggling. I was watching him and it just hit me. I could do something about it.
Rodney Smith, Jr.

And thus, a random-act-of-kindness opportunity gave birth to a major movement that should help restore your faith in mankind.

Watch and smile.


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Louis CK Had His Daughter Lock Him Out Of The Internet (Video)

How about that. Louis CK is dumb funny, but he has a real message for us today in all this comedy. Watch the clip from Conan on why he ‘quit the Internet’…for now.

Louis has learned the value of putting down his phone and actually paying attention to his kids.


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Dave B “Got It From” Prod. By Sango (New Music)

I feel like you should always aspire to go global but nothing wrong with keeping it local at times.  Dave B did just that with his new track Got it From produced by Sango.  Dave B and Sango are making waves all over but they are both proudly representing Seattle so cool to see them working together on this track.  One thing about Dave B he is consistently putting out new music.  He just released his Punch Drunk EP but that has not slowed him down.

If we fall, we gonna fall for a reason, got me on call all weekend

Only here for me when you’re gone, Know I cant really stand to be alone

And it feels so good no matter why why, Baby Girl jump on me like the wi-fi

Said I’m not so bad for a good guy

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Watch the 1st Annual Coon Train Awards Tonight 10p Est! (Video Stream)

It’s not the Soul Train Awards it’s the Coon Train Awards that is taking place tonight at the Acme Comedy Theater in Los Angeles, CA.  What is the Coon Train Awards aka Plantation Celebration all about?  This is the brain child of Filmaker/Author Tariq Nasheed who has commonly used the phrase Coon Train in his lectures.  Tariq has even created funny YouTube videos with a Coon Train awards theme song and placing images of certain celebrities in the skits.  In some of the videos he has placed Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Stacey Dash among many others.  If you are not in LA to see the awards in person you can still stream online 10pm Est 7pm Pst. Click Here to go to Tariq Nasheed’s Ustream page where the awards will be shown.

Some of the categories are: Best Sambo in Sports, Mammy of the Year, Biggest Coon in News so there will be plenty of interesting names nominated for these awards.  I am sure this will cause quite a discussion watch live and use the hashtag #CoonTrainAwards

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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UK Artist Little Simz – “Atlanta Show Debut” (Concert Review)

Photo By

A Curious Tale of Trials & Persons tour made it’s stop in Atlanta, GA March 21st at Vinyl (Center Stage).  A curious tale is the debut album from rapper Little Simz who hails from London, England making her Atlanta debut.  I have been a fan of her music ever since I heard the track “Mandarin Oranges” which features Grand Rapids emcee Waldo.  Mandarin Oranges immediately pulled me into her music and had me seeking to find out more about her.  I have had the pleasure of interviewing Waldo and he expressed how talented Simz is and happy to see her gaining much success. So I was very excited to see that she would be making a stop in ATL to perform live!

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