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Snoop Dogg Presents New Show ‘Clout Chasers’ (Video)

Boom! Snoop is ramping up the must-see TV content on Westfest TV for certain with this one. This ‘Clout Chasers’ is going to be crrrrazy!

‘Clout Chasers’ Episode 1 coming soon. The series investigates the tangled dark truth of Clout Chasers – individuals trying to get famous off other people’s names and efforts by utilizing social media to create fake realities.

Hosted by Snoop Dogg, the “docu-reality” looks to detangle the motivation and psychology behind this world, through real stories and real scenarios. With the platform of social media, a whole new group of extortionists has emerged.

– Westfest TV

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2 Chainz Sets His Assistant Up For The Most Expensivest ‘Wet Dream’ (Video)

Been a good minute since we posted a ‘Most Expensivest’ episode, right. So let’s run it. And no… NO! I will not say ‘pause’ for the title of this write-up. Trust me. It fits (not saying ‘pause’ here either LOL).

2 Chainz hangs out with mermaids after exploring the high seas in an underwater jetski. And he meets the lucky winners of the Least Expensivest contest.


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The Story Of How Models Helped Hip-Hop Stars Make Videos That Made Money… Until The Game Changed (Trailer)

VIXEN. Simple, powerful title. Makes sense with coverage of Karrine Steffans (and her book) in this.

Saw this described elsewhere as exploring the ‘Video Vixen Era.’ Never thought of it as an era, but the MODELS (not the rappers or singers) in music videos that caught major buzz before Instagram… yeah, that’s a thing. Should make for some worthwhile watching. That, plus sexy women…

Melyssa Ford, Buffie The Body, Karrine Steffans and more video vixens write themselves back into Hip-Hop history in this BET Original Documentary.
– BETNetworks

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Will Smith Mentored His Brother Law On Making The Best Films And The Best Version Of Himself (Video)

Will Smith taught his wife Jada’s brother (Caleeb Pinkett) to make a movie. Like a life course. First on the agenda… get a six-pack!!

(Even if you don’t want six-pack abs, or to be a scriptwriter or filmmaker, WATCH this. It’s deep! Fun, but deep.)


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10 Essentials Kyrie Irving Can’t Live Without (Video)

Kyrie listed his notebook as his first essential, right off the top. When we posted Pusha T’s list on here, did anybody hear him say ‘notebook’ as part of his Essentials list (asking… would be interesting if the basketballer said ‘notebook’ but the emcee did not… just saying)?

From his notebook full of ideas to a Rolex Sky-Dweller, here are 10 items Kyrie Irving can’t live without. Kyrie stars in “Uncle Drew,” out in theaters June 29th.
– GQ


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Skin Bleaching In South Africa (Video)

In the U.S. we beat our chests and proclaim, “Black Lives Matter,” “Black And Proud,” even “Wakanda Forever,” and some of our brothers & sisters in South Africa feel compelled to risk breaking the law and getting cancer by chemically lightening their skin??? Sad and shocking…

South Africa’s skin bleaching scandal: Unreported World went to South Africa where the use of controversial skin bleaching creams is on the rise in a new generation. Despite strict laws banning dangerous chemicals they’re widely available and are making people ill. Reporter Tania Rashid met a celebrity who endorses skin bleaching despite the risks and some of those that are trying to end the trade.
– Unreported World

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Prince Moved Into Carlos Boozer’s Mansion And Tricked It Out (Video)

Really Boozer? Prince turned it into a nightclub… “wiggy wiggy” though?? Bahaaaa!

The year Boozer rented his home to Prince. Carlos Boozer recounts his memories from the year he rented out his L.A. mansion to Prince.

Great story, expertly told. RIP Prince. Guess when you rent a mansion for $95K a MONTH, you’re not just making it rain, you’re making it Purple Rain (with new decor and more)!

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10 Essentials Pusha T Can’t Live Without (Video)

Of course, the Rolex watches. Of course, his Cartier game on point. And if you see Push out pushing, he got it on him. But what are the other gotta-haves for the Pusher? Let’s let him speak on that above.

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Tiger Woods $20 Million Dollar Yacht (Video)

So this li’l gem allows Tiger to tuck away but stay close to the course. He’s pretty much got a mini-MANSION on the water! Don’t hate the player…

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Pittsburgh Steelers Star Antonio Brown Goes Sneaker Shopping (Video)

They do manage cover a bit more ground than what they wanna walk the ground in. Like Joe does with all his interviewees. Check this ep out though.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Kith in Miami and talks about his mom lining up for Air Jordans, his friendship with Odell Beckham Jr., and his custom cleats.
– Complex

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Australian Couple Living Totally Off The Grid (Video)

I stay amazed at what folks are doing with tiny house and Earthship living projects. This couple has maxed the off-the-grid tiny house concept for reals though. Check it out!

This tiny house is ready for anything! Completely off the grid, this tiny home on wheels generates its own solar power, collects rainwater, uses solar water heating and even generates it’s own biogas for cooking.

Paul and Annett had been living the city life, in an apartment in Sydney, Australia. A desire to lower their impact on the earth and live closer to nature led them to designing and building their own eco-friendly tiny house powered by renewable energies and moving onto a remote property outside of Byron Bay.

– Living Big In A Tiny House


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Tiny Houses Made Out Of Concrete Water Pipes (Video)

Yeah, the big bad wolf better not even try it. Can’t blow down a house of bricks? Try solid concrete homie!

These houses are made out of concrete water pipes.
– In The Know Innovation

I dig tiny homes and Earthships. Especially this one that one could conceivably dig and put underground. Not 100% sure how water/sewer and heating/cooling would work. And residents will likely rethink that 4th meal burrito… blowing up the toilet in that teeny tubular home has gotta mean the funk will linger a LONG time!


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Indonesian Teenagers Making Fast Cash In Illegal Motorcycle Races (Documentary)

This is insane! Man, things youth do, thinking they are immortal and invincible. Plus, there’s the money. Definitely a risk vs. reward thing to do; these high-speed illegal street races. Faster & furiouser. Watch!

Motorcycles rule the streets of Indonesia. By day, the bikes zip through Jakarta, ferrying residents to and from work—but by night, the roads give way to the underground world of illegal street racing. Kids as young as 12 compete in the high-speed sprints, where riders can make a small fortune off a single race. The rewards are great, but the risks are just as high: Flying down roads at breakneck speeds, one, small mistake can cost a “speed jockey” their life.

On this episode of ‘VICE INTL,’ VICE Indonesia went inside Jakarta’s dangerous, high-stakes street racing scene. We met up with a 16-year-old rising star to hear how he got involved, talked to the cops cracking down on illegal drag racing, and checked out a sprint ourselves—watching as two teenagers faced off for more cash than most Indonesians make in a month.


Started watching this with that BDP joint “Love’s Gonna Getcha” in mind… kids like: “I make about a G a week. F**K school!”

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Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown Shows Off His Miami Crib (Video)

This house… this old thing? Yeah, a li’l som’n son’n Brown hangs around in when he’s down bottom. You know, in addition to his other cribs. Live your life player. LIVE!

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown shows off his insane sneaker collection at his massive 12-room mansion in Miami that includes Yeezys, Balenciagas, rare Air Jordans, and more.
– Complex

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A Look At The ‘Jet Capsule’ Mini Yacht (Video)

Talk about a Lil Yachty (ha)! This lil spaceship-looking Jet Capsule boat lets you explore the ocean. Pricey, but not as much as the full-size luxury yachts you see in the most bling-a-licious music visuals and such. Who needs all that and the tab anyway.

Forget a yacht — and say hello to the Jet Capsule.
– In The Know


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James Harden And His Insane Jewelry Collection (Video)

On the court, Harden does his thing. Off the court, he’s earned enough to have some insane bling. Watch as he shows us some. Just a l’il some. Ha!

In this episode of On the Rocks, Houston Rockets superstar James Harden shows off his best pieces, laments a lost Rolex, and talks about shady fake jewelry.
– GQ

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Sneaker Shopping With Shannon Sharpe (Video)

Maaaaan, if his “Undisputed” partner Bayless was there, this clip would have to start with a hearty, “SKIP!” Haha!

Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about meeting Michael Jordan, trading NFL tickets for grail sneakers, and why he has the best sneakers in morning sports talk shows.
– Complex


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The 2018 Karlmann King Stealth SUV V10 Is Rough, Rugged and Regal (Video)

When the byline says, “Karlmann King Stealth SUV V10 combat bomber for oil sheiks,” someone has to ask… what the f**k does that mean??? Then they play the video above, and it makes some sense.

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World Travel: Mennia Recounts Her Heritage Trip To ‘Eritrea’ (Documentary)

Dayum! Mennia Michael is hella cute. Scratch that. She’s captivating! Certainly held our interest as she talks about how it felt walking on her homeland (Eritrea) soil.

#TravelNoire #Eritrean #HeritageTrip #EritreanAmerican #Eritrea

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Comedy: 10 Tips To Survive And Stay ‘Live At The Barbeque’ (Video)

Spring’s here. Getting warmer in some spots. ‘Bout to be some fire azz barbecues in the hottest of those spots. Stay focused once you get that invite (or decide to crash – haha)! Know the rules and FOLLOW them.

#ItsLikeThatYall #AndThatsAll #SomebodyGoneGetIt

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