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Politics: Hasan Minhaj On ‘Saudi Arabia’ (Video)

Wow! So this is what Hasan left Comedy Central to do. Flexing his woke muscles on stage on the world stage. There’s definitely an intentional ‘stand up’ feel to this show, but no joke. Dude is, and has always been, hella woke!

Hasan Minhaj tackles the reality of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s autocratic rule and, as a Muslim and an American, breaks down why the world should reassess its relationship with Saudi Arabia.
– Patriot Act


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Jada Pinkett Smith And Jane Elliott Discuss The Racial Divide Between Women of Color & White Women At The Red Table (Video)

The level that these women share during these Red Table talks… deep. This one is no different; discussion starting with their own experiences of racism. Then Jane and Jada get into to the divide between women of different races and why it should not be, but is… deep.

Good discussion on race relations. And Jane Elliott is the perfect one for it.

The tough topic of race relations between women is brought to the Red Table with famed diversity educator Jane Elliott.
– Red Table Talk

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Angela Rye Speaks On Why The Coming Midterm Elections Matter And Kanye Being Down With Trump (Video)

The mid-terms are coming up, and you may even have ‘early voting’ going on in your community right now. I’m not going to try to guilt you into anything, but you REALLY ought to vote this go ’round… the local representation is where it’s at. There are no ‘electoral college’ counts; your vote helps chose DIRECTLY – Congress, Governors, local offices, ordinances and amendments are all chosen by your vote.

See? If you did not vote in 2016 and you let President Trump happen… we’re not harping on that anymore. It’s done. And the insanity that the President and Senate just put on the U.S. Supreme Court… that was a ‘done deal’ back in 2016 when Trump won. Your action or lack thereof in 2016 affected 2018 politics which affected your LIFE; if the ‘right to choose’ for your body and yours & your children’s schooling means anything. Cavanaugh is the swing vote on those issues coming before the Supreme Court for the rest of his LIFE!

Okay, okay. I will stop and get down off my soapbox. Just VOTE DAMMIT!

Maybe you will listen to fine as wine and woke af activist Angela Rye tell you why.


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Cree Summer Has Done WAY More The Be ‘Freddie’ On “A Different World” (Video)

Of course, a lot of us are going to remember Cree Summer as super-cutie hippie Hillman chick on “A Different World” on NBC back in the day… but “Freddie” has done a LOT of work – in voiceovers. Check it out!

Recognize this voice? That’s right—it’s the sound of your childhood. As the vocal force behind Rugrats’ Susie Carmichael and Tiny Toon Adventures’ Elymyra, Cree Summer has made some of your favorite cartoons come to life.
– Great Big Story


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Steve Harvey’s Response To An Audience With A Stuttering Problem Is Literally Therapeutic (Video)

Respek on Steve Harvey’s name for this. All this. The sista is beautiful. It was just that her situation was ugly. But it looks like that is about to look up for her.

When an audience member asks about dating with a stutter, Steve opens up about his own personal struggle. This may be the most powerful moment yet.
Steve Harvey TV

I sooo wanted to start this post with just how fine the sista in this is… But I wanted her to be taken seriously (just as she desires, per the clip). Of course, I did slide her into the Noon spot (because she is definitely some Eye Candy).


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Sports/History: Tommie Smith Raised A ‘Black Power’ Fist During The Medal Ceremony At The 1968 Olympics… With No Regrets (Video)

Talk about REPRESENTING! You know the black and white video at the Olympic games back, back in the day, with the raised fists in it? Yes, this guy, that part!

Tommie Smith sits down with Bill Rhoden to discuss the 50th anniversary of his iconic gesture at the Olympics and how it is relevant in these times.

Shout to John Carlos (the other athlete who raised his fist on the podium), too. Watch this though. Great insights on what modern day athletes can and should be doing with their platforms for humanity, applauding Colin Kaepernick for his taking a knee and taking a stand.

#BlackPride #Undefeated

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Politics: Conservatives Love Kanye West’s Repping ‘Make America Great Again’ While Wanting Taylor Swift To ‘Shush’ Again (Video)

(Click here to watch on Facebook.)

Nope. Not gonna let Taylor finish… again.

How interesting… and predictable. Talking heads on the right want famous folks to ‘shut up’ and dribble, sing or whatever… unless they dribble the rhetoric they want to hear.

How dare Kanye West say President George W. Bush does care about Black people back in the day. Oh, wait. He’s spitting some of that ‘free thinking’ Make America Great Again (MAGA)? Ahhh, he’s a refreshing right-wing converted icon now.

(Hmmm… remember wifey Kim Kardashian West was just up at the White House months ago. Let’s see how all this plays out. Gotta find five years of reality TV footage for that “Who’s House? Trump’s House!” show premiering after the 2020 elections. Ha!)

And Taylor Swift. She is out of line with the right. Speaking out of turn, so according to the right-wing pundits, it is time for her to go back to singing and stay out of politics like a good girl.

Here’s The Breakdown.


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Activism/Politics: Dear Young People, “Don’t Vote” (Video)

This ad by Occupy Democrats is good, scary good. Don’t think it will ‘scare’ millennials, but maybe it will get them thinking… maybe even ‘dared’ into voting in next month’s midterm elections.

Hope so #KnockTheVote #VoteDammit


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Environment/Activism: How Much Do ‘Black Lives Matter’ To This Louisiana Plant? Not Much… (Video)

Just off G.P. this should get a thorough looking into. Just think: It there is a chance that a deadly chemical, given off in the process to make recreational stuff, is killing off this predominantly Black Louisiana town, isn’t it worth study (and a fight, if true)? This 77-year old ‘fighter’ thinks so. So he’s taking on a giant chemical plant to save his community.

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Anti-Kaepernick Car Ranter’s Argument Is Wrong… Loud And Wrong (Video)

Getting the feeling, from this clip, that Graham Allen is the guy who should sit and pose for the picture in the urban dictionary next to ‘loud and wrong.’ When your argument’s base premise is FALSE and the fallen soldier you use as anecdotal support for your argument believed the OPPOSITE of what you argue… “That’s When Ya LOST” (word to Souls Of Mischief)!

In his latest VIRAL car rant Graham Allen tries to use Pat Tillman as a counter to Colin Kaepernick. Hasan Piker explains why this shameless “patriotsploitation” is a slap in the face to Tillman’s legacy and against his family’s wishes.
– The Breakdown


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History: Did You Know The Panthers Were Instrumental In Bringing Healthcare To The Community (Video)

Just being a follower here, we can assume that you know that the Black Panthers were NOT just gun-toting White-hating anarchists and agitators. But this vid… this is for the one looking over your shoulder; the one that maybe you should invite over and give your chair and let learn the truth! The Black Panthers were not only stepping up to defend downtrodden people of color against abusive authorities, but they were stepping in where the authorities would not – providing food and healthcare programs unlike anything offered to brothers and sisters who would not get help elsewhere.


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The U.S. Tax Code Favors The Rich… Just Ask This Millionaire (Video)

Damn. Even this rich guy shows us his tax return. Waiting on you, President Trump

This millionaire revealed his tax return to show just how much the GOP tax law favors the rich.
– NowThis Opinions

Yep. The rich get richer, as the poor get shafted. And make no mistake, Eric Schoenberg is playing the game as it is; taking every tax advantage afforded him (because, like President Trump says, he is ‘smart’). But at least he’s honest about what the ‘game’ really is.


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All Black People Have To Do Is Comply To Survive A Police Encounter, Right? Wrong! (Video)

This is why we kneel. Point. Blank. Period. Francis nails it here. Enough with this shite already!

Calm Black Man Tries To Comply With Mixed Instructions, Still Gets Brutally Tasered.
Francis Maxwell asks, I thought all black people had to do was comply and it would be fine?
– The Breakdown


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Meet The New Principal Of Newark’s Westside High School, Akbar Cook (Video)

Ellen always comes through with the great ‘feel good’ stories. This one on the brother Akbar Cook certainly ranks near the top of that stack. Watch.

Ellen sat down with Akbar Cook, Principal of a Newark, New Jersey high school, who after noticing at-risk students being bullied for dirty clothes, worked hard to install washing machines and dryers so the kids could do laundry. After hearing his story, Ellen teamed up with her friends at Cheerios to help Principal Cook continue to do good and support his “babies” at school.

Take care of the babies, Akbar. Our babies! And bless you, Ellen, for shining the light on this.


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Barack Obama Is Campaigning For Your Vote This November. And It Is More Important Than Ever (Video)

Heart jumped when you read the title, right? Well, of course, President Obama is not running for the White House; the November vote having no bearing on the U.S. Presidency at all. However, he does want every American to vote this Fall. And he tells you why it is so important to do so; even though it is not for him, or for a new President… It is for YOU!

If you still don’t think the midterms will affect you, Barack Obama is back to spell out just how important they are.
– NowThis Opinions

Especially reaching out to the youngest voters. So many did not show at the polls.


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Many Black Kids Cannot Swim. Really. And Here Is Why… (Video)

Wow, that’s a real thing. All my family can swim. My Dad learned as a kid, self-taught, playing in the ‘crick’ (creek) down the road. My baby brother was swimming by the time he could walk. So, I just kinda dismissed such talk as broad generalization; no real fact-finding driving the claim. Well…

In 2014, the CDC found that an 11-year-old Black child is 10 times more likely to drown than a White child the same age. The notion that “Black people can’t swim” may sound like a stereotype, but it’s a real disparity and it’s rooted in a history of discriminatory access to swimming pools.
– VICE News Tonight

Again, wow. And damn.


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Jim Carrey Kicks Some ‘Real Time’ Wisdom While Proudly Sporting New Nike Kicks (Video)

I keep hearing this… “Canadians are so nice. Canadians are so nice.”
They can be nice, because they have healthcare!
Jim Carrey

Mic dropped!

Tell you what: Jim Carrey just did it big for Nike. Fancy a bit of bold activism with your current fashion? Carrey’s your model then. Plopped right down on the set of “Real Time with Bill Maher” and showed the business world how Nike gets what amounts to a bold shoe commerical on ad-free HBO!

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey joins Bill and his guests – David Axelrod, Michelle Goldberg, and former Rep. Charlie Dent – on the Real Time panel.
– Real Time with Bill Maher

Shoe game dope. And par for the course when you get Jim Carrey on nowadays, you get wisdom mixed in with the whimsical. Great segment!


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Dear #BurnYourNikes Movement, Nike Doesn’t Mind At All (Video)

If you feel like wasting some keystrokes, comment on the next vid you see posted by a ‘Nike burner’ that Nike doesn’t give not one aglet about #BurnYourNikes

(Oh, and an ‘aglet’ is that sheath or tip at the end of your shoelace. You knew that? Okay cool.)

See, this whole ‘we stand by Kaep‘ stance Nike is putting forth is still a BUSINESS move at its core. We know that, right? Right?? It’s a business move that folks (read: the majority of people that Nike wants to buy its products) who are cool with #TakeAKnee will vote in favor of… with their purchasing power.

This is why Nike doesn’t care if you set your shoes on fire.
– VICE News Tonight

Just like choosing to ‘vote’ for (buy from) Burger King because you like your burgers flame-broiled, or your way, or whatever the other fast food joints ain’t doing. Or vice versa.

And for folks who decide to NOT buy from them anymore, Nike is wagering (i.e. taking a strategic business risk) there will be few enough of them to not matter (to its BUSINESS). Buuuut… all this could make for some cool counter-hashtaggery to make the new ‘Nike haters’ hot though…



#GoOnAndBurnYourGear #NikeAlreadyHasYourMoney


#KaepGotPaid #NikeUsedMoneyYouPaid #MoneyYouJustSetAblaze



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KevOnStage Explains “Why Nike Ain’t Worried” About The Boycott (Video)

He’s got a point. Several points. And anybody ‘big mad’ enough about Colin Kaepernick being a spokesperson for Nike’s new marketing campaign can have several seats… while we #TakeAKnee

(And they can grab a cape, because when they realize that Kaep will get a check while they rip/burn/etc. products on which they’ve already spent hard-earned money on, they will be SUPER MAD!)


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Netflix Presents Ashtan Towles’ Experiences Tackling Race-Related Issues At Yale University (Documentary)

Grew up in the South, all her youth, and she made it through… admitted to an Ivy League university, no less. And STILL this sista cannot ‘get away’ from racism in America.

Imagine waking up to find your school trending because of a racist incident?
– Strong Black Lead

Yeah. Don’t EVER speak of America being post-racial. Even in the ‘affluent’ North. Yale was trending on racism.


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