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Fancy Rims And Lights? Nah, More Than That. This Is 2020! This Mercedes Is ‘Alive’ (Video)

This not a car. It’s a creature!

AVTR… Like “Avatar”… but somehow even more sci-fi… but in real life though. This is CRAZY!

This is the 2020 Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR – inspired by Avatar the Movie.
Massive thanks to Mercedes and Gordon Wagener for giving this channel an exclusive look at what could be the coolest car of 2020.
The team at Mercedes worked closely with the director of Avatar, James Cameron, to come up with a car that could act as your avatar in the movie. Their vision is for this to be more of a creature rather than a car.
Take a look at some of its coolest features…
Supercar Blondie


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Wait… GaryVee’s Is Calling It Quits For “DailyVee”… For Real? (Video)

Okay, so not necessarily the ‘end’… just the end of promising a ‘Daily’ vlog… It’s gonna be #WeeklyVee for 2020. But before that, Gary wrapped the daily series with an epic four-hour episode!

For the final episode of DailyVee, Gary goes back to his roots at Wine Library for a meet and greet and answers an insane amount of questions… 105 to be exact! Gary felt that going back to the stomping grounds where his career as a professional entrepreneur began is a poetic and perfect way to close this incredible chapter of his journey. We couldn’t fit all 105 questions here so we made a separate blog post where you can see the full list of the timestamped questions. Be sure to check it out the link and find the questions that interest you most! Thank you all for the amazing support with the DailyVee and can’t wait to continue on to the next chapter with all everyone ❤️… Enjoy!

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Comedy: Crank Lucas – “If DaBaby Was A Gospel Rapper” (Video)

Hell naw. We suffocating tracks over here!

CrankBaby in the building (LOL)… and the building is the church. But first, drop that beat and turn that mic on. Let’s get some of that hella hardcore gospel going on. Going in in the Lucas booth!


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Comedy: Crank Lucas – “If DaBaby Made Christmas Music” (Video)

Hilarious! And, to tell the truth, kind of dope. It’s like a lot of what Crank Lucas does. Makes sense since he wants you to spend dollars on his beats #ChristmasCrank #CrankLucasInTheBuilding


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Eye Candy: Who’s Your ‘Honeybum’ Baby? It’s Porchia Nicole! (Video)

Midday on a HUMP DAY!!! Dead in the middle of the middle of the week. Is it Curvy Girl Friday already (Is that a thing? Can we make it a thing? Especially with thick-a-licious Porchia Nicole)?? But nah. It’s Wednesday. And that’s alright. Especially after watching this *wink*

Hey Babe… Give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed. Don’t forget to SHARE & SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for watching!!!!
Porchia Nicole


– @ojones1

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Series: This Episode Of #BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries Let The Christmas Spirit Catch YOU Before It’s Too Late (Video)

Whole time, Korporate is absolutely right… That IS the THICKEST ghost that ever was (we see you Gabrielle)! And she has a word to the wise for the homie. Lean in for the lesson, and the blessing, and maybe even for the kiss #OnGaude


– @ojones1

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Crank Lucas – “Sick Of Rappers Lying” (Stop Wellin Moe) [Video]

Haha! Crank Lucas in the building with this one. The Rapducer shut down the session because he is REALLY sick and tired of the bullsh!t.


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A Panel On Building Wealth & A Solid Credit Profile (Video)

Okay. Quiet as kept, Angela Yee (looking VERY cute in this by the way) is late to the financial get-money-keep-money gang game as far as content goes. C Tha God and DJ Envy been on it with the book sales and real estate moves (do your Googles).

Let’s get rid of this “Poverty Of Understanding” that has a lot of us in its grips, people! Angela and her guests speak on it.

Wealth Wednesday Tip Of The Day With Angela Yee & Stacey Tisdale Thanks To Self. How To Build Your Credit Profile.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Gary Vaynerchuk Speaks On What You Really Fear (Video)

What You Really Fear Is Not Failure.

The DailyVee is giving us more of the realest talk from GaryVee. Talk about getting it from the dirt, about misery loving company, about getting away from that type of company and getting your sh!t life together and so much more!

So many people ask Gary how he isn’t afraid of failure and how they can get past their own fear of it. The reality is that you aren’t actually afraid of failure. You are afraid of the potential judgment you will get from your friends and family and possibly even random strangers on the internet who see your content. This is why Gary is so adamant about ignoring outside voices. Once you are able to stop hearing the cheering and booing and focus on what you feel is right, you will be able to move much faster, fail quickly and get on the right path in less time than if you are constantly worried about judgment.


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Crank Lucas – “Wealthy Rapper Still Sells Drugs” (Video)

Tsk, tsk, tsk… What is going to happen to Crank’s career when rappers stop doing dumb stuff (even AFTER they ‘make it’) and he has to come up with new things to make fun of?

Not gonna worry about that now. PLENTY of dumb sh!t to make fun of. Crank Lucas [still] in the building!


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Eye Candy: Ninas420life AKA Nina Ross AKA Nina Galy Sports Some Hot ‘Stripper Outfits’ (Video)

Nina’s lingerie fits is it! All that and kettle chips! But you probably knew that, especially if you have seen how hot she is in my other posts on her here. Plus her Amazon storefront is lit! Got all that linked below. But first, click play above and drool for a little bit.

Wait… Whoa! And she would wear these outfits out… in public? Like WHERE? I gotta be there!

(Meet Nina at to really support a small businesswoman doing her thing like only the sexiest li’l thing can!)


– @ojones1

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Watch The Making Of The Concrete Jungle Statue Of Sean Price (Video)

Talk about a stocking stuffer… for Hip-Hop heads… or wild heads that like to talk sh!t and smoke sh!t… or both!

Steve Cartoccio walks us through the making of the Sean Price x Concrete Jungle statue. Only 200 made, available here:
– Duck Down Music


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Series: This Episode Of #BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries What’s High-Priced Ain’t Priceless! (Video)


Another episode with a swerve that hit me like a hook. Korporate gets props from me always, the way he funds these vids by pushing sponsor products/services without being to pushing… and he keeps the storyline pushing… AND the Eye Candy ALWAYS got that good CUSHION for the PUSHIN’ #ThickHoneyz #Fukutalkmbout #OnGaude

All that said, let me give y’all your IG homework (extra THICK for extra credit)!



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Hit Producers Share Their Blueprints For Producers (Video)

If you are trying to make money, you should find some money makers and really listen to what they are telling you. Likewise, if you are trying to make beats… Click play above and lean in!

At the REVOLT Summit’s Beatmaker panel for Los Angeles, hit producers Bryan Michael Cox, Murdabeatz, Hit-Boy, Sounwave, & Terrace Martin discuss the tools available for upcoming producers, and stresses the importance of staying consistent.


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A Inside Look At The Massive Tyler Perry Studios (Video)

Huge, massive, gigantic, impressive… As Andre 3000 quipped, “The South’s got something to say”… Specifically, the ATL does, and Tyler Perry’s compound allows one to make that something… a BIG something! Bring your checkbook though. This is the big time. Let’s check out the layout and see just how big.

Today we take you to Atlanta, Georgia, to tour the sprawling Tyler Perry Studios. Home to productions like Marvel’s “Black Panther” and AMC Networks’ “The Walking Dead,” the self-made entertainment legend’s production compound is larger than Warner Bros. and Walt Disney’s Burbank studios combined. 12 newly-dedicated sound stages are joined by an entire back lot neighborhood called “Maxineville,” featuring a perfect replica of Madea’s house. Tyler Perry Studios is the centerpiece of Georgia’s burgeoning film industry and a testament to the vision, success, and generosity of its founder.
– Architectural Digest

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Professional Speak On Athletes Coming Into Money & How Much (Or Little) Their Leagues Look Out For Them [Video]

I went from a dorm room… a dorm room… to a million-dollar house, and did not understand it, but had to act like I knew what I was doing every day…

Real, REAL talk about money & wealth here; the comings and [unfortunately] goings of it. The NFL’s responsibility to make sure retirees aren’t broke? Interesting. Who wouldn’t be in favor of, at least, the idea of the athletes not being broke after years of playing a game that leaves their bodies broken.

Tommie Harris, Clinton Portis and Jack Brewer discuss the money they made in the NFL with financial expert Michael Bapis.
– The Players’ Tribune

And the revelations that come from this discussion… DEEP! Great clip.

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The History & Evolution Of The NFL (Video)

Knew some of this stuff (things later in the historical timeline), but many of these backstories are interesting to learn. Having perspective is always good, especially a clear perspective of history.

Ever wonder how the NFL got to be where it is today? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Evolution of the NFL.

The NFL Throwback is your home for all things NFL history.

– NFL Throwback

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Series: This Episode Of #BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries The Dead Homie Comes Back For Halloween! (Video)

Oowee! Mya Curvz (with Rebellious Chantelle) is enough to make me wanna post this. That, and that I am a dedicated #BlackChicagoBeLike fan and follower. Crazy Halloween episode on deck!

(And stop invoking the dead homies’ names in vane, mane!)


– @ojones1

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Media Mogul Byron Allen Speaks On The Major Keys: Learning The Game & Ultimately Owning The Game (Video)

Yoooo! Get a snack and a drink. Then click play and watch this in its entirety. Do NOT miss this opportunity to drink from the well of WISDOM we know as Byron Allen. You only think you have been out here grinding and hustling. You only think you have been through hard times and came out shining.

Byron Allen On Economic Inclusion, Buying The Weather Channel, Comcast Racial Bias Lawsuit + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

I became familiar with Byron Allen when he was on “Real People” back in the day and kept an eye on his blow up ever since. Now, if you don’t know about him… Do your Googles!


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Dave ‘The Business Bully’ Anderson Speaks On Sales & His Purpose In Life (Video)

The homie Odell is always, in all ways, talking relations on his show. This time we are talking BUSINESS relationships. Lean in for this one!

I was joined by Dave Anderson AKA The Business Bully! If you are not familiar with Dave do your Googles. He is a radio veteran who has used his years of Sales & Marketing to build his own company. He helps transforms small & large businesses taking them to the next level. We talked about how everyone is in Sales, networking and how being complicated made it clear for him he had to pursue his gifts. I am excited about the discussion we had. I also thank Dave for agreeing to be on Odell’s Roundtable he is a man of his word!

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