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Homeboy Sandman: Foundation (Mini-Documentary)

Above (and after the jump) in the post: The first and second parts of a three-part series on Homeboy Sandman, directed by Rel. Part 1 includes commentary from Homeboy Sandman (damn…he left LAW SCHOOL to rhyme?? wowww) and his Dad. Maybe Sandman’s revealing that, at first, he could only spit when he was high is not unique; but the way in which he shares that feels genuine. His “highness” was not related as a “fun” thing, but as a “necessary evil” for him. Eventually, he found his way in rhyming sober…only then declaring himself an emcee. Compelling stuff! By the way, be on the lookout for “First of a Living Breed”Homeboy Sandman’s album – coming out September 18, 2012.

Part 2 picks up with Homeboy Sandman taking the journey (train then bus) to the recording studio to lay a verse he’s penned. On the ride over, Homeboy Sandman shared his unique perspective on the so-called death of Hip-Hop. “No one stopped listening to De La…they just took them off…they diversified.” Homeboy Sandman explained that selling alcohol (and other sin products) via Hip-Hop on air marked the beginning of our loss of control…over what was popular/cool. Businesses changed what was cool… from love and respect to negativity…for the sake of selling to a captive audience of radio listeners. And the “change” was not natural; rather it was directed (read: programmed), and “we fell for it.” Deep!

Okay, on to the studio. Maaannn! Hear how Homeboy Sandman is going in on the “Babalu Bad Boy” styled loop (respect to Mellow Man Ace) in that booth? The studio setup is basic (and that booth…tight), but it’s still dope! Without a doubt. Great video. Enjoy.

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