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Snoop Dogg – “Trash Bags” (Live Performance)

These guys know how to mix fun and serious business. Jimmy Kimmel and Snoop Dogg doing the damn thing on the tube again; not ‘roasting’ on Comedy Central, rather with Snoop performing “Trash Bags” on Jimmel Kimmel Live.

And the re-THICK-ulous dancing girls on stage made it an extra ‘special’ night on stage. But for something really special, hit the jump (more footage of Snoop’s time with Kimmel).

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Check Out Nike’s Air Foamposite One Metallic Varsity Red 2017 Retro Sneaker (Video)

I’m not a Diehard sneaker fiend but when I see something I like I’m copping them. They came out today May 19th, but we’ll give out review soon…

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Eye Candy: Kristyn Alexis Tries Models Swimsuits Like Only She Can (Video)

Whew! Kristyn Alexis keeps ’em coming *wink*

(Wait, it’s noon, right? Good. Hahahaaaa!)

So, sometimes I wonder if Kristyn Alexis knows just how sexy she is. Damn! Her understated descriptions of the swimsuits she is wearing – using terms like ‘cool’ and ‘super cute’ – don’t go anywhere near far enough in describing how HOT the outfits (or the model) are. Then again, she is ‘promoting’ the product to buyers. Then again, again, many of those buyers HAVE to be clicking product into their shopping carts because of how sexy Kristyn (with her THICK azz) is rocking swimsuits like these.



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‘Sneaker Shopping’ With Grammy- And Emmy-Winning Comic Chris Rock (Video)

I’m buying, and you’re paying.
Chris Rock

And now you see how a rich ninja stays RICH… ninjaaaaa! Rocking the Yeezys already, Rock is going ‘Sneaker Shopping’ with Joe La Puma while sharing some insights on his fashion sense, his history, hanging out the Michaels (Jackson & Jordan) and Eddie Murphy (RIP Charlie Murphy) and more.

Chris Rock and Joe La Puma go Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City and talk about the time Michael Jordan was on SNL, why Yeezys are a must-cop, and the history of Lil’ Penny.

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Eye Candy: Kristyn Alexis’ Sexy Swimwear Review (Video)

Ohhhh wowwww! Should have known that the video would be en fuego when Kristyn Alexis kept stressing that the swimsuits she would be trying on would be sexy. It was like she was warning me… preparing me.

But there was no prep for this. HOT!

(That French Bulldog is hilarious though. Looked a bit put off from being put off the couch for this shoot; then bored to sleep later in the clip. Hahaaaa!)



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‘Sneaker Shopping’ With Shoe & Microphone Fiend Joey Bada$$ (Video)

His dream shoe might be the All Day I Dream About… ya know. But you gotta dream about a possible dream collaboration between Joey Bad and ADIDAS. If you are into the shoe game heavy, that is.

Joey Bada$$ goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Alumni in Brooklyn, and talks growing up as a Jordan head and the mix of sneakers with politics.

Interesting. Joey comments on the former First Daughter from last administration rocking a Pro Era tee. Then he comments on Under Armour’s honcho stumping for the current President, Donald Trump. Kinda makes Joey Bada$$ a two-term political pundit. When it comes to apparel maybe. Maybe.

Ha! Watch and learn a bit Joey’s aspirations (non-political, basketball), choices in kicks (including a possible pick for his pops) and more.

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Fashion/Technology: The Tuibo Cycling Vest & Assistant (Video)

Know how we’re supposed to treat riders on bicycles like any other vehicle on the road? Sure. Can do. Except when we cannot see them coming up from behind. And when we cannot see them at all at night (because all neon ain’t fashionwear). And when we don’t know what turn they plan to make in a sec, because they have to maintain balance and handlebar grip before making it.

But yeah, besides all that going against the healthy/green-minded commuters with us out in these streets… sure, we can share the road.

Alright. Cynical much? Yeah, you got us. But if you cycle much, Tuibo has got you. Got your back. Literally. Check it out!

Designed to be your companion along the way, Tuibo is a smart vest made to improve visibility with it’s built-in flexible LED displays for braking and turning lights, also with it’s head light and horn. Tuibo’s fully washable and has hidden expandable sides to cover you backpack, all embedded in a subtle design.

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BFyne Designs With Curvy Women In Mind (Video)

Hmmm… you know, if I did not know any better, I would say BFyne Designs is parading sistas of all hues and shapes to show us that every shade of womanhood is all good. Black is beautiful – in the sexiest ways. Pretty bold stance (wink). May not sell many outfits, but I am sold on the concept AND this video!

An unapologetic tribute to women’s curves and confidence, with purposely cut lines and strategically placed seams to make any figure alluring.

Who am I kidding??? BFyne is gonna sell SO many Designs with models this fine. Ah, the desert evening approaches, so warm and inviting. Hot, and cool, at the same damn time!


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These High Tech Tattoos Can Conduct Electricity (Video)

Yoooo! So now we can join the “Justice League” as a Cyborg without all the getting mangled in a near-life-ending accident and being put back together by a dad mad cyber-scientist? Could be cool…

The newest activity tracking device may not even be a device. Austin-based software design firm Chaotic Moon Studios has created a concept prototype for tech tattoos, a circuit that you can wear on the surface of your skin. The components are attached with conductive paint, and can monitor health and activity stats, authorize charges for purchases and many other potential applications.

Yeah, while I’m not a tat guy, some folks who are might get into this. And that Justice League thing… I might go with being a Six-Million Dollar Man or one of the Bionic Six (Google/YouTube it, old school rules).


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NBA & Chicago Bulls Star Jimmy Butler Goes ‘Sneaker Shopping’ (Video)

C’mon son! You gotta know by know that sneakers is religion! For sneakerheads, it is not just ‘shopping’… it is spiritual, ritual, and to be done right!

Jimmy Butler goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Saint Alfred in Chicago and talks wearing Jordans to the White House, walking away from his Adidas deal, and playing basketball with Michael Jordan.

Dude, this dude wore sneakers to the White House to chit-chat with President Obama (and bless him with a pair).

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The 10 Little Things Big Sean Can’t Live Without (Video)

So… Interesting ‘top 10’ list [of must-have things] for Big Sean. Jewelry, duffle bag blingage, fancy lenses… some function, but a lot of fashion on there.

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Afro-Brazilian Hair Stories – Parts 1 & 2 (Video)

All jabs and jokes at the Chris Rock ‘Hair’ Movie aside, Black women’s hair is serious biz – monetary and cultural. This docu-miniseries from Essence mag is focusing on the cultural side. The women are beautiful; Afro-Brizilian beautiful. But some of the stories and struggles they share… not so.

While producing our August global issue in Rio de Janeiro, we interviewed women who are celebrating the “Afro” in Afro-Brazilian. However, their hair journey has been a battle of personal, family and social acceptance because of Brazil’s complicated history with race and identity.
– Essence

Start with Part 1 above, and continue with Part 2 after the jump.

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Making The Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2016 NBA Championship Ring (Video)

In a word, three words: Championship. The pinnacle of achievement in a competitve endeavor. To symbolize and celebrate the against-all-odds achievement of King James and his Cavaliers, Baron Championship Rings (another three words) crafted the Cavs’ 2016 NBA Championship ring.

Until now, you probably thought about the ring for the five seconds you ogled it. Now you will see how much goes into one of these things.

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TEDx Talk: Ashley Graham Is Plus-size? More Like My Size (Video)

Let me start this right: swimsuit model Ashley Graham is fine as f#ck! Plus-size? Well, that’s what they might call. I’d say about her body what she’d say about it… it’s exactly My Size (and hella sexy)! Watch her TEDx Talk on her body image challenges and triumphs. Wow, Ashley is incredibly beautiful and inspiring!

Internationally-known body activist, model and entrepreneur, Ashley Graham, describes her journey into fashion industry stardom. She doesn’t leave out any gritty details, as she describes the challenging and rewarding progression toward becoming her own role model. Inspiring body confidence in the next generation, Ashley expresses the need for the universal embrace of body diversity as beauty paradigms continue to shift.

(All lofty talk aside, though. Tell me Ashley’s body ain’t banging when he starts out talking to that mirror… wooooohooo damn!)



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73 Questions With Serena Williams (Video)

First of all, it’s sexy Serena on visual So it’s going all the way up! But let’s see what her answers are to the “73 Questions”… because she has put some classic on-camera moments down over the years, too.

On the set of her clothing line debut, Serena Williams talks about the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for her, that time she tried body bowling, and the one sport she’s actually bad at.

The answer on how to celebrate wins though…BAWSE!!

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Money Mayweather Speaks On Everything: Nearly Five Hours Of Mayweather (Video)

King Build-A-B!tch… BWAAAAAHAHAAA!! Floyd Mayweather is speaking on ALL topics and people – Pacquiao, Trump, Nelly, 50 Cent – no topic is off limits in this five-part series. Each part is about an hour-long. So many wowwww moments like:

Young Thug is extremely talented?
Future was supposed to be signed to Mayweather?
Mayweather Money ain’t like ‘other’ money; neither is his fashion. True Religion, Jordans, that’s for others.
Traveling… Ibiza…. San Trope…. Floyd’s been there and all of there. Not impressed.
To Kanye West: Keep up the good work …really misunderstood.
It’s not all about the money… but he is ‘Money’ Mayweather.

(Biggest ‘wow’ though: Melyssa Ford like WOWWW! Still sexy.)

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Performance Enhancement: ‘Sex Shorts’ Help Men Train The Pelvic Floor (Video)

For real? Pelvic floor exercises. Well, the ladies have their Kegels to do. Now, the technology exists for men to (pause) keep it tight (double pause). Nah, not saying any more here. Watch and let the video tell you what the hell these VylyV smart pelvic training shorts are supposed to do.

(Want to keep a strong schlong? There’s an app for that. BWAAAHAHAAAAA!)

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Sneaker Shopping: Cam’ron Chooses Killa Kicks (Video)

Cam’ron goes Sneaker Shopping. A self-declared Reebok guy; but he loves Jordans. But do not twist things up… Cam is ’bout the biz. Shoemakers need to holler at him about his Killa Pink (the album and the color) coming soon. Watch him and Joe La Puma chop and check out what to step into.

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Lord Jamar Speaks Bling, Bootlegging, Black People Not F**king With Politics And More (Video)

Lord Jamar is a VladTV mainstay, known to get live for the camera. Now, in front of a live audience on camera, you think he’s gonna change up? Um… the answer is heeelllllll no! Dude starts this clip even keel but goes raw soon enough.

Earlier this year Lord Jamar sat down for a VladTV interview in front of a live audience and he remembered back to a time in rap when it wasn’t cool to wear big chains or be flashy. The Brand Nubian rapper explained that he stopped wearing jewelry because he didn’t want to promote drug culture, adding, “We wanted to be on some positive s***.”

Later, the conversation shifts to politics, as Lord Jamar shares his thoughts on why he believes Hillary Clinton was promised a presidency back when the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal hit. To hear more of what he had to say on the situation, including why he believes Trump is doing good whether he wins or loses, hit the above clip.

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Nas Is Coming: A 12th Studio Album, Work On Ghostbusters And More (Video)

In his own words, he’got a lot on the table right now. Shout of mad respect to the G-O-D-M-C Nassir Jones. Streets been watching, with so much pride and admiration. Nas is the business! See him above talking about the biz he is handling (and all kinds of scoops).

It’s been about four years since Nas blessed the world with his last full-length album, Life Is Good. Despite this hiatus, he hasn’t stopped making music and developing new partnerships. The Queens rapper was recently featured on remixes with The Weeknd, Future, French Montana, and Kanye West, and this week he caught up with Complex News in Los Angeles to discuss his new collaboration for the Ghostbusters movie.

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