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Adult Rappers: The Neverending Saga Of Age And Relevance (Trailer)

Just had a Father’s Day. For all you Dads (and grinders that know a Dad), here’s the line you know you must walk. You can be into doing your thing, but not so much that it takes you away from fulfilling your responsibilities (like caring for your family and such). Here is a film that relates to those who live walking that line in their Hip-Hop grind.

Most of them tour 200 days out of the year, but they’re not money pillowcase-packing MC’s spitting to sold-out stadiums. They got skills, but they also have car payments, mortgages, debt, and mouths to feed. They are adults and rap is their livelihood. Artists in the film, like Murs and R.A. The Rugged Man, could’ve left the rap game when they hit the aging fork in the road, but they pushed their careers straight through. The film examines what aging rappers’ lives are like when they’re not on stage with a mic in their hand. What you won’t find watching this film are punch-line-swinging egos. The rappers interviewed are amazingly candid.

These frames are the opening credits/titles…doubling as a trailer for the film. Keep your eyes out for the whole shebang. Looks interesting. Shout out to Bad Magics for putting such dopeness on my radar once again!


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