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Freeway: Crack In The System (Trailer)

Very necessary watching. This trailer teases a provocative tale, but it’s no tale at all. This is the truth: About the onset and onslaught of crack, the ‘drug war’ of the Reagan Era, and everyone involved in starting and perpetuating the crack epidemic (including those supposedly fighting it). Most of all, this is the story of the one who once stood atop it all… Freeway Rick Ross.

At the center of the story stands the reformed King of Crack, Freeway Rick Ross, once just a clever kid from South Central with dreams of becoming the next tennis great and his eyes fixed on the good life. Freeway Rick—not to be confused with the rapper, Rick Ross, who took his name and identity—built a drug empire that spread crack cocaine across the country, ruining millions of lives but profoundly influencing street culture in its wake. The stories of Rick and his “Freeway Boys” inspired the lyrics of N.W.A., Above The Law, and Mix Master Spade, as well as the worlds portrayed in films and video games that dramatize the drug trade.

There is nothing about this film that should not compel you – abuse of power in our government, mass incarceration policies and militarization of police, the spread of gang violence and guns, and the loss of entire generations. Check out the trailer above.

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