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Sneaker Shopping With Shannon Sharpe (Video)

Maaaaan, if his “Undisputed” partner Bayless was there, this clip would have to start with a hearty, “SKIP!” Haha!

Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about meeting Michael Jordan, trading NFL tickets for grail sneakers, and why he has the best sneakers in morning sports talk shows.
– Complex


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The 2018 Karlmann King Stealth SUV V10 Is Rough, Rugged and Regal (Video)

When the byline says, “Karlmann King Stealth SUV V10 combat bomber for oil sheiks,” someone has to ask… what the f**k does that mean??? Then they play the video above, and it makes some sense.

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World Travel: Mennia Recounts Her Heritage Trip To ‘Eritrea’ (Documentary)

Dayum! Mennia Michael is hella cute. Scratch that. She’s captivating! Certainly held our interest as she talks about how it felt walking on her homeland (Eritrea) soil.

#TravelNoire #Eritrean #HeritageTrip #EritreanAmerican #Eritrea

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Comedy: 10 Tips To Survive And Stay ‘Live At The Barbeque’ (Video)

Spring’s here. Getting warmer in some spots. ‘Bout to be some fire azz barbecues in the hottest of those spots. Stay focused once you get that invite (or decide to crash – haha)! Know the rules and FOLLOW them.

#ItsLikeThatYall #AndThatsAll #SomebodyGoneGetIt

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Couple Tries An Open Relationship (Video)

Can you be open and happy?

Um… naw hell. I’m not ’bout that life. Either we in or out. And it’s not a ‘loyalty’ thing. We can be loyal, even faithful, to each other and not monogamous; if we’re honest. It’s about keeping each others’ confidence, happiness, well being, and such in mind. What’s more, IF we decide to be a ‘we’ (e.g. a couple) it won’t be ‘open’ to three, four or more. Naaah, maaaan. But some folks gotta try it I guess.


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Tagging Along For A Day In The Life Of A Pornstar (Video)

Full disclosure: I watch a LOT of porn; to be certain, lots more than the BuzzFeed staffer doing this piece. And I don’t know Mia Li. So… I have some “research” to do (bow-chicka-wow-wow LOL). But I kind of figured that pornstars’ off-set lives are probably much tamer than most would think. Case in point: This video.


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Gary Vaynerchuk Speaks On Happiness (Video)

Of course Gary Vee is gonna talk about way more than ‘happiness’ in this vlog ep, but you can tell that dude is happy on the grind. Flossing a bit about having the office in London, as he should. Happy about that and other things…

Becoming happy is, in my opinion, a factor of whether or not you are valuing someone else’s opinion more than your own…

Super happy that I got to spend some time at the new VaynerMedia office in London over the past few days. Even though I didn’t get the chance to share a ton of the content with you guys, I think you’ll enjoy this episode 😉


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Young M.A And Her Grandma Talking And Tasting Good Cooked Food “Made From Scratch” (Video)

And doing the healthy thing, too. Going meatless. No joke, it can be a yoke. But M.A made it through… Thanksgiving was tough though (ha)! Watch her chop it up with G-Mac (her Grandmother) on the food and much more in this clip.

The Brooklyn rapper reveals how she lost weight and talks standing out in male-dominated industry while mixing up a home-cooked meal with her grandma.
– Fuse


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Ultramarathoner Mirna Valerio Breaks Stereotypes With Every Race (Video)

I’m Black I’m a woman and I’m fat… I know I’m breaking a mold…
Mirna Valerio

Go for it, Mirna. Let me say it, too. Thank you for being you and letting us see you. Your best you. Go get ’em!

After suffering health complications, Mirna Valerio knew she needed a change in lifestyle. She dedicated herself to fitness and has spent the past eight years running marathons and ultramarathons across the state of Georgia. With every race, she’s on a mission to challenge assumptions about what it means to be a runner.
– Great Big Story


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Slob On The Knob Like Corn On The Cob: Juicy J Gives Relationship Advice (Video)

Juicy J with the how-to-get-some-play gameplan: (1) Be yourself, (2) smoke weed, (3) just say it, (4) let her THOT, (5) somebody’s hittin’ that, (6) smoke weed, (7) keep it 100, and (8) build somethin’!

Yeeeauhh, maybe pass us a can of that mayhem and a toke of that smoke. Then… we can understand that plan, maaan (or have a good time trying)!

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A Toast To Nipsey’s Hussle… Celebrating Being Self-Made (Video)

Tell you what. What’s the first self-made name that comes to your mind? QUICK! I picked Nipsey Hussle. Who you got?

Belaire’s “Self Made Tastes Better” video series continues with the 7th episode starring American recording artist Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle’s highly-anticipated debut album “Victory Lap” debuted at #4 on the Billboard charts, and has reached #2 rap album in the US.

Here, he sits down with Luc Belaire CEO Brett Berish to talk entrepreneurial hustling, shoe shining and not breaking the rules!

– Luc Belaire


– @ojones1

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From The ’60s: Feast Your Eyes On This C10 And This Caddy (Video)

C’mon. You KNOW these rides are SIIIIIIIICK!!! Nothing like a classic, but revitalized in & out, bottom up, looking as shiny as a fresh-dipped candy apple! Smooth. Clean. Old school cool brand new!

Two insane builds out of Visalia CA.
– GrinderTV

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Wanna Know What It’s Like To Drive A Luxury Super Tank? Yeah, You Do! (Video)

We have posted on the Ripsaw before, but Bro… But ‘tanks’ (hahaa! yeah!) to BroBible, we get a tuned up & turnt up in-the-driver-seat look at the vehicle for the rough, rugged and RICH!

Wow. That mean machine is fast!

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2 Chainz Gets Tatted With Some Of The Most Expensivest Ink (Video)

Sterilized, purified carbon from motorcycle burnout? That’s where the tattoo ink is from? THAT’S what ya [Titty] Boi is gonna have driven into his SKIN?? A’ight then…

2 Chainz heads to Hart & Huntington to get tattooed with special ink made from carbon that is extracted from motorcycles. Seriously. And only 10 bottles in the whole world were made.


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Real Talk On How To Win At Sports Betting (Video)

If you can’t take losses. Don’t bet. Recognize that truth. Play responsibly (or maybe go throw some darts).

Yeah. Folks might call it ‘recreational betting’ but it’s not a game… Put your money under the rock and leave it for the winner. Want some tips to better your odds as a better (e.g. to collect what is under the aforementioned metaphorical rock) at the end of the day? Well, watch.

How to Win at Sports Betting: TV host Johnny Detroit @Johnny_Detroit and special guests Kelly Stewart @kellyinvegas and Gianni The Greek @Greek_Gambler share their sports betting tips and give advice for the recreational bettor on how to have a better chance to win when betting on sports.
– WagerTalkTV

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Sneaker Shopping With Lauren London (Video)

Cot DAM! Lauren London is sexy af… even in sneakers. Likely one of, if not the sexiest interviews Joe La Puma has ever done. The shoe convo is okay. But are you seeing this Honey in those JEANS though?? Wow. Just WOW!

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Let’s Visit 2 Chains At His ‘Most Expensivist’ Summer Home (Video)

When you got a ballin’ azz indoor racquetball/basketball court as a feature in your ballin’ azz vacation home on the Long Island sound… you are LIVING! 2 Chaaaaainz!

2 Chainz enjoys his vacation home and plays basketball in a $450,000 court. Watch more MOST EXPENSIVEST, Wednesdays at 10:30pm on VICELAND.
– GQ

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Trappy Is Doing The Fitness On This Dog-gone Treadmill (Video)

On National Championship day (or any other), we need to get it started like Trappy got it started… with 2 Chainz on his own treadmill. Sorta.

Hahaaaaa! This clip has me WEAK… from laughing… AND from Trappy being damned adorable!

(And yes. Honey holding the treat out for Trappy can most def get a ‘nibble’ from me. She cute.)


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Drink Champs: Steve Stoute Speaks (Video)

So we got [Red Hot Lover]Tone… of Tone and Poke, of Trackmasters – production POWER, ’nuff said. And we got Steve Stoute Mr. Multi-Million Dollar-Dealing (like for Jay-Z, Kanye West, LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Mary J. Blige. Oh yeah, and Nas’ former manager.

So, yeah, the two came to drink good, smoke good… and talk about making hits back in the day and making a triumphant return to the music biz.

(And that ain’t all. Hit the jump for more!)

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2 Chainz Paid $15,000 For A Birthday Cake… For His Dog? (Video)

Of course, 2 Chainz would cop the Most Expensivest birthday cake for his doggy, Trappy. Of course, he would. Cute li’l critter though. Ha!

(Actually, Chainz got the hook-up from The Cake Boss himself. So it was only… $12K. Still though. Woowwww!)


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