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Jesse Ventura Appears On CNN Speaking On ‘Gangs In Government’ with ‘Piers Morgan’ (Video)

Jesse Ventura is DANGEROUS… to the status quo. Former Minnesota Governor has recently been making on-air appearances, in support of his new book’s release, with whomever (Like Piers Morgan in the clip above) is brave enough to have him. Declaring that he has already been banned from Fox News, Ventura is quick to point out that that does not put him in the Democrats’ camp; as MSNBC apparently won’t have him on-air either. Consider his words lifted from the video above:

‘The Democrats and Republicans have built a system based completely on bribery. You bribe the politician, you get what you want. You don’t bribe ’em, you don’t get anything. Now in the private sector, you do that you go to JAIL!’

Clearly, the ex-governor plays no favorites in print either. Ventura’s book – “Demo-CRIPS and Re-BLOOD-licans: No More Gangs in Government” – literally (or in this instance, literarily) characterizes our two-party system as comprised of two GANGS. Wowwww! In the video, Ventura goes on to share his stances on censorship, conspiracies, and more. Call Ventura what you will, former pro-wrestler… former governor… current apolitical super-Libertarian firebrand… You cannot call him “dummy.” Consider the weight of the 51-year-old former-Navy-Seal’s words from the video:

‘My country has been at war for over half of my life.’

Damn… That’s a hard truth. We gotta do better.

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