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President Trump More Compassioniate Toward Pundit Tomi Lahren Than To People Victimized By School Shootings (Video)

Y’all ever check out a video or three from uber-Conservative cute-but-ugly-talking ‘girl gone viral’ Tomi Lahren. Well, she’s usually the one calling out the wrongdoers and the waah-waah crybabies on The Left (Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, folks who disagree with her views). But here she is in the ‘victim’ role… again. Charlemagne Tha God might have found cause to make a case ‘for’ her a while back, but check out The Breakdown that Hasan Piker puts on her… and The President.

Our wetboy president Donald J. Trump showed more compassion to Tomi Lahren getting water thrown at her than victims of school shootings and the waffle house hero. Hasan Piker breaks down why Conservatives who spread hate speech whine about oppression at the first sight of backlash.
– The Breakdown

Oh, and Piker points and fires off on some other hot topics, like the NFL’s stand against #TakeAKnee (we posted on here).


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Sports/Politics: NFL Set To Penalize Players Who ‘Take A Knee’

Well, would you look at that? Not even claiming to be all that surprised or shocked that the NFL and owners found a way to appease the majority (White apathetic/unsympathetic Americans) AND get all those who #TakeAKnee with Kaep off the field.

So they have found a way to eliminate a peaceful, yet impactful, protest method (wow). What’s more, it looks like they have cleared the way for teams to ‘deal with’ players who choose not to stand during the National Anthem and presentation. To be clear: The option to stay/observe in the locker is a cop-out in the weakest way. It’s an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attempt, plain and simple.

But this is NOT out of our minds. We can watch and be mindful of who is NOT on the field during the anthem and presentation of the flag (e.g. those who are still protesting unjust treatment of Black people by the authorities). And what about the core issue; the motivation that drove Colin Kaepernick to take a stand by taking a knee? Wonder if the NFL will call a special meeting, assemble a subcommittee, etc. to enact new policy that speaks to or acts against law enforcement’s abuses of power, brutality, and murder?

I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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The Police Don’t REALLY Treat Black People Differently. Do They? (Video)

You know the answer. But to have [even more] solid evidence of such, laid out in the form of a solid argument… Sure the affirmation is depressing, but at least you know you are signifying (not just ‘theorizing’). So, here you go. Share and discuss.

Santa Fe School Shooter is armed, yet apprehended peacefully, so why can’t police exercise that self-control with Black people?
– The Young Turks


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With Black-ish On Hiatus, Jenifer Lewis Is On To Activism, Auditions & Promoting Her Book (Video)

Not even me can stop me… I gave up many times in my life, but I didn’t quit. You gotta be in it to win it!

Speak that Momma, speak truth! All-time sexy woman and alpha female (and show-stealer every time she was on “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”). Jenifer Lewis’ appearance is going to make your Top 5 fav radio interview videos ever! Watch, and know we are right!

Jenifer Lewis Talks Self Awareness, Mental Illness, Sex Addiction + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Wait. ABC has an unaired “Black-ish” episode based on Kaepernick? Yup, the talk touches on that. Oh, and Jenifer has a dope book out. Yeah, talking about that, too. Wowww!

(Right after her high kicks… hear about Jenifer being the ‘Dick Diva’ back in the day though… DAAYYUUMM!)


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Chadwick Boseman’s Uplifting Commencement Address To Howard University’s Class Of 2018 (Video)

Better to find PURPOSE than a JOB. PURPOSE drives you to make a mark on HISTORY! A JOB is how you make a living. Preach that truth brother Boseman! Hear (and feel) the words of the Howard University alum giving his address to the most recent graduates from his alma mater, The Hilltop aka #WakandaUniversity

Stop what you’re doing and watch Chadwick Boseman give powerful advice to the class of 2018.
– NowThis


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Lenny Kravitz – “It’s Enough” (Video)

Wow. A LOT to unpack. Be ready to watch a couple of times to ingest all the themes covered in this visual. The song itself is dope on first listen, but hearing (really hearing) it again would be recommended, too.

Interesting, and expected, that this new Lenny Kravitz joint would garner reaction in general. It’s Kravitz, a true craftsman of music. But even more interesting is the breadth and depth of reactions to the Rolling Stone tweet (seen below) about it. Some like it, others LOVE it; and some of the rest came down with a hard case of HATE… even given the release caption that accompanies the video: “IT’S ENOUGH! Let Love Rule.” Too bad for the haters. This is good work. Compelling and heartfelt!

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Meek Mill Is Back Home, On Air, Speaking On People That Had His Back And Those Who Did Not (Video)

Meek spitting a different kind of truth into the mic. No freestyles, but at least he’s free now (for the most part). Interesting how so many and varied folks stood up for Meek when he was on lock. Even more interesting… this interview.

Meek Mill Talks Justice Reform, Opioid Addiction, Talks With T.I., Nicki Minaj + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Released From Prison, But Still Not Free: NBC Nightly News Covers Meek Mill’s Legal Ups & Downs (Video)

Damn. Caught the case at 19 and even after 30, freed on bail, he does not feel free. The NBC News organization is all over this Meek Mill legal entrapment story… good for them and for us viewers.

Rapper Meek Mill was granted bail by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday after being sentenced in November to two to four years in prison for a probation violation — a decision criticized by his supporters as too severe. In an exclusive interview with Lester Holt, Mill says he recognizes this as “a very important moment.”
– NBC News

Got Mill around here looking like an activist, speaking on the evils of the American Justice system. A positive outcome. Maybe some reforms will come of it. At least some very rich and powerful figures are attached and talking now.

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Kamala Harris Debates On Howard University’s Greatness And Education’s And Gun Control’s Roles In Effecting Public Safety (Video)

Alright, Envy, get your jabs in (Howard vs. Hampton, haha)! Hmmm… but don’t sleep with on the Senator’s cuteness in here. But don’t stop there. Watch and respect the resume, responses, and the movements of a person who is a presumed Presidential candidate for 2020.

Senator Kamala Harris On Education, Decriminalizing Weed, Gun Control & Why Debating Is Important
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Affordable 3D Printed Home Technology Could End Homelessness (Video)

Okay, if this tech isn’t out here ending homelessness AGGRESSIVELY by year’s end… we all ought to feel some kind of way. Why not? – The first permitted, 3D-printed home created specifically for the developing world was unveiled today in Austin, Texas by New Story, the non-profit working to create a world where no human being lives in survival mode, and ICON, the newly launched construction technologies company leading the way into the future of homebuilding by using 3D printing to make major advancements in affordability, building performance, sustainability and customizability.
– New Story

And just imagine clearing and “reprinting” new homes in storm-ravaged areas. Instead of having long-standing shanty towns left in the wake of hurricanes, just do up a bunch of these. C’mon business. C’mon government. Who would stand against this???


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Michael K. Williams On Vice On HBO (Documentary)

Chalky White goes back to lockup. Okay, that’s a Boardwalk Empire reference for those who don’t know or remember. But this is good. So is his new show “Hap & Leonard” (check local listings).

Actor Michael Kenneth Williams (HBO’s The Wire) goes in depth and explores mass incarceration and the juvenile justice system.

VICE does it again.

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Meek Mill Speaks On Being Taken Down By ‘Suspect’ Cops & A ‘Zealous’ Judge (Video)

Hmm… surprised and glad a major news outlet picked up on this story. Mill got strung along by the system and caught up in the snare string; the real trap. If you are not up on things regarding Meek Mills’ mistreatment by the law dogs and the judiciary, watch and study up.

Rapper Meek Mill was jailed for violating probation in a case that has received national attention and calls for criminal justice reform. He speaks out to Lester Holt in an NBC News exclusive.
– NBC News

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Call To Action: Donate To F**k Cancer And Deadpool’s Pink Suit Could Be Yours (Video)

So awesome. Indeed Deadpool, let’s f**k cancer… hard, from the back, no vaseline. Check out Poolboy’s ‘heart on’ for the cause. It’s why he’s wearing the pink suit; the one he is giving away for this fundraising movement (powered by

Join Deadpool in sending a big F-you to cancer by supporting the incredible work of LetsFCancer.

No one likes cancer. We’ve all lost at least one person we care for to it. Support the cause, if you can and feel obliged to do so #LetsFCancer



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Natives Speak On Being Indigenous, Invisible, And Not ‘American’ (Video)

Damn. In America, Black folks are regular ‘property’ and the Indigenous Peoples are the ‘exotics’ though? Still sorting my feelings about that comment. But this is a convo we need to have and keep having.

Native Americans challenge their invisibility in society.
– Op-Docs

And what about a Black Indigenous mixed heritage. They talk about that, too. Remember that post that actually addressed Black people’s roots in America; a Native heritage (here)? Interesting. Discuss.


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Trevor Speaks On A South African Getting Jailed for Being Racist (Video)

Spoiler alert: She’s White.

File this under “she didn’t know when to shet tf up” (yes, I meant ‘shet’… not ‘shut’). Admittedly, it would be a bit extreme to lock up an American citizen for a tirade, even one laced with words of hate. But Trevor has a point about it not being hard to not get locked up in this case: “Just don’t be racist.”


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‘Privileged’ White Extremist Protestors Push Back A Reluctant Riot Squad (Video)

Go home and think about this… That’s all I’m asking…

Dude on phone cam was amped, right? But was he right about the White privilege being exemplified.

Think about it. Honestly. Really think: Could Black protesters get away with doing this to a squad of police already in RIOT GEAR??


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HBO’s ‘King In The Wilderness’ Examines The Final Years Of Dr. King (Teaser)

We’ve posted on activist/educator Dr. Bernard LaFayette on here, a close associate of Dr. MLK Jr. back in the day. Bet money he could speak on this and more (and he might). But let’s see what this HBO joint has to say. Looks intriguing.

Coming in April, this documentary follows Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the last few years of his life, from the vital role he played in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to his assassination in 1968.

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Learn About Malcolm X And His Influence Then & Now (Trailer)

Martin and Malcolm. That’s how we usually characterize the study. Both exerted Overwhelming Influence in our struggle for Civil Rights. Understandably, we get more ‘fed’ to us about moderate Martin (and that ain’t his whole story…facts). But the Malcolm food is out here. We’re bringing you some here and now. Take a taste!

Viewers join in on a road trip from the nation’s capital to the headquarters of the voting rights struggle, Alabama, with Malcolm X co-worker, journalist and lecturer, A. Peter Bailey for a journey through the countryside to meet friends and family of Malcolm X and fascinating front-line veterans of the war for civil rights. We’ll draw the curtain on public perception of Malcolm X, to show you the real man through personal stories from those who knew him.
– BB Unity

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Killer Mike & Colion Noir: The Controversial Gun Conversation (Video)

Interesting and compelling. Usually, the rhetoric on gun control gets dumped onto either side of a ‘wall’ – (1) take the guns or (2) don’t take my guns – and folks on either side of the wall call folks on the other side crazy (or worse).

Well, when we get someone that maybe both sides should LISTEN to, then decide on how ‘crazy’ or not their arguments are, maybe we can take some bricks out of that wall and see good points to consider on each side.

But who is such a ‘someone’ though? How about Killer Mike? Seriously. Watch.

Colion Noir sits down with rapper, actor and activist Killer Mike to have the gun culture conversation no media, politician, celebrity or anti-gun protestor has the courage to engage in.

Just remember: Mike will speak his mind in the clip. Just saying. Now get to playing…

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An Enslaved Family Worked A Plantation Almost 90 Years After The Civil War Ended (Documentary)

It’s one thing for post Civil War slaves to be freed on paper, to actually BE freed from slavery is a whole thing altogether. Consider the ‘lag time’ between that Emancipation Proclamation and the slaves coming to know that they can stop ‘slaving’ for no wages… that they can stop being mistreated, brutalized and/or otherwise denied basic human rights & dignity. Especially with no formal education, exposure to ‘outsiders’ (not even mass media or Internet). Think ‘Massuh’ went to them slaves right away to tell ’em, “Y’alls free now”? Hell no. But just how long were they still enslaved? VICE goes to ‘The Slavery Detective of the South’ to get her to tell the whole story.

Slavery might have ended on paper after the Civil War, but many White landowners did everything they could to exploit newly freed slaves well into the 20th century. Thousands of Black laborers across the South were forced to work against their will as late as the 1960s—a new form of enslavement that went on in the shadows of rural America.

VICE’s Akil Gibbons traveled to Louisiana to meet genealogist Antoinette Harrell, the “slavery detective of the South,” who tracks down cases of modern-day slavery and abusive labor practices. They talk to a man whose family was held on a plantation against their will into the 1950s, and explains how she uses decades-old records to uncover how slavery was perpetuated long after the Civil War ended.


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