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Gentrified – Ethnic Cleansing: American Style (Film Trailer)

“Is it ‘redevelopment’ . . . or ethnic cleansing?

‘Gentrified’ is the first documentary ever to take an in-depth look at the effects of gentrification and provide statistical and social evidence that it targets the Black community in particular. When big business and big govt conspire to create so-called “redevelopment” it always leaves a richer, all white neighborhood in its wake. The old, Black residents are left to their own devices which include poverty and homelessness.

In ‘Gentrified’, we travel across the United States and interview activists, entrepreneurs and academics to give a brutally honest look at the way the entire country, and even the world, is being reshaped by the process of gentrification. In the 21st century the ‘haves’ are removing the ‘have-nots’ and it’s time we saw who they were.

They’re rich. They’re white . . . and they’re coming for everything you’ve got.

A special UK screening will be followed by a panel discussion in London on February 18th at 6pm at the Hackney Attic.



“From the creator of the acclaimed documentary 7 A.M: What if the richest people on earth had a plan to remove the poorest people? What if that plan was specifically targeting Black people? We travel coast to coast to give an in depth examination of how what some people call “redevelopment” has actually become what many consider to be ethnic cleansing: American style.

Why Gentrified Matters
The national, corporate media is never going to tell the story of how rich people are targeting Black people for removal across the country so we’re going to tell our story ourselves. Our campaign is to get the word out by purchasing advertising nationally, promotion, and also to help allow us to pay for legal fees in order to request subpoenas, information requests and even file suits if necessary and general legal costs.” –


One Response to “Gentrified – Ethnic Cleansing: American Style (Film Trailer)”

  • May the good Lord bless you and support you through our people and also well wishers!
    When the blind can see, and the deaf hear, Then the mouth will speak. I thank God for using
    you to inform us of the wickedness that lies beneath the surface, and magnifying the fine print between the lines of the contracts of genocide.
    Through you and others like you, my prayers, feelings, fears, and thoughts concerning these
    troublous times overtaking us, have found a steadfast platform. But that’s just the beginning as far as I’m concerned; because your cinders have landed upon my soul adding more wood to the fire and fire to the wood, to stir me up to take necessary action to spread your info to many many others!
    I have a vision for a community outreach like no other that the good Lord planted in my aching heart concerning the plight of black people. Some time in the near future I’ll share it with you. We need as many serious people as possible to network and support the well being of our people.

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