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Epic Conversations: Michael B. Jordan & Jamie Foxx (Video)

Michael B. Jordan is gonna tell us why Jamie Foxx didn’t get that part in End Game or something, right? Weeeell, maaaaybeee not. But expect an Epic Conversation nonetheless. Gets deep right away.

Actors Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx sat down with GQ and discussed their decade long relationship. These two long time friends cover the first time they met in L.A. during the early 2000s in the NBA E League, the pressures that black men are put through in Hollywood and the roles that solidified their stardom.
– GQ


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TIFF’s In-Depth Conversation With Michael B. Jordan & Jamie Foxx Is Both Light-Hearted And Heavy (Video)

Man. Jamie was funny enough as the class clown to get the teacher to give him a weekly five-minute set AND keep some Crips laughing. And that’s just the top of the convo. Plus you can go on the career journey with Michael… killing the game #Killmonger

Hollywood megastars Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx are both at the top of their game. They first gained fame for roles on television: Foxx with In Living Color in 1991 and later The Jamie Foxx Show, and Jordan with his heartbreaking turn as Wallace in HBO’s The Wire. In 2013, Jordan made his major feature-film breakthrough in Ryan Coogler’s acclaimed Fruitvale Station. He has collaborated with Coogler on two more game changers: Creed, their acclaimed expansion of the Rocky saga; and the mega-hit Black Panther. In 2016, Jordan founded his production company Outlier Society in order to focus on more eclectic and diverse stories and voices. Outlier Society recently co-produced HBO Films’ Emmy-nominated adaptation of Fahrenheit 451, which netted Jordan a Producers Guild Award. Foxx is renowned for powerful lead performances in Ray, for which he won an Academy Award, Michael Mann’s neo-noir Collateral, and Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. TIFF proudly presents this conversation with two iconic artists and producers about their creative process, their desire to tell inclusive stories, and Just Mercy, their highly anticipated new film premiering at the Festival.
– TIFF Talks

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Watch The Latest Teaser For “Creed II” (Trailer)

You already know the ‘Rocky’ legacy came back STRONG with Michael B. Jordan as Apollo’s son in “Creed.” And the sequel has been getting some hype and heating to a bubble. Now, the sequel, pitting Son of Drago against Son of Creed for the ultimate avenge-my-father’s-death flick!

The latest trailer for that is embedded above.

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Michael B. Jordan Vs. The World’s Hottest Hot Wings (Video)

Yeah, he took T’Challa down for the crown, but will Killmonger be able to take down these hot wings before they kill him?? We’ll see…

Movie star Michael B. Jordan has the Midas touch with roles—from cult favorites like The Wire and Friday Night Lights, to films like Creed and Black Panther, the actor seems to only get better with age. But how is he with hot food? Find out as MBJ battles through the wings of death, opening up about his hangouts with Jay Z, his 7-11 snack hacks, and more as he succumbs to the Scovilles.
– Hot Ones


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“Creed II” Is About Way More Than Boxing (Trailer)

So we’re doing this. Saw some scuttlebutt and doctored clips claiming to be ‘trailers’ before, but this comes from the star himself (Michael B. Jordan aka RIP Killmonger). Official.

Expect “Creed II” to continue the ‘Rocky’ franchise in a major, critically acclaimed, way. Trailer above.

(Thanksgiving release. Big. But is that name on the opponent’s robe… DRAGO??? Avenge your pop’s death, Creed!)

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Michael B. Jordan Brings The Fire In This Extended Teaser For “Fahrenheit 451” (Trailer)

Okay HBO. We see you. Back with a bigger trailer for that “Fahrenheit 451” coming up in May to burn it down on the small screen for the Spring.

We are not born equal. We must be made equal by the fire…and then we can be happy. Fahrenheit 451, starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon, premieres May 19 at 8pm.

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’73 Questions’ With Michael B. Jordan (Video)

Jordan… go get a late pass! “Black Panther” co-star, the lovely Lupita Nyong’o, answered her ’73 Questions’ yeeeears ago (see here). But let’s hear what Michael’s got to say, y’all. Probably some interesting answers (count on it).

Actor Michael B. Jordan invites Vogue into his home and answers 73 Questions. In this episode, presented by the Google Assistant, Michael talks about his role in “Black Panther,” working with Sylvester Stallone, and his love of Japanese culture.
– Vogue


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Michael B. Jordan & Michael Shannon Star In “Fahrenheit 451” (Trailer)

Yep. That last line in this. Michael B. channeled some of that Killmonger energy.

Fahrenheit 451 is based on Ray Bradbury’s classic novel. In a future where the media is an opiate, history is rewritten and “firemen” burn books, Jordan plays Guy Montag, a young fireman who struggles with his role as law enforcer and with his “mentor,” played by Shannon. Premieres Spring 2018.

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Town Hall With The “Black Panther” Stars (Video)

By now, you know opening weekend for “Black Panther” was epic! Sway, Heather, and Tracy get into all kinds of topics related by the movie and relevant to us. Wakanda Forever!

And Lupita and Danai for as long as they want. Whew! So beautiful.

(That said, Let it be known that Heather and Tracy G have been on my ‘Can Get It’ list for a long time! Just being polite to company.)

The cast of the highly anticipated Black Panther movie stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about how the making of this epic film. Director Ryan Coogler was joined by Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Lupita Nyong’o (Okoye), Danai Gurira (Nakia) and Michael B. Jordan (Erik Killmonger).
Sway’s Universe


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Have You Seen The New “Black Panther” Teaser Yet? Epic! (Trailer)

No disrespect to the Alabama vs. Georgia National Championship Game, or that Kendrick Lamar halftime set, but this special look at the Marvel Universe’s next blockbuster – “Black Panther” – was a highlight for the night.

That’s why we’re leaving it right… here… watch!

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Best. “Black Panther” Teaser. Ever!! (Trailer)

Okay, so Wakanda is not real. But styling its geography, geopolitics, and people makes the “Black Panther” movie real enough to reward watchers for agreeing to suspend disbelief. In other words, we don’t feel stupid for believing in vibranium-fueled fights… in ancient hidden cities laden with high-tech… spaceship-looking flying back-and-forth… bustling cityscapes where many random vehicles, streets and buildings get wrecked…

If the storytelling is good, we will be here for it all. And from what this trailer is showing us, the storytelling is gonna be good.

Action-packed but so ‘real’ and so good! So really good it’s surreal!

Enjoy the trailer thoroughly.

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Michael B. Jordan Speaks On Getting Jacked, His Movie “Creed” And More (Video)

Commitment. To film making and to fitness. Get your bread, B. Respect. Above: Michael B. Jordan on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon chopping it up about his continuing the ‘Rocky’ movie franchise with his movie “Creed,” working with Sylvester Stallone, getting fit for the role and more.

I just remember seeing Rocky [and] Apollo Creed just being jacked, and I was like, “You know what, I gotta be close.”

Hoping this movie is the brother’s proper re-up …since the “Fantastic Four” reboot …you know. “Creed” ought to be good holiday movie watching though.


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Creed (Trailer #2)

Getting closer and closer to the debut. Here’s another trailer for “Creed” – the next chapter of the “Rocky” movie series. Getting more and more convinced that this is gonna be a box office slam dunk… a 360-degree… over a car… with stickers on the backboard!!

Your legacy is more than a name. Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan star in CREED – in theaters November 25th, 2015.

This trailer’s got everything maaaaan. Watch and see.

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What’s Coming When “Fantastic Four” Hits Theaters? DOOM! (Trailer)

Okay, so you saw us post on the heat DC has coming to blow up big screens in 2016 (like ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Batman vs Superman’ recently but… Marvel ain’t done killing this year yet – with “Ant Man” set for next and this blazing “Fantastic Four” reboot (first trailer here).

This comic-turned-movie war is a win-win for all action movie go-ers. And this version of Dr. Doom the Four has to face…RAW!!! Watch.

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Creed (Trailer)

Damn. I… DAMN! This is a great idea. All that is left is the delivery. What if we took the guttural energy of the “Rocky” franchise, put it in a movie, but not necessarily a sequel? How about a movie about a son – not Rocky Balboa’s, but Apollo Creed’s son – that we never knew about? That kid, could come up HARD, like his dad. Gravitating toward boxing, as a metaphor for a life rife with fights, this kid could be brash and indignant – just like his dad – but not like his dad. He doesn’t even have to like his dad; because he never knew his dad.

But he knew of his dad’s greatness… and his dad’s great in-ring nemesis and out-of-ring friend… the guy his dad trained to go next level [against Clubber Lang]… the guy who seconded in his corner the night his dad DIED in the ring…

The guy who would ultimately coach him to greatness. WOOOOO! Balboa teams with a Creed (played by Michael B. Jordan) again. Give him the damn red, white and blue shorts. LET’S GO!!!

Oh wait, it doesn’t come out until this Fall (November 25, 2015). In the meantime, watch this trailer for “Creed” – from the makers of [Jordan’s breakout biopic] “Fruitvale Station.” Please, Hollywood, PLEASE get this right.


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Fantastic Four (Teaser Trailer)

Marvel goes for another reboot. The Spiderman redux went pretty good. How about this? FANTASTIC FOUR!! No Jessica Alba in sight, but it still might be good. Haaaa!!

A contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

Actually, it looks interesting… And is… is that Michael B. Jordan… a member of the Four? FANTASTIC! Now you have to watch the trailer (above).

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