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Celebrities, News Anchors And More Share When They Realized They Were Black (Video)

I remember growing up how ‘tough kids’ would always remark and bark about how they would have fought if ‘massuh’ hit them with a whip back in slavery times. Even then I knew that was nonsense, bravado, untestable braggadocio bullsh!t. A whip would make a 1500-pound bull jump; not much fight in anybody AFTER getting hit.

Fight BEFORE, or run away. Yeah, back back in the day, I knew I would have played it ‘smart’ like that. But watching this… this is within these folks’ lifetimes, some even younger than me… These stories are NOT whip lashes, but Whites lashing out against my people in the vilest ways. Inhumanely… like they were acting to deny or strip away their humanity. And soon after the clip above started to play, I felt like I would have responded the way Jason George did – blacked out with rage #BlackOutRage

In “The Souls of Black Folk,” W.E.B. Du Bois talks about the first time he realized his skin color made him different. We asked celebrities, CNN anchors and reporters, and others to tell us when they first realized that being Black affected how people treated them. Share your own story with #RealizedIWasBlack

But I must say, making it to the end made me think of when I realized I was Black. I then realized that I don’t have an awful story to share. You see, I’m from Tuskegee. I was raised there. I grew up steeped in Black History. Loved on, scolded, chastised, challenged (by well-meaning adults and bullies) that were Black. Hell, being light-skinned, I was the guy who got ‘janked’ (meaning ‘joned’ or ‘cracked on’ or whatever your word for verbal hazing is) for being damn near White.

However, I was taught my history; ALL of it, MYstory, not HIStory. And I was imbued with a certain forgive-if-you-can-but-NEVER-forget attitude that persists today. I am sure that is why I often toss a ‘Black History’ lecture into conversations… Which likely why I often proclaim, “I’m from ‘Skegee, and that makes me the Blackest man in the room.” My upbringing and attitude is what steels my nerve and puts a fire in my belly when I watch or hear or read anything about how Black folks are mistreated – by individuals or institutions. I am usually able to channel my #BlackOutrage (see what I did there? #BlackOutRage to #BlackOutrage hash flip) positively… to fight negativity nowadays. But I also KNOW that is because my ancestors took the lashes, took the lynchings, took the billy club beatings… picked the cotton, picked their battles, put up with losses, pushed through struggles, put in ballots, and punted White Power in its azz to get them out and make Tuskegee the Black Mecca of my youth (Google ‘Gomillion v. Lightfoot‘). So while I do not have a story to share like those in the clip above, I feel them. I really feel them as they are told.

That said, I do remember that White security guy that used to follow my brothers and me around the grocery store when we were kids like we might shoplift. But he was a weirdo.

Watch the clip above. Compelling! Follow the link to CNN for even more.



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Political Analyst Angela Rye On Trump, CNN, The Electoral College & Her Recent Ordeal With The TSA (Video)

Angela Rye discusses her role as a political analyst on CNN, Donald Trump’s Cabinet, and her highly publicized encounter with sexual harassment with the TSA.”

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CNN’s “Green Party” Town Hall With Presidential Nominees ‘Jill Stein’ & VP ‘Ajamu Baraka’

There is a third party choice for President. More about Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka on “Democracy Now” below….
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Prophets Of Rage To The RNC: ‘Make America Great Again?’ Nah, Make America RAGE Again! (Video)

Combine Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine), B-Real (of Cypress Hill), Chuck D & DJ Lord (of Public Enemy); and you get Prophets Of Rage. Then discover that their first tour stop will be to crash the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC), and you’ve got yourself a socio-political powder keg that could very well explode! And for many the sentiment is, “It’s about damned time!”

Tom Morello: I’m here to “make America rage again.”

Epic July on deck. And this will only be the beginning. Watch the clip above, and get the in-depth scoop at



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Science: Stan Larkin Lived 555 Days With A Backpack Powered Artificial Heart (Video)

DUDE! It’s like he had a powered heart. A Tony Stark heart. Like Iron Man but without the ‘Arc Reactor’ part. But seriously, the bleak picture of a heart disease patient waiting for an organ – sickly, hospitalized 24-7 the whole duration of the wait – could be a thing of the past! Watch this medical miracle gone sensational viral video… and be amazed!

A 24-year-old man survived 555 days without a heart with the help from a portable artificial heart.



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Killer Mike Discusses Ferguson on CNN (Video)

Respect shout to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin for putting Hip-Hop Statesman Killer Mike on a national platform once again. Sound reasoning delivered in a heartfelt, strikingly sincere way. Check out the points made (not ‘scored’… it’s not about that) about Ferguson in the aftermath and Grand Jury announcement that no charges would be brought against [now retired] officer Darren Wilson, the man who shot and killed Mike Brown. Part 1 above.

Wow. This just a week after a heart-wrenching speech onstage at a Run The Jewels show. Brooke asked what Mike would say if Darren was there in front of him. See the answer and more in Part 2 after the jump.

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Activism: Killer Mike Speaks On Mike Brown’s Killing, What It Means To All Americans And More (Video)

See? When your music speaks truth, you get called on to speak truth. See how CNN’s Brooke Baldwin even mentioned the “Reagan” video (got that one here)? She knows. Killer Mike should speak on matters like Mike Brown and Ferguson. Father, husband, SON OF A POLICEMAN, concerned member of the human race… Killer Kill From Adamsville has much to say, and man, he said it! The next eleven minutes of your life should be spent watching this video (above) right here, right NOW!

If this police officer is not arrested… rioting… tears… pain… But what really happens… is all of our rights are thrown out the window. I am afraid for all Americans. I’m not just afraid for Black Americans… We as a people have to be more vigilant about policing the people we pay to protect and serve us…

That about it, people. It ain’t just the cops. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? It’s US! WE have to step up! We have to vote in LOCAL officials (sheriffs, councilpersons and alderman, and other officials) and participate in (and/or institute) watch-dogging so cops know that ‘policing’ goes both ways. More than that though, we need to develop solid, respect-driven relationships with police authorities; just as Killer Mike (with his barber shop) has. That does NOT excuse cops abusing their authority, but our steps toward revolution should bear in mind that we seek resolution. And building relationships that deescalate abuse of authority, and build respect and care for the community into the citizen-officer relationship is a necessary part of the resolution.

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The Clipse Featured On CNN (Video)

CNN anchor Bill Weir interviewed Pusha T & his brother, formerly known as “Malice” about their time coming up in the game from selling drugs to recording rap music. Arguably the most famous rap duo to come out of Virginia, the interview delves deeper into the lives of the Thornton Brothers as they discuss their middle-class upbringing, almost stardom with the help of fellow V.A. native Pharrell & Kanye West, & “No Malice’s” decision to leave the group in search of new & alternative career path. Very good piece here by Bill Weir & his approach was rather disarming to allow them to open up as much as possible for the segment.

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Bill Nye Battles CNN Crossfire Host On Climate Change (Video)

Okay. In truth, renown scientist Bill Nye (aka “Bill Nye The Science Guy”) was invited to hold down the “for” side in a discussion about whether climate change (e.g. ‘global warming’) is a problem… that man caused. Not really a battle; UNLESS you consider a grown man square his shoulders and spit fiery truth in the direction of an opponent in a war of words.

“I will look anyone in the eyes and remind them that climate change is the most serious problem facing human kind…This is serious business.”

Bill Nye

On second thought, the show is called ‘Crossfire’… It’s a battle. And Bill is schooling ’em! Watch.

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Common Tells CNN About His Nonprofit To Aid Chicago’s Youth (Video)

No secret that Common loves Chicago, the kids, and esp. Chicago’s kids. Even the city’s mayor knows (watch the clip above).

Grammy-winning rap artist Common tells CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about his non-profit foundation, benefiting Chicago’s youth.

Hmm… says he’s no politician… but a well-known figure, willing to serve and campaigning for a cause (see the links to earlier posts below) rather than for himself… we could do worse. Salute, Common!


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Nas Speaks On CNN With Anderson Cooper On The ‘Race And Justice In America II’ Special (Video)

Last night CNN’s Anderson Cooper held a special town hall discussion called ‘Race & Justice In America II’ on his Anderson Cooper 360 show & brought along a number of commentators to speak on the issues affecting the country. Nas was the most recognizable voice in the hip hop community who added his valuable 2-cents to the discussion. Check out more from the discussion featuring commentators Charles M Blow, Andre Perry, Michaela Angela Davis, & David Webb below….

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Former ‘Reading Rainbow’ Host Levar Burton Speaks on Romney’s Promise to Cut PBS Funding (Video)

Levar Burton is not alone in his outrage over U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s debate declaration – that he would cut funding for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) – but Burton went a step further in expressing it. Burton says it was, in effect, a declaration of war on underprivileged children!

On Soledad O’Brien‘s “Starting Point” (video from CNN above), Burton continued:

“I couldn’t believe the man actually fixed his mouth to say that. I interpreted it as an attack on children, Soledad…an attack on children who come from a disenfranchised, you know, background.”

To Burton, PBS shows, such as ‘Sesame Street,’ provide lower-income children with access to education and information that they normally wouldn’t have access to.

Now, I enjoy PBS programming; but I am a full-grown, educated, man. I can ‘do without.’ But when Burton focuses on the impact to children’s access to educational programming…well, it should give us all pause. Now, in the interest of fairness, see for yourself what Romney actually said the night of the first Presidential debate after the jump.

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Jesse Ventura Appears On CNN Speaking On ‘Gangs In Government’ with ‘Piers Morgan’ (Video)

Jesse Ventura is DANGEROUS… to the status quo. Former Minnesota Governor has recently been making on-air appearances, in support of his new book’s release, with whomever (Like Piers Morgan in the clip above) is brave enough to have him. Declaring that he has already been banned from Fox News, Ventura is quick to point out that that does not put him in the Democrats’ camp; as MSNBC apparently won’t have him on-air either. Consider his words lifted from the video above:

‘The Democrats and Republicans have built a system based completely on bribery. You bribe the politician, you get what you want. You don’t bribe ’em, you don’t get anything. Now in the private sector, you do that you go to JAIL!’

Clearly, the ex-governor plays no favorites in print either. Ventura’s book – “Demo-CRIPS and Re-BLOOD-licans: No More Gangs in Government” – literally (or in this instance, literarily) characterizes our two-party system as comprised of two GANGS. Wowwww! In the video, Ventura goes on to share his stances on censorship, conspiracies, and more. Call Ventura what you will, former pro-wrestler… former governor… current apolitical super-Libertarian firebrand… You cannot call him “dummy.” Consider the weight of the 51-year-old former-Navy-Seal’s words from the video:

‘My country has been at war for over half of my life.’

Damn… That’s a hard truth. We gotta do better.
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Nas Talks “Daughters” & Using Explicit Lyrics in His Music (Video)

In this clip, Nas engages a CNN panel (Soledad O’Brien, Roland Martin, among others), sharing insights on being a father (especially to his teenage daughter, Destiny) and being authentic as an artist with regard to his use of explicit lyrics in his songs. Great piece!

Common – Freedon Project (Video)

Common was out in Haiti filming music videos while he was working with CNN on this documentary showing the struggles and exploitation of the people in the country.

Fat Joe Speaks On CNN About Losing Over 100 Pounds (Video)

Fat Joe talks to CNN’s Sanjay Gupta about why he decided to drop all the weight. Good for him. Live Strong.

50 Cent on Piers Morgan Tonight (Video)

50 Cent appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight show yesterday evening & he spoke on his shift to more humanitarian efforts through his Street King initiative. 50 also goes in depth with Piers Morgan with his thoughts on the political climate these days.

Black In America – Hip-Hop and Business (Video)

In the series Black in America, CNN walks people through many aspects of the black experience in this country. In this episode Steve Stoute talks about his book The Tanning Of America: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy and Hip Hops affect on the nation. They weigh the commercial aspects against the origins of the music. We also get a cameo from Ultra Beast (Senor Kaos & 4ize) & producer Floyd the Locsmif.

Uncle Luke Appears On CNN Campaigning For Mayor Of Miami (Video)

Uncle Luke is trying to make it official on May 24th when Miami goes to the polls to vote for their new mayor. With the wild & crazy past that Luther Campbell has led & small amounts of fundraising dollars he’s seriously facing an uphill battle in winning. Rap Radar captured the complete interview with CNN under the hood….

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Freeway Appears On Frontpage Of CNN About Islam & Hip Hop (Video)