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The David Banner Podcast | Dr. Anthony Browder Parts 1 & 2 | Ep. 49-50 (Video)

Man, doesn’t that “My Uzi” hit extra hard at the start of this episode? POWERFUL like whoa and yo! And an apropos way to start the show, as Dr. Anthony Browder joins David Banner for an enriching info-PACKED two-parter.

Growing up in Chicago and making his way to the banks of Luxor, Egypt, the David Banner podcasts introduces you to esteemed guest Anthony Browder, the first African American man to fund and coordinate an archaeological dig in Egypt. This episode walks us through the oldest documented civilization and helps us to understand how obtaining forbidden knowledge can help us unlock our truth and live a better life after life.

Start with Part 1 above. And get the other half of the podcast coverage, Part 2, after the jump!

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Performance: 2019 Sway In The Morning End of Year Cypher (Part 1 & 2) [Video]

(Part 2 after the jump.)

Got the whole two-parter to show y’all the HUNGRIEST HYENAAAAS!!! This is how you wrap a year up. Respect to Skillz and Murda. But this FIRE!!

To end off 2019 Sway invited a number of emcees for an open cypher.

Shadon, Philly Haze, K. Craig, Jonny Empire, Falease, Leff, RichStarz, Infamous Prime, Unique, Dub Aura, Scorch Da Burner, LyteWork, Eric Notes… LET’S GO!

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Dark Lo x V Don – “Winter Time Rules”

No leg shots! This ‘ish goes hard to the body. Going for the heads. Kill shots! It’s a cold world set for a cold war on this cold day #WinterTimeRules

After linking up on their collaborative “TIMELESS” album earlier this year, V Don and Dark Lo team up yet again to bring you two brand new singles titled “Winter Times Rules” and “Feelin’ Alive.”

“The Prophecy: Part 1” is the first installment of their new Prophecy series and is now available everywhere music is streamed and sold!

– PaperChaserDotCom



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Mickey Factz – “Bars On I-95 Freestyle” (Part 1) [Video]

Factz is in the building officially

And that’s a good thing for all who know, unless you are the competition AND you happen to be wack or a target! But nah, for real, when it comes to the BARZ… know what… you’ll see as soon as you click play above.

Bars On I-95, Connecticut’s number 1 Rap Hip-Hop platform for your favorite artists. We love when the young rappers show up and show out but when the veterans pull up they come to do damage. After recently dropping his new project Enigma, Mickey Factz stopped in and shared a special 2-part freestyle with us. He walked in got really artistic and painted a whole picture!
– Bars On I-95


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Bill Duke Used To Hate White People (Video)

Bill Duke’s Great Grandparents were slaves, his parents escaped from the racist, oppressive, and DANGEROUS South to the North… with their lives. Bill was subjected to extreme racism himself as a child. Is it a wonder that Bill feels how he feels? Imagine how you feel watching a movie with some racism in it. That part… times 1000!

In this clip, Bill Duke spoke about growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY, during the 1940s and 1950s. His parents moved North to escape the oppression of the Jim Crow South equipped with just a 2nd- and 3rd-grade education, respectively. Bill Duke opened up about some his early experiences dealing with racism and how some Whites defied the racist logic of the time as well. He recalled what it was like being a pre-teen when the Emmitt Till story made national headlines.
– Vlad TV

But beyond the agony of his youth, there was wisdom, imparted to Bill, and he shares some with us in the clip above. Watch.

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Afro-Brazilian Hair Stories – Parts 1 & 2 (Video)

All jabs and jokes at the Chris Rock ‘Hair’ Movie aside, Black women’s hair is serious biz – monetary and cultural. This docu-miniseries from Essence mag is focusing on the cultural side. The women are beautiful; Afro-Brizilian beautiful. But some of the stories and struggles they share… not so.

While producing our August global issue in Rio de Janeiro, we interviewed women who are celebrating the “Afro” in Afro-Brazilian. However, their hair journey has been a battle of personal, family and social acceptance because of Brazil’s complicated history with race and identity.
– Essence

Start with Part 1 above, and continue with Part 2 after the jump.

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Roc Marciano – “Rosebudd’s Revenge” (Part 1) [Video]

This is the official first compilation video for his album Rosebudd’s Revenge. It features these songs: “Rosebudd’s Revenge,” “Move Dope,” and “Here I Am.” Get Rosebudd’s Revenge on now.
Roc Marciano


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Money Mayweather Speaks On Everything: Nearly Five Hours Of Mayweather (Video)

King Build-A-B!tch… BWAAAAAHAHAAA!! Floyd Mayweather is speaking on ALL topics and people – Pacquiao, Trump, Nelly, 50 Cent – no topic is off limits in this five-part series. Each part is about an hour-long. So many wowwww moments like:

Young Thug is extremely talented?
Future was supposed to be signed to Mayweather?
Mayweather Money ain’t like ‘other’ money; neither is his fashion. True Religion, Jordans, that’s for others.
Traveling… Ibiza…. San Trope…. Floyd’s been there and all of there. Not impressed.
To Kanye West: Keep up the good work …really misunderstood.
It’s not all about the money… but he is ‘Money’ Mayweather.

(Biggest ‘wow’ though: Melyssa Ford like WOWWW! Still sexy.)

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Systemic Racism: Is That Really a Thing? (Video)

Okay. Right quick: The answer to the above question on systemic racism being a ‘thing’ is YES! It is a thing. Films For Action did an investigative mini-doc series about it. Wanna see it? Here it is. Start with the first of eight exhibits on the subject, Part 1: Wealth Gap, above. The rest of the series’ minute-long videos follow after the jump.

Take a bit of time. You need to see them all; even if you knew the answer to the question. And visit for more info when you are done viewing.

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Joe Budden – “Wake” (Prod. By araabMUZIK)

Soon all urban dictionaries will be updated to show a pic of Joe Budden under the term ‘No Chill.’ Count on it. Barely a week is STILL too long to wait for a response from Drizzy on “Making A Murderer” (Part 1)… Sooooo, here’s another shot from the clip (or to the jaw, in keeping with the artwork). Listen to “Wake.”

I guess this is what I gotta do to make y’all rap.


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Joe Budden – “Making A Murderer” (Part 1) [Prod. By araabMUZIK]

The shottas heard round the world wide web. This “Making A Murderer” (produced by araabMUZIK) is labeled Part 1 there is a Part 2 coming. Like this shot by Budden is the spark to finally get Drake fired up enough to fire back. We shall see, but either way there is some grown man in-yo-face dissing on this track. Direct. No subtle talk. Listen (or listen again)!


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Travel: What To Do In Vegas (Parts 1 & 2) [Video]

Definite niceness as you see what Vegas has to offer through a couple’s eyes. More than just the clubs and casinos, way past the ‘Oceans Eleven’ view of the city. Watch vlogger Sazan Hendrix and her hubby Stevie do the town during the daytime (above) and after sundown (hit the jump).

Dude… a cupcake ATM… YOOOOO!


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The Game Gives A Brief History Lesson On Crips & Bloods, Speaks On “Straight Outta Compton”, Nas, & Kendrick Lamar (Video)

Wow. The Game drops some lean-in-and-listen stuff with us in this sit down: speaking on L.A. gang history and culture, making up with Dr. Dre (given his beef with 50 Cent), on how he got Kendrick Lamar on his first mixtape, on the N.W.A. biopic (“Straight Outta Compton”), and more below after the jump…..

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Eye Candy: Jai Livia (Behind-The-Scenes, Part 1) [Video]

Almost perfect. Almost. Now, the model Jai Livia (aka 5StarJai) is incredible! And her on the beach… put it this way… I don’t know what the temperature was that day, but the shoot with the hot model looks like it went cool. Watch. It will have you feeling a little… warm.

So why almost you ask? The music. You know, sometimes the cussing just isn’t necessary. It just kinda goes way too hard when Future drops in with the rapping. Just saying.

Anyway, this visual experience is a very nice reminder of warmer days gone by (and coming again); with visions of lovely Jay Livia on some beach, somewhere. So nice.

Also nice: Jay Livia aka @5StarJai on Instagram. Follow her there if you want more.

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The Mike Brown Rebellion: Part 1 (Documentary Mini-Series) [Video]

Above: One of four segments on the Ferguson Rebellion, a response to the killing of Mike Brown at the hands of Police Officer Darren Wilson (against whom no charges will be brought). Carrying on in the vein of Occupy Wallstreet, this part of the story covers the beginnings of the rebellion and current events from Ferguson October. Commentary includes words from young people at the front lines – including activist/MC @TefPoe and activist/organizer Tara Tee.

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Raiders Of The Lost Art (Part 1) [Documentary]

I’m gonna keep boom-bappin’ it…
DJ Premier

Damn right. Preemo spends every day in the studio. Royce da 5’9 getting it in in the gym [nearly] every day to keep his body, mind and rhymes tight. Grown men do grown things. Grown men in Hip-Hop… might just save this thing. Pay attention to part 1 of this docu-series narrated by Bun B (of UGK) about the lives of the duo behind PRhyme and their giving life to their self-titled project giving new life to old school Hip-Hop style!

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StatQuo – “That’s Life” (Part I) [Prod. By Bink]


Stat Quo drops “That’s Life” (Part I) over the nice track by Bink. Loaded with audio vignettes, dope lyricism and a Raiders reference… sold! Stat also drops a bit of news about that album we’ve been waiting on:

“ATLA” will be released on my son’s birthday (February 15th)

Stat Quo


Life With Jeannie (Episode 1) [Video]

“This is Brooklyn!”

And this is BK’s own, Jean Grae, repping it to the fullest in Episode 1 of her new sitcom series, ‘Life With Jeannie.’ sitcom. Part 1 of Episode 1 is “My First Baby Jesus” (above). Parts 2-4 are posted after the jump.

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Pharrell Williams Welcomes Spike Lee For Some ‘ARTST TLK’ On Filmmaking, His Film ‘The Brooklyn Chronicles’ And More (Video)

Reserve Channel has given platform for engaging talk from extraordinary people. Spike Lee ranks among the highest of them on this episode of the Channel’s ARTST TLK (hosted by Pharrell Williams). Lee talks about his start, shooting film in the summer of 1977, exposing kids to art at an early age, his impetus from bringing “The Brooklyn Chronicles” to the screen.

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VICE: Ground Zero Syria (Video)

I don’t have the words. VICE brings us another necessary wake-up call about the horrors of human existence. This time: Syria’s civil war.

In 2012 VICE commissioned photographer and videographer Robert King to document the civil war that has been ravaging Syria for the past two years. Largely based on Aleppo, Robert’s footage of the violent conflict that continues to unfold in the region is perhaps one of the most thorough and brutally honest documents of a war that is increasingly destabilizing the Middle East as it spills over into neighboring Turkey and Lebanon. This full-length version of Ground Zero: Syria combines all six parts of our series to offer a startling glimpse into a chaotic war with no clear end in sight.

The documentary episode “Ground Zero Syria” (Chapter 1) starts with Part 1 embedded above. All the other videos in this 6-part series are embedded after the jump.


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