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Comedy/Fashion: Dapper Dan Gives Conan Some Harlem Swag (Video)

Well, the title says it all. Trying to give this dude’s threads some style. But you all know that Conan is weapons-grade silly… so Dapper Dan’s makeover mission will NOT be simple. Great clip. Hahaaaa!


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Nipsey Hussle Is An Entrepreneur & Hip-Hop Artist, In That Order (Video)

To me, a starving artist is uncomfortable.
Nipsey Hussle


All the faithful fam on here already know that Nip Hussle is about his BUSINESS(es)… see here for example. Dude is seemingly the epitome of laid-back in his demeanor though; like he doesn’t chase bread because he stays busy making it.

Watch the interview clip above.


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Fashion: Fabolous Explains His Love For And The Hip-Hop History Of Nike’s Air Force 1 (Video)

Dude. Fab says he owns about 200 pairs of them 1’s… and you KNOW that they are the premium, in premium, condition sicknesses!! And speaking of sicknesses, watch F-A-B-O speaking on his obsession for the sneaks.

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Eye Candy: Denise Bidot Is Such A Cut-Up In Her Monokini (Video)

Monokini. What a nice way to say, “Sexy one-piece.” Shorten that right on up and make it skimpier and hotter. I have actually borne witness to many a sexy thick Miss in a ‘standard’ one-piece. But this style on Denise is that cut-up. Mmm…

(Imagination. It’s a beautiful thing. Like Denise Bidot’s fine self!)

Be unapologetically you.

Adam Saaks has made sexy hand-crafted suits for everyone from Heidi Klum to Jessica Alba, but you won’t believe the one he designed for Swimsuits For All model Denise Bidot.

– Swimsuits For All



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Pusha T – “Bodega Babies” (Video)

Okay, so it’s a promo video for adidas Originals… but that Pusha track entitled “Bodega Babies” is featured prominently in it. And speaking of prominent (e.g. placed to be very recognizable), anybody heard that beat before? Like during the Swizz Beatz vs. Just Blaze beat battle we posted on here?

The Bodega, a place for growth and evolution in all senses; where people buy their groceries, hang outside at night, and gain respect from peers. We pay tribute to the hub of many communities. The EQT Support Ultra King Push “Bodega Babies” hits the streets November 3rd. #KingPushEQT
– adidas Originals

Oh, and before you ask, of course, I know who the thickalicious bodacious Honey that walked into the Bodega mid-flick is… Fabolous knows her, too. That’s his wifey Emily Bustamante aka Emily B. Mercy on me, Fab is a fortunate man #BLESS

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Eye Candy: Fiorella In Swimsuits… ‘Nuff Said! (Video)

Ain’t no need for me (or you) to lie about it. MissPeru aka Fiorella makes me sweat AND brings on the thirst… and the thirst is SO real. Respect to whoever did the beat for this, but yoooooo, respect to Fiorella’s parents for giving her the genes to look so hot in jeans.

But not this go ’round. All swimwear in there! You’re welcome.


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Remember When That Cliffside Shop Was Giving Out Free Jackets? (Video)

Ah! Here’s what looks like a winner for best response to when bae pops up like, “Honey, let’s go shopping,” all excited and *ish. Just make sure bae’s not a climbing enthusiast, and you can have your weekend back… Sheeeeit! They haven’t made a jacket worth a death-defying rock climb. Sorry, so NOT sorry. HA!

A pop-up clothing shop lets you get warm 300 feet up.

Cocona set up a shop 300 feet in the air in Colorado’s Eldorado Canyon. Climbers earned the clothing simply by making the ascent up the canyon’s Bastille Wall — no purchase necessary.

Cocona wants to show off their clothing, which is based on “37.5 technology” — it keeps climbers’ body temperature at 37.5 degrees Celsius, or 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Many climbers claim that temperature is ideal for endurance.

– Vocativ


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Eye Candy: Kristyn Alexis Is Out And About, Looking HOT (Video)

My lovely fantasy fashionista Kristyn is just out strolling and getting a nibble, with a cameraperson (of course, haha) getting that traffic-stopper-heart-stopper footage of her super-fineness!! So HOT. Such a THICK and delicious slice of pie, I see!


– @ojones1

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People Have Been ‘Disrespecting The Flag’ For Decades (Video)

Hmm… So why are these actual Flag Code violations (read: instances of disrespect for the flag) okay, but ‘taking a knee’ is not? Fact is, kneeling is NOT a violation of flag code. So, what now? Talk to us, ‘Murica.

Trump said NFL players disrespected the flag by kneeling during the national anthem. As it turns out, “disrespecting” the flag is probably more common than you think.
– BuzzFeed News

#RespectTheFlag #TakeAKnee


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Eye Candy: Fiorella’s “HotMiamiStyles Try-On” (Video)

FL Raised Me. LA Pays Me. 5’1 But Your Girl Still Looks Up To Me!

Mm mm mm! Five-foot-one fun-sized Fiorella make a fella go woooweee! Do you see them hips with all that extra grip? Plus the IG is lit. I fell for the stills, but the video took me down even before I got to the ‘Gram.

Sure it’s technically a try-on video, but I ain’t shopping for clothes this go ’round… even though I’m loving the fits. Wow!!



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Eye Candy: Coco Austin (Ice-T’s Wife) On Giving Herself Even More Cleavage [Video]

Mercy, mercy on ME!

Most awesome (and unnecessary) line in this entire video of Coco, “Don’t blink!” As if I would EVER even THINK to blink while watching Co talk about amping up her already uber-ample cleavage. What?! Then she ends this with, “It’s awesome!” FACTS!

I lust love talks like these, Coco. More please, please MORE.

And you can talk about almost anything. I mean, I’m a Neil deGrasse Tyson fanatic. But if you bring them astronomical thangs to a TEDxTalk and lecture on astrophysics, you can HAVE his spot! Plus, I think we already have a TEDx Talk from hubby Ice-T on here.
#TEDxxxTalk #TITxTalk #Wowzers #BoobTube



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Sneaker Shopping With Meek Mill (Video)

Meek Mill’s don’t-call-it-a-comeback is coming along just fine. Through the beef with Drizzy, dealing with the Remy-vs-Nicki fallout… Philly’s son stood tall on his own two feet through it all. Never fake. Real, from head to toe. Right down to his shoes. Speaking of which…

Meek Mill goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods, and talks about looking up to Allen Iverson and moving on past his Puma deal.
– Complex


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Sneaker Shopping With Rita Ora (Video)

Rita Ora loves shoes like a girlie girl; but SNEAKERS though! This is Eye Candy meets sneaker obsession… Nothing like a cutie in fly kicks, plus she’s kicking down a unique fashion strategy (way beyond ‘because they are cute’).


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Say No To The Dress, The Caterer, To The Whole Expensive Wedding… It’s All A Total Rip-Off (Video)

How could the College Humor crew dare to attack the sacred, traditional, necessary institution of marriage? Well, because it is really none of that. Just hella expensive for no damn reason (except, well, commerce)!

No hate, even though Adam does Ruin Everything… like the need for big weddings in this episode. Just like he did the ‘wedding ring’ racket (see here).

(Your fiancee might not need to see this though. Haaa!)


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‘Lavar Ball’ Shows Up To Rep The Brand On A Special ‘Weekend Update’ For SNL (Video)

Ballingggg! Hahaa! Brilliant! Spot on. Don’t be mad at Keenan. Just doing his job in the most hilarious way on SNL.

LaVar Ball (Kenan Thompson) stops by to discuss his son Lonzo’s rookie year and Big Baller Brand clothing.
– Saturday Night Live

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Flasback 1954: The Secret Of Selling The Negro (Lifted From The ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ Documentary) [Video]

You just have to watch this and take it in. It is from a bygone era, so do not terminology totally get you in your feelings. Realize though, that this was a way the ‘market opportunity’ the Black consumer segment was presented.

Film commissioned by the Chicago-based publisher of Negro Digest, Ebony, and Jet to encourage advertisers to reach out to African American consumers. The Secret of Selling the Negro depicts the lives, activities, and consumer behavior of African American professionals, students, and housewives. A Business Screen reviewer noted that the film focused on the “bright positive” aspects of the “new Negro family.”

NOTE: The sponsor issued a companion booklet offering the “do’s and don’ts of selling to the Negro.”

– Reelblack

Wow. This explains why we MUST have those sneakers or fly jewelry or whatever… Not bad, all things considered. Actually really insightful.

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Paid In Full: Michael Che Writes A Long Overdue $1,000 Check To Tommy Hilfiger (Video)

Turns out America likes comedy about Donald Trump.
Michael Che

Bwaahahaa! Michael is gonna catch a bit of heat from Boston for this clip, but they’ll get over it. And he got down with Hilfiger like that back in the day due to his tee shirt game? Nice.

SNL’s Michael Che takes a moment to finally thank Tommy Hilfiger for money the designer gave him to work for his company back when he used to design and sell T-shirts on the streets of New York.
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Hope that Michael’s Weekend Update show does well on Thursdays. Check it out next week on NBC.

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Fashion: Chris Brown’s Crazy Sneaker Collection (Video)

Nah, son. We don’t even gotta go shut down a store to get ooh’s and ah’s from C Breezy’s sneaker game. Joe just showed up at the man’s house and they peeped the collection dude already has. Wow!

Chris Brown gives Complex’s Joe La Puma an extensive tour of his never-before-seen insane sneaker collection, talks about his love for Allen Iverson growing up and how he brought 1,000 pairs of shoes on tour.
– Complex

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Fashion: What Young M.A Is Shopping For?

…hair still frizzy… This hair been jumping up and down on stage. This hair been getting it popping in the bedroom!
Young M.A

Know how the popular rapper is trying to look the flyest? Not M.A’s style. At all. Not going too far to LOOK fly. Young M.A would rather keep it plain and BE fly. But she does give some insight on how she shops for her comfort-meets-sly-fly style in the clip. Check it out above.


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Eye Candy: Kristyn Alexis With A Curvy Jeans Haul (Video)

Lemme tell y’all something… I have been posting on Kristyn Alexis and her try-on videos for a good while now, and I am still knocked breathless the first time I watch any her succulent videos. Dayum she is magically thick-licious!

Oh, and if your bae walks in on some what-are-you-drooling-at ish, ask her to join you. Pick out some jeans together. Insist on watching more than twice. You know, to be sure of your choices *wink*


– @ojones1

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