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Disgraced Lottery Winner Now Works In Cookie Factory (Video)

Years ago, Michael Carroll hit the lottery in Britain. Yes! Now, he’s working in a cookie factory in Scotland?? Nooooo!

Now, there is NOTHING wrong with working in a cookie factory (esp. if you own it… bought from, say, the money you won in the lottery). But…

In 2002, the then-19-year-old garbage man won £9.7 million (about $14.4 million). However, over the next few years, Carroll lived it up eff’d it up – snorting massive amounts of ‘nose candy’ (e.g. using cocaine), spending outrageous amounts on a mansion, jewelry and hookers, and landing himself in jail sentence in 2006. But now in the aftermath, this dude may finally be getting it together – acting like he has some sense after wasting part of his lifetime and getting down to his last cents.

“In the crazy days, I’d wake up, do a line of cocaine, then open a can of lager. These days, it’s bran flakes for ­breakfast at 7 a.m. then maybe a cycle before work.”

Michael Carroll

Check out a teaser for a documentary being made after the jump.

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  • It’s hard for a teenager to be responsible for such a huge amount of money. Without proper guidance, I think anyone in his position would end up spending everything on things that are not really necessary and worse get into drugs and alcohol. It’s good to know though that he’s trying to set his act straight this time.

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