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R.I.P Christopher Rios aka Big Pun (November 10, 1971 – February 7, 2000)

Big Pun did everything in the true essence of his name. He had a big personality and punished beats. He was a larger than life figure, who had a genuine love for hip hop and as seen by his videos,interviews, and stories about him, a great sense of humor. The first Latino to go platinum carried the flag for Latino’s but he did not do it with a ego.From the moment we heard him on feature tracks such as “Off the Books” and ” Firewater” we knew that this was not the average MC.He was the true meaning of an “EMCEE”. He destroyed verses with graphic imagery, viscous force, verbal wizardry, a lyrical mastery that had not been seen before. However he was also able to connect with the mainstream audience with ease (and without selling out) with joints such as,”Still Not a Playa” and “You Came Up”. Not to mention he was 400lbs plus spittin rapid fire rhymes without sounding out of breath every 2 bars. His weight created a health problem that lead to his unfortunate passing. Even after his passing he left a powerful impact on the hip hop community. You can’t have a top emcee list without his name coming up(and if you don’t think he ain’t top 10 hands down….go jump off a fo real….jump off a bridge). In my eyes Capital Punishment is a “classic”. Its a shame that he had to go before we could see what his full potential can produce. He is gone but his spirit live on.

“Dead in the middle of little Italy little did he know that we riddle to middle men who didnt do diddly” Illest 4 bars EVER-Isreal

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