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Creed (Trailer)

Damn. I… DAMN! This is a great idea. All that is left is the delivery. What if we took the guttural energy of the “Rocky” franchise, put it in a movie, but not necessarily a sequel? How about a movie about a son – not Rocky Balboa’s, but Apollo Creed’s son – that we never knew about? That kid, could come up HARD, like his dad. Gravitating toward boxing, as a metaphor for a life rife with fights, this kid could be brash and indignant – just like his dad – but not like his dad. He doesn’t even have to like his dad; because he never knew his dad.

But he knew of his dad’s greatness… and his dad’s great in-ring nemesis and out-of-ring friend… the guy his dad trained to go next level [against Clubber Lang]… the guy who seconded in his corner the night his dad DIED in the ring…

The guy who would ultimately coach him to greatness. WOOOOO! Balboa teams with a Creed (played by Michael B. Jordan) again. Give him the damn red, white and blue shorts. LET’S GO!!!

Oh wait, it doesn’t come out until this Fall (November 25, 2015). In the meantime, watch this trailer for “Creed” – from the makers of [Jordan’s breakout biopic] “Fruitvale Station.” Please, Hollywood, PLEASE get this right.


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