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The David Banner Podcast | Dr. Anthony Browder Parts 1 & 2 | Ep. 49-50 (Video)

Man, doesn’t that “My Uzi” hit extra hard at the start of this episode? POWERFUL like whoa and yo! And an apropos way to start the show, as Dr. Anthony Browder joins David Banner for an enriching info-PACKED two-parter.

Growing up in Chicago and making his way to the banks of Luxor, Egypt, the David Banner podcasts introduces you to esteemed guest Anthony Browder, the first African American man to fund and coordinate an archaeological dig in Egypt. This episode walks us through the oldest documented civilization and helps us to understand how obtaining forbidden knowledge can help us unlock our truth and live a better life after life.

Start with Part 1 above. And get the other half of the podcast coverage, Part 2, after the jump!

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Atlanta Area Dr. Thomas Cowan MD On The Corona Virus (Video)

Viruses are simply excretions of a toxic cell… They are not the cause of anything.

Not trying to make up your mind for you about this latest COVID thing. Make up your own mind. But take a look and listen at this clip first. Because SCIENCE and LOGIC!

Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. hypothesizes that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and caused by 5G. Shot at the Health And Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona on March 12, 2020. Camera, sound and editing by Joshua Coleman.

Dr. Cowan writes more about this topic here…

– Parents For Healthcare Rights


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Mel Brooks’ Son, Max, Explains Why You Must Stay Home During This Coronavirus Crisis (Video)

A win for ‘Entertainment That Informs’… I really like this. The messaging has been clear to date, on what we should be doing as individuals to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. But I feel like this vid brings it home to a few different audiences: folks who love Mel Brooks, enough to care about his family, friends, impact on comedy, maybe even his son Max.


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Wise Intelligent Speaks On Hip-Hop Music’s Move Away From Positive Messaging (Video)

And when Rodney King got the beating, heads responded properly!

“Fight The Power”… for those who really felt that song… it was way more than a song. It was an anthem, a call to action, a we-take-no-more-sh!t CHARGE for us! And ‘they’ do not want us getting charged up like that. THEY, in turn, will deliberately, but quietly, shut the rally down; by taking away the bullhorn so we no longer here the rally cry.

Maybe you don’t get me. But watch and listen to the Poor Righteous Teacher Wise Intelligent… You will.

Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers talks about the deliberate effort to silence positive Hip-Hop.
– Boom Bap Nation

(See. I’m not mad at ‘mumble rappers’… But why can’t we hear more positivity to balance it out? You KNOW the answer: We hear what THEY want us to hear more of… and NOT that positive ‘ish. NO Brother. NO Sister. THEY don’t want you to KNOW much about that.)


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Talib Kweli & Rapsody Chat About Her Influences And Relationships, Rap And Otherwise, At The “People’s Party” (Video)

You taught me the power of the microphone.

Very nice!

Nowadays, Rapsody is now a force on her own. Top-tier lyricist and artist, for certain. But it would be quite okay to judge her based on the company she keeps… because that is some POWERFUL company. Good get for the ‘cast, Kweli. I’m leaning in and listening!

In this episode of People’s Party, Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with rapper and writer Rapsody. This introspective interview highlights the huge contribution this talented lyricist has made in bringing the B-Girl back to the forefront of the culture. They discuss her growing up in the tiny town of Snowhill, NC; she speaks on being largely inspired to rap from growing up listening to MC Lyte and Lauryn Hill; and she shares the profound life advice she received from Ms. Hill. Rapsody also defines why being pro-Black doesn’t translate to being anti-White.

Later Rapsody reflects on her close friendships with Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle, and the enormous loss the Hip-Hop community felt with their passing. She speaks on her regular collaborations with 9th Wonder and his Soul Council beat crew, then details every member’s signature style. She also digs into the guidance (and playful moments) she’s shared with Jay Z, and her friendships with Kendrick Lamar, DaBaby, and J.I.D.. Rapsody explains how the concept for the “Eve” album came about and responds to the notion that female fans only want to hear “songs for the ladies.” She also has wise words for the women in the game about being themselves regardless of any criticism they receive about their appearance or content.

– UPROXX Video


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YelloPain – “My Vote Don’t Count” (Prod. By Sauce W8ed Down) [Video]

He was saying, ‘Yes We Can’
and everybody got less food stamps.
When I turned 21, I was still broke
and I’ll never vote again!


But keep listening. Get this pain… This work (and get ready to get to work)!

Then, the swerve! Get this KNOWLEDGE… It is POWER! Yeah!

Put some #Respek on the name YellowPain for this and everything he’s trying to do to reach and teach!

(And it’s Primary Election season… So, VOTE DAMMIT!)



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One Vibe Africa Presents: Year Of Return (Trailer)

From the U.S. back to Kenya. Yes indeed.

You KNOW we are about travel abroad (e.g. from The States to overseas destinations). But this one hits home. As in Mother Africa, being home to ALL humanity and civilization. And this… this is epic. Of course, you know plenty of Sisters and Brothers who have declared that ‘one day’ they are going to make that pilgrimage back Home. Making it a big deal; maybe ‘too big’ a deal. But what if that ‘pilgrimage’ was less of a ‘trip’ to take. Like, let’s just say the family, the homies, the homegirls… are going to make it to an awesome event… and take in some of The Motherland while over that way. We could do that, right? We already do it for other festivals.

And like those other festivals, maybe we make it a yearly thing; or trips more often if we find things over there that draw us back.

Moving Madaraka Festival from Seattle back to Kenya signified the importance of not only arranging for individuals to travel back to Africa as it was with the case of Ghana’s year of return initiative, but getting significant events back to Africa and keeping them in Africa as a way to build a sustainable bridge allowing people of all backgrounds to travel to Africa to enjoy a festival of a lifetime, immerse themselves in the African culture, and inspire global change and collaboration towards mitigating climate change, which does not only threaten the climate but is an existential threat to our music, culture, and livelihood.
– One Vibe TV

Dope music and culture do it again. Let’s get together; for the community and the cause. It’s a Vibe. One Vibe Africa! Matter of fact, why not show love and SUPPORT right now: Cop the EP (linked below) #ForTheYouth #ForKisumu #ForKenya #ForOurWorld

Hit the jump for more on that. The fam Mazzi really blessed with the knowledge on this one. Knowledge and blessing right to mobile #Mobilize


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How The U.S. Creates Sh*thole Countries (Video)

Already an insult that President Trump refers to places that are home to many people of color as sh*thole countries… But let’s let sister Dr. Cynthia McKinney really go in… and tell us how American foreign policy makes those countries that way.

Basically, the United States was a killing machine… and now… United States does not only kill people, it kills whole countries.

Yeah. And she is just getting started at that point of the video.

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Activism: Black History In Two Minutes… Or So. Watch And Learn! (Video)

Never, ever, let anyone tell you what your government will NOT do to its citizens… especially its brown and Black citizens. Americans are pretty okay with believing that ‘other’ countries do bad things to their people; but not us.


The Tuskegee Study smashes that idea to bits. Is this when America was supposed to be ‘great’… where they want to go back to… Because hell no, we won’t go!

But hold on. After this visual enlightens you and fires you up, hit the jump and watch all these Black History shorts. Let’s wrap this month in power #RaiseYourFist #RaiseYourAwareness #PressPlay

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Beauties Built For The Game Speak On Being Real ‘American Gangsters’ (Video)

…and I end up throwing bleach in a bitch eye and beating her in the head with a hammer…

Holeeeey shiiiiit!

These women are the very definition of American GANGSTER! Theft, fraud, strong-arming, assault and battery on a level even few dudes would ever go to. And they go there in this interview.

Trap Queens Discuss Their Scam Stories, Revelations + BET Show American Gangster
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Looking at this from another angle, these are gangster azz BUSINESS women. In many ways, they are geniuses… Lex Luthor level geniuses. Wow, I mean, I am compelled. Intrigued enough to watch, but truthfully, I’m scared… SHOOK!


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Dr. Oz Advocates For Medical Reform & Medical Marijuana (Video)

Not so low key, I have a cousin that knows Dr. Oz. Personally. Been on his show a few times. So, if you find yourself at Grady Memorial in the A-T-L and Dr. Kimberly Manning (megaton name bomb drop…BOOOOOOM!) is at work, you can tell her that you read her cousin’s blog posts DAILY (you do, of course)!

Dr. Oz stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about 11 years of his show.

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Three Pro Football Players On Holding The Number 1 Spot: The Struggle Of The Black Quarterback (Video)

Good coverage and perspectives offered by The Undefeated in this piece. Maybe y’all remember (maybe not) Doug Williams coming from getting beat up with the [orange, really orange] Tampa Bay Bucs for YEARS in the League… to taking the Washington Redskins to the Super Bowl AND winning (with a bum leg) in one year… AND retiring and taking over for one of college football’s greatest coaches EVER, Eddie Robinson, at Grambling University… now that’s a “QuarterBlack” (published in 1990, link to Amazon here) story. Barely talked about.

And the struggle continues. But first, a bit more history… Don’t let them forget, we’ve always had Black QB’s that were the ‘ish!

The first wave of successful Black quarterbacks gave this entire generation of stars the role models they needed – but few know the actual struggles that these legends had to overcome behind the scenes. In conversations with The Undefeated’s senior NFL writer Jason Reid, these legends discuss their journey and how they each played a unique part of the evolution: Warren Moon going from undrafted to the Hall of Fame, Randall Cunningham being able to embrace his athletic style and Donovan McNabb on the 1999 draft class that saw three players drafted in top 10.

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Mysonne Speaks And Spits Fire To Fire Up A Crowd Of Protesters (Video)

I have never been to a real rally rally. Know what I mean? But the energy that General Mysonne brought to the army of protesters gathered in the video above… I gotta believe that the feeling I got from this would be what I’d get from an event like that! Watch.


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An Athlete, Artist Activist And Action Movie Maker Have An MLK Day Conversation (Video)

Yeah, I know the preview ‘looks’ like it ain’t there. But it is… Until it ain’t. Powerful convo about POWERFUL topics, esp. from a Black perspective… might just go ‘poof’ at any time. So, click play NOW!

Ryan Coogler sits down with Marshawn Lynch and J. Cole to have a discussion about their respective careers, activism, giving back, race, the college athletes, financial literacy and the NFL.
Marshawn Lynch, Beast Mode Productions


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Dave East x Jay Electronica x 070 Phi – “No Hoodie” (Nothin’ To Lose)


Been a minute since I’ve been able to share some Hip-Hop for a cause. And this one is really worthy… and timely. Y’all know how cold it can get out there. Lyrically & poetically. But Hip-Hop cares. Showing and proving here. For the culture AND for those out in the cold. Read on.

Mass Appeal and non-profit organization, Hoodies For The Homeless, recruit Harlem rising star, Dave East and Hip-Hop heavyweight, Jay Electronica to release their first ever collaboration, “No Hoodie” (Nothin’ To Lose) ft. 070 Phi — now available on all streaming platforms. Together, the three artists join forces to create a compelling and passionate track as part of the ongoing initiative to tackle one of NYC’s greatest issues: homelessness.
Mass Appeal Records



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Dr. Claud Anderson Speaks On It Being ‘The Last Years’ For Black Folk To Get Empowered (Video)

Real talk from a man with real credentials. And sure, he has the ‘title’ of ‘doctor’… but Dr. Anderson does not ‘preach’ from on high; he talks to us. Lean in as he tells The Breakfast Club, and us, what needs to be said and heard! You won’t agree with everything he says (probably), but you will RESPECT his stance and mission. Trust.

Dr. Claud Anderson Discusses America’s Race Based Society, PowerNomics + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

This man is 85 years old? THIS Black don’t crack. Facts!!

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A Panel On Building Wealth & A Solid Credit Profile (Video)

Okay. Quiet as kept, Angela Yee (looking VERY cute in this by the way) is late to the financial get-money-keep-money gang game as far as content goes. C Tha God and DJ Envy been on it with the book sales and real estate moves (do your Googles).

Let’s get rid of this “Poverty Of Understanding” that has a lot of us in its grips, people! Angela and her guests speak on it.

Wealth Wednesday Tip Of The Day With Angela Yee & Stacey Tisdale Thanks To Self. How To Build Your Credit Profile.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Technology: How A.I. Is Making it Easier to Kill You (Video)

You know, if we invent the instrument(s) of our own destruction, it will be really hard for who or whatever is left to generate ‘pity’ for our species. Because it isn’t like we could not see it coming. Wow!

A tank that drives itself. A drone that picks its own targets. A machine gun with facial recognition software. Sounds like science fiction? A.I. fueled weapons are already here.
– The New York Times

Great (and very scary) perspectives shared, including showing how human history has held to a consistent theme with respect to the way we try to wage war ‘better.’

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Dr. Umar Is Tired Of Black Politicians’ Promises. He Wants To Hear Plans (Video)

The Democratic Party is a White Racist institution… So if you are married to the Democratic Party that means you are a part of their agenda…

And that is how the brother started this interview! Well, Dr. Umar has been this way since back in the school days. Facts. So listen, at least, because the brother has remained consistent. The good doctor has returned…

Dr. Umar Johnson On American Politics, Black Unity, Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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‘Patriot Act’ Host Hasan Minhaj Speaks On Student Debt & Mental Health Issues (Video)

It’s a movement that we hope moves into the background and just becomes the norm. Hasan is talking what BoneBreaker Jones and I talk about from time to time… mental health. If you need help, get HELP (be strong enough to go get it; not weak) #TalkToSomebody

Hasan Minhaj Speaks On Mental Health Rights, Global Censorship, Social Media + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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